Angel's Donuts And Ice Cream

212 NE 164th Ave #005, Vancouver
(360) 852-8685

Recent Reviews

Crystal Pritchett

Worst donuts I have ever had. Customer service is non existent. ? I suggest going to Mr. Mapple or voodoo once they open. This shop needs to go out of business.

John E.

Eons ago when I was younger I worked in a variety of doughnut shops. I loved baking, still do, and it beat the snot out of working at a burger joint. With that being typed, I would like to think I know a good doughnut when I taste one. The Tax Deduction had gone here several times with friends, as high school kids do. On occasion he has brought some home and I was impressed. Today a group I volunteer with just happened to be meeting here. I love the way the universe works. Walking in you are met with the glorious site of a very full display case filled with dozens of different varieties of doughnuts. The smell hits your nose, it's a mix of sweet treats and coffee. The selection is so large that for my first time there I was almost embarrassed that I took so long to decide. Almost. I ordered a chocolate iced buttermilk bar. Here's a tip kids, if a doughnut place can make a buttermilk bar that is light enough to crumb and not be greasy then you have bakers who know what they are doing. The bar was perfect, dare I say better than mine used to be. I chased it with a cup of hot chocolate, which was handmade for me. The staff was super friendly and quick. I want to come back and try their ice cream treats next time. I even see they offer hamburgers. Not sure if doughnuts are the buns or not. Might be worth exploring. What is certain is Angel's is worth your time to come in and take a look at a truly impressive array of treats.

Roberta Anderson Avery

Love Angel’s Donuts! I thought maybe the reviews I’d read were overblown until I went there myself. My donut was so fresh and delicious and the customer service was exceptional.

Samantha M.

Went in for ice cream and a shake. Both were amazing! the associates were super nice and helped me pick out a flavor that everyone would love. Would recommend.

Hot Mamma T.

Absolutely love this place. We drove across town for these amazing donuts. Added bonus, amazing customer service too? And very clean place! We came at 5pm on 9/11 and got dessert donuts and breakfast donuts and even at 5pm they were still busy, and so welcoming!

George Andraws

I rarely say that I had "the best" of something but I can truly say that I had the best apple fritter at Angel's! You must also try the banana donut and apple pie buttermilk donuts.Many donut shops bake their own but Angel's is unique in that they continuously bake donuts throughout the day and close at midnight - every single day - which means you'll get freshly baked goods almost anytime you go. I left at 8 pm and the kitchen was busy kneeding the dough!The selection of ice cream was also impressive and they had a few unique flavors such as licorice.


These donuts are the best! Loved all the vegan options. Think about them often. Next time we visit the area we will be going again for sure!

Leslie M.

Didn't know this place was there. We tried it and they have the best donuts in Vancouver. We will be trying their other food soon. The donuts are flavorful and NOT greasy, which is hard to find. This place is great!

Erica Hanlon

The service is wonderful!! They had just turned the open light off as we were getting out of our car. They waved to us to come on in. I thanked them for staying open,seeing it was my birthday. The owner and son(??) were so kind and patient. As I was paying the owner gave me my own special birthday bag and wished me “Happy Birthday”. Inside was a huge sprinkle doughnut just for me. They have customers for life


Amazing doughnuts and fritters + a great ice cream selection. Banana splits and blueberry fritters are some of my favorites.

diania garris

I am going to give you 5 stars eventhough I receive horrible service today and walked out without purchasing my usual cinnamon crumb donuts, and a pint of rocky road ice cream.Usually when I come in I point out the donuts I want and have never had a problem. Today the young lady refused to give me the donuts that I wanted. To be honest the dounts I requested looked fresh and the ones the support employee tried to give me looked like they had been sitting for awhile. I have been coming to Angel's for over three years, and I have always received fun friendly service. I never seen these people before, they must be new!

Jason V.

Last night I had the munchies so I decided to try angels donuts after I had seen it on the door dash app a few times before. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner!!! This place is sooooo good. The donut sundae sent my taste buds on a TRIP!! It was so delicious, and I usually don't even like donuts. Their other donuts looked so good too I was tempted to order a dozen to take home (I will definitely be back soon to do so). I also ordered the philly cheese steak which was good! I can't wait to come back here and try more menu items. The part that stood out to me the most was the hand written, personalized thank you note on our order. You can tell the people who run this place love what they do and it shows! I can't believe I don't hear more people talking about this place. Definitely a hidden gem and worth checking out. I feel like they are going to blow up and be the next tourist attraction because this was WAY better than voodoo donuts BY FAR.

Jessica B.

Omg! Stopped in today to treat my daughter and myself to a gluten free doughnut. I have to admit my expectations were fairly low...but they were literally the best doughnuts I've had in my life! Even before I went gluten free. The (vanilla) frosted ones my daughter picked were almost too sweet (still yummy!), but I had cinnamon sugar and it tasted exactly like a fresh churro. AMAZING! They did an amazing job keeping them separated from everything else. The whole staff was super nice and helpful. She even said they're going to work on having more gluten free options, but I was surprised when she listed off about 5-6 (sorry I don't remember them all). All in all, super impressed! We'll definitely be back. Note: They even made sure to explain they put the different flavors in different boxes. I personally combined them later. They're careful about keeping the gluten free stuff away from the regular ones too!

Andrew Guevara

Incredible experience! Friendly staff. Wonderful family-owned business. Also great prices.

Lea G.

My husband picked up some donuts from angels today. We got an assortment. The strawberry glaze doughnut, is as good as you'll ever get, according to my husband! It was pretty darn good. My favorite is the cake donut with chocolate glaze. The cake donut was very light and delicious. The glasses are super yummy. This spot also has ice cream cones. If you're ever up by 1/64 and first, check it out! DONUT MISS OUT!!

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