Black Rock Coffee Bar

8720 NE Centerpointe Dr, Vancouver

Recent Reviews

Kayla Soliday

Always quick, friendly service. Coffee is really good too.

Kristy Kelly

Love all the employees ☺️ great coffee

Angelia Gavagan

Great staff and amazing coffee

Frank Outdoors

Always great coffee and service

cat z a

Felt like I was being served by a Disney princess their service is so joyous. Very good coffee, too.

Marsha Halsey

Nuclear hot coffee! I like my coffee hot but, this coffee could give you 3rd degree burns.

maya mitts

These my peeps!!! Great coffee.

Tim Mayer

Awesome coffee and service thumbs up

Cary Pratt

dissatisfied is an under statement they lie to your face ? I literally came with my wife get hers was told your next one Is free then came back 15mins later and the girl didn't recognize me and told me my free drink wasn't there asked her what happened because I was just here with my wife and was told we had a free drink. story was then changed to it was used I don't like to argue especially the truth and it's a 4 dollar drink but just the principal of it.. yes we checked the app as well and it said 1000 points next drink free so ?

Ruth Fleming

Need a sign showing drive-thru.

Melissa Vinsonhaler

The baristas are always so friendly!

Skylar Allen

This place is always awesome. It’s like my little local Cheers. They always greet me and always have beautiful smiles. I pretty much love everyone there. Oh and their coffee is amazing. I actually only go to black rock now.

Kelli Adams

Ordered a medium blended was delicious!

Jami Suemers

during a pandemic they have a cashier who won't wear her mask "because the moisture build up from her mask runs her mascara."

Jay J.

The cashier was not wearing her mask over her nose. When I questioned her about it she explained that the moisture from her breath would build up and make her mascara run. To know she was risking my health and the health of those in my home because her mascara might run is not a satisfying explanation. Since at that location once you get in line you're stuck at the window until the car in front can get out on the road I find this an assault akin to stealthing without a condom. I agreed to masked interaction and then you held me captive as you exposed me without my consent to unmasked interaction.

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