8237 S Park Ave, Tacoma
(253) 327-1334

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Valerie Scott

Oh wow! Best hollandaise sauce ever! The lobster bomb was amazing. Perfect amount of lemon, lots of meat, so good. The hubs loved the meat and gravy bomb. He said the candied bacon was perfect with just enough sugar but not overly sweet. We loved it. The chef went around to every table and greeted them. Such a great atmosphere.

Natalie Guay

Sean Tibbetts goes above and beyond, amazing food absolutely delicious. Huge portions, definitely a place to check out. Can’t wait to go back again.

Vanna P.

I think this place is BRILLIANT! Seating is call-in reservation on weekends & I truly understand why. It makes for a wholesome & better experience because you get seated & waited on right away. The staff is friendly, professional, but so down to earth! My sister and I went today for brunch and boy it did not disappoint. We came in ready to order everything on the menu because why not lol! We in fact did not because we wanted to have a reason to keep coming back. We ordered the Lobster bomb, Berry cheesecake French toast, salted caramel banana pancakes & the veggie frittata. I kid you not, every single bite was ended with a "wow!" Or "oh yea, this is it" or "yea, it all just works". You can also tell they put so much heart & soul into these dishes and the creation of it all. Even their WATER was the most delicious water I have ever tasted. I knew right then & there I wanted to be a regular here lol! Soooo grateful for the delicious & amazinggggg food, but more so the people who made it happen. Thank you so much!

Lauren P.

This place lived up to all of the hype! It was so dang delicious! We will definitely be back. 10/10 recommend.

Rick T.

One of the funnest and most incredible places my wife and I have ever been for breakfast. Chef and owner Shawn came to our table and was calling us by name, including when we were walking out the door. He made us feel like family. The food and presentation was beyond belief. Ginormous and delicious. Chef Shawn is a creative genius. His backstory is inspiring as well. Congrats Shawn on proving the naysayers wrong. I laugh at the bad reviews (not to many of them). Some people are just unhappy, nitpicky, and sad. Just realize that this is a reservations-only establishment and a small family run business. Theres no person or no place that's perfect. Go have some fun and enjoy the experience. There's nothing like it.

Sarah C.

This place is always a sure winner. It's such a tiny little place that doesn't look like much but there chef is insane! The food is always so good and the flavor combinations he uses are genius. This is my absolute favorite brunch/lunch spot.

Shelley N.

Reservations required. Ok... cool. So, I called for 2 days to try and make a reservation...... NO ANSWER. Figured we had to eat somewhere anyway so might as well stop by and see if they had any cancelations. We walked in and were greeted and politely asked if we had reservations by a young female employee. I told her no and explained that I had tried to call for 2 days but no one ever answered the phone or called back. She turned towards the chef right behind her in the tiny kitchen and asked if they had room for us and he (very rudely) told her "We're CLOSED" and made a motion swiping his fingertips across his neck with his hand for finality. Ok..I get it.. we didn't have reservations and you're a "reservations only" place. They only have enough food for the # of reservations (if that). Cool... but, don't be an asshole to your staff in front of potential customers. The poor girl followed us out, apologized for the owner's behavior and gave us a card so we could call to make reservations in the future. Well, since I already spent time trying that and it didn't work, I won't be trying again. I hope Mr. Tibbitts can learn to be more professional in front of customers and nicer to his staff. We drove to Proctor and ended up at Cook's Tavern and it was amazing! So glad we didn't end up eating at Tibbitts. We won't try to go back.

Shellie B.

Shawn knows how to run a business! Great attitude and every one who walked in he treated gracefully. Food was outstanding and so fresh! It is very small but he makes it work, make a reservation to insure you get a table, you don't want to miss out on this place

Cin Batter

Everything about this place was far better than I imagined. I was invited out by a friend without knowing anything about this restaurant. The service was great and Shawn came out to greet us, he is so personable and cares a lot about his place. The food was ridiculously good. I had the Lobster Bomb, his hollandaise sauce was the best ever. He paired so many flavors and textures into this dish. My guy had the Salted Caramel Pancakes and I can't say enough about how delicious they are. This place... you must go!!

Gabriella S.

The food was delicious! The chef himself truly puts love into his food. Had the lobster bomb! It was great!

Stefan H.

We had the frittata and hash and they were excellent! The staff was very nice and accommodating. Chef Tibbits was very welcoming and shared his story, passion and the menu with us. I do not write many reviews, but they are well deserving of the 5 star rating. We will be back for sure!

Mary Velis

Always a great place to visit! Love how the owner supports small businesses. If you love sweets for breakfast you better order the French toast! Don't forget to order some of the lemonade made by the cutest girl ever! That lemonade is freaking bomb!!!

Jin Mou

Lovely place and hardworking owner. Food is creative and NOT salty. The eggs! He knows the deal! I love that Pierce County has a wonderful little place as such for us to go! You have to make a reservation during busy weekends.

Mir Wolfgang

Mom took me to Tibbits with my little bro for my birthday and all I can say about the whole experience is this: The service and food is Decadent!Shawn was also partaking in Food theater! Not only does it give the place true character, but when we had ordered the Lobster Bombs, he showed it around and others ordered it because they liked what they saw.I couldn't stop smiling because the food was so good!Thank you for the experience Shawn, and to everyone else who was also involved [ :

J Z.

Only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Reservation was required. Otherwise to beat chance and the owner/chef was really welcoming any customer at the door. Chef Tibbitts would personally talk to you and ensure your happiness with the food and service. Pay attention to the menu. There was not many items but changed every season. Attraction by online pictures may not served at particular season. For local folks it was quite easy to come by a few times, which believe many people do. However for tourists, it could be challenge to schedule only weekend days, and aim for this #65 on Forbes Top 100 Restaurants list. It might not be the top 100 as some imagined. But definitely at top for brunch. By the way, there was a website ( Hopefully it posted more on seasonal menu changes.

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