Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine South & North

233 NE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver
(360) 260-1014

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Ria De

Food and service both are amazing . We went there for lunch on the way to Seattle. We ordered Thali with goat biriyani and chicken pakora. Thali consists of daal, sabji, chana masala, goat curry, goat biriyani, raita, papadum, 2pieces Gulab jamun and naan. Chicken pakora comes with three types of chutneys.

Crystal Maura

Flavor explosion! Served hot and fresh. Delicious and family friendly. The staff are great. First and only Indian restaurant I’ve tried, no need to go anywhere else. Never disappointed.

David Giles

Good food that I might not eat again. I ordered take out and it took 45 minutes to get the food. Which wouldn't normally be an issue, but I didn't call ahead. My reason for not was because I was planning on eating somewhere else, but that place was closed despite their online listed hours. This was within 10 minutes drive so I figured I'd just get take out instead. I hope that if you eat there in person it doesn't take so long.

Crystal Marie Maura

Flavor explosion! Served hot and fresh. Delicious and family friendly. The staff are great. First and only Indian restaurant I’ve tried. Never disappointed.


The food is made authentic and looked fresh. But it was too salty. Most of the dishes had 2x salt and we could not eat even 30% of it. My guess is that the staff was overwhelmed with the traffic and landed up in mediocre food.It was also pretty chaotic. We picked our order and literally all the staff was running around.Location is good and the parking is plenty around.

Briana Cordova

Such amazing Indian food! Perfect portion sizes for dinner, I hadn't eaten all day and I still couldn't finish everything with how much food they gave me. I wish I was from around here, I would come back!

Jennie Lopez

The food is delicious! And the costumer service is good too they get pretty busy but they are still friendly and polite.

Allie McNama

Absolutely wonderful customer service, very attentive, and fresh, delicious, affordable food with huge portions. Just be wary, when they say mild, they mean Indian mild, not American mild. Will definitely be coming here again.

Healing from Benzos

I’ve been here twice in a few weeks and I’m only traveling in the area. Listen closely… THIS IS THE BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT IN THE UNITED STATES. How do I know? Because I live in a van and I travel the country and I eat at lots of places and this one beats 18 months of trying different Indian restaurants in 26 states. I’ve also traveled to India and ate the local food for 30 days and this place is super authentic. The spices are perfect, rice pudding is a must- order extra! Go there this week, then go again the week after and try another dish. Trust me. Namaste.

Madie Wilcoxen

This is the best Indian Cuisine I’ve ever had. Everything is always perfect, delicious and timely. This place is a must have for anyone in the Vancouver area.

Jared Cook

This restaurant is my favorite restaurant in Vancouver. Abhiruchi is the first restaurant I ever tried Indian food at and it is by far the best I’ve tried since. I order takeout most of the time but today is my first time dining in over a year. Would highly recommend Abhiruchi. I love the Lamb Kharei and the Chicken Pakora.


Coming from an Indian this is objectively low quality Indian food. There are no spices, just tons of cream and sugar and salt in the vegetable curry gravies. The paneer tikka masala is a joke—it is supposed to be marinated paneer but all I got were a few pieces of paneer floating in tons of this heavy tasteless gravy. Vegetables in the korma were very few and over cooked...this is like fast food Indian but the price is as if it is top tier restaurant quality. Even Deep brand frozen Indian meals are better than this...save yourself the money and take a trip to the Indian grocer if you want better Indian than this for much cheaper. If you are Indian who loves Indian food avoid this place at all costs.

Doanyelle Conner

Absolutely the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten. One meal =3 servings. Clean, quiet, easy parking. Nice menu options. Very reasonable prices and pleasant personnel. A must try in Vancouver. We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Vindaloo. The dinners included everything else in the pictures except the wine. So flavorful! Yummy!

Michael M.

My partner and I ran into this place for delivery during the pandemic when our local place was closed. Totally worth the delivery fee from across the river. We love their chutney's and all of the dishes we've tried so far, especially the chili Pakoras. They have a lot of flavorful non dairy/vegan options which is super helpful sharing meals with a lactose intolerant person or your standard vegan Portlander. We'll be crossing the bridge after the pandemic to get our indian fix!

Sam L.

There is no more buffet. It's authentic Indian curry restaurant. Maybe due to them not being busy during pandemic, but all the meats, chicken thigh and chicken masala, were so dry. Curry tasted good but sadly nothing else did.

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Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine South & North

233 NE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver, WA 98684
(360) 260-1014