Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern

3211 Ruston Way, Tacoma
(253) 756-0771

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Katie Downs has a beautiful location and free parking. The chicken barbecue nacho appetizer was great, but the cheese wasn’t fully melted. We ordered a deep dish pizza and the prawn tacos. Both were okay, but not great. The prawns had a good flavor, but could have been cooked more thoroughly. The deep dish crust was a bit undercooked. The real star of the meal was the location, which was gorgeous.

Annette R.

The food was very good, but the service could have been better. Our server was just hanging out chatting with co workers after bringing our food. We wanted to order another drink and I had to go up to the bar myself. They served my side salad on the same hot plate my sandwich and fries were on. I had to grab another plate to move the rapidly wilting lettuce to. The 4 stars are for the (hot) food, it was delicious.

Diane S.

The best part of Katie Downs is the view, especially if you sit on the patio. The food is average bar food. We ordered the Nachos, the deep dish Sicilian accompanied by a side of steak fries. The Nachos were adequate at first but within minutes, the beef was less than warm and the cheese had lost it's warm, cheesy stretch. That said, I saw plates of burgers and a few salads that went by that looked tasty. The pizza was good as were the fries. The prices do not exactly match the quality but you are in Ruston and it feels nice to sit outside in the sun! The staff was personable and attentive. There was entertainment by the assorted sea birds milling about ( but they were polite and not at all intrusive!). The atmosphere is casual and non pretentious. Give them a try for lunch!

thea johnson

I used to recommend Katie's Down to my friends and family, and come here often.This particular day the "Greeter", was not hospitable.She was not much welcoming and possibly forgot she is the face of Katie's Down, when you are the hostess, at the door.. got to put on your best ? and push other things aside because we, the customers, are the intergal, and crucial part of an establishment.The food, my Ruben sandwich was not worth $18.00, a slice of cheesecake @$10.00, I am not going back here.For $95.00 plus tips, the service and food served was not worth it.

Varun K.

Drinks, food, service was all excellent. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 was the added surcharge that is retained by the house without a specific reason for it.

Candace Strubhar

Katie Downs has been a staple for years on the Tacoma Waterfront. It's got a decent vibe and a nice deck area on which to eat. However, the server seemed she would rather be somewhere else. Nice enough but not friendly. In addition, my salad order was incomplete because they were out of an ingredient. Unfortunately, I didn't know this until I began eating. When I asked the waitress, she responded, "oh we're out of that". I would have preferred she told me as soon as she discovered they didn't have it and given me an option before I actually was served because I would have changed what I ordered. The Ingredient that was missing with the MAIN reason I ordered that salad in the first place. : (I still recommend this as a place to go. They've got great pizza. And I would definitely go again.


End of an era. I've been going to this place for almost 40 years since I was a college student at UPS. I founded a business, largely in meetings held here. I've taken many out of town guests here over the years, and when we have UPS college reunions my little band of friends and I always stops in for a visit. I'm guessing I've been there well over 100 times. That ends today. I live 6 hours from Seattle these days. I planned a trip to Oregon, passing through Seattle, and I literally made plans to stay an extra night in Seattle for the SOLE PURPOSE of accommodating a trip to Katie's for a long lunch with some college friends. We had a rude waitress right out of the gate and it went down hill from there. Our original group was supposed to be 4 people. We were at a table for 4 out on the deck. I don't do indoor dining because of COVID, plus, the whole point was to be 'on the water.' 2 of us arrived first. While we were sitting there, we found out that our other two people had invited a 3rd person. Now we were a party of 5. We were informed by our annoyed waitress that we could put 5 people at our table, but that was the limit. I asked about the possibility of pulling over another table (this was purely because I was planning to have steamer clams which take up a lot of table 'real estate'.) She made it extremely clear that that was NOT ALLOWED. Ok. I wouldn't get the food I wanted, but... OK. When our other 2 friends arrived, they informed us that their friend was bringing her boyfriend. Now we were 6. We knew we couldn't all sit together at one table on the deck (none were big enough), and we weren't going inside due to COVID, so we decided to just split into two groups of 3. That was ok, because we really didn't know this couple that was now joining us. Long story short, we were invited to leave, in a very rude fashion. They would not allow us to have two separate tables of 3 next to each other. We could 'move inside as a table of 6' or we could 'cash out and leave.' It was crazy! The guy was extremely rude - all because we ended up with more people coming to eat and spend money at their restaurant. They literally chose to throw us out, rather than let us be two parties of 3 on their deck. It was surreal. We went two doors down to the RAM, had two awesome tables (3 each - our choice) next to each other on their deck (same exact view as Katie's, btw), and tipped the great waitress we had 20% on our bill and then gave her an extra $100 cash tip for turning our ridiculous experience at Katie's into the pleasant day we had planned for. Sad way to end an almost 40 year association with a business that (once) meant a lot to me. Good riddance. C'est la vie.

Jen Procick

What a lovely night out. We sat on the deck and had a beautiful view. The food was fabulous, I totally forgot to take a photo of it. I got the my pie deep dish personal pizza and my husband got the guacamole burger.Food was reasonably priced, we each had a couple of beers and shared an appetizer.If you are looking for a great waterfront destination especially with family or friends from out of town I recommend coming here. It is 21+ so come without the kiddos for a fun night out!

Kyle Yee

We had a great table in the shade outside. The service was super fast and our server great.

Michael T.

Katie downs never disappoints with pizza. Great Pie. Great drinks and such a wonderful atmosphere. I highly recommend waiting to sit outside (if it's nice of course) it makes the overall experience better.

Laura H.

I had the veggie sandwich and a beer. Our service was great, the sandwich was really good, but pretty overpriced for a veggie sandwich. I can't say I wouldn't return, because it's very convenient, but $16 for veggies, cheese, and bread? That just seems steep to me.

Jessica D.

So fun! Love this place. Came to reunite with some old friends June 9 2021. First time eating at Tacoma's water docks. The salmon was freakin good! And the outdoor lake scenery is sooo pretty. Thank you for good service too :)

Dally M.

I reallllly love the pizza here! The crust is sooooo good. I enjoy their Bloody Mary, although I do feel like they can add more things in it.

Ted I.

Overpriced with some really bad food. My fish and chip oozed grease constantly and the fish in my wife's salmon burger seemed to have come from the freezer, having resided in the freezer for a long time. Why would you serve something this bad (at $27) when fresh salmon is in season? They gave us no comment card and I didn't have time to talk to the manager. And because the friends we had lunch with had picked this place, I was not about to complain in their presence. They have seen the last of us.

Tatum Lyles Flick

I was incredibly disappointed by the salmon. Came to the west coast planning to spend money on really amazing fish with a nice view. The view was great. The fish, which was supposed to have been cooked with garlic butter, was very dry. The Caesar salad was good. The waitress said they were out of steak fries and brought us curly fries, then sold the table behind us three orders of steak fries. :( Not sure why we weren't allowed to order them. My husband had the clam chowder, which was pretty good and pizza with crust that we thought was bland. I think if the price were half what we paid, I wouldn't be as upset. I think that the Texas Roadhouse salmon is 1000x better.

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Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern

3211 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 756-0771