Kindee Thai Restaurant

6700 NE 162nd Ave #713, Vancouver
(360) 828-5386

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Edward Roqueta

Excellent family owned restaurant the food was flavorful and freshly made. If you like Thai cuisine you'll be happy with Kindee!!!

Josephine M.

I don't come here often but whenever I'm craving the silver noodle salad or fresh salad rolls, coming here is a must. The silver noodles reminds me of laab in a lot of ways. I love the food while sitting down in the restaurant but mainly been ordering food to-go. The food and staff are always really good. The way they pack their to go's is also very flawless, if you are not dining at home and need utensils and napkins, you may need to let them know. There were no utensils or napkins in my bag. But luckily I ate at home. Will come back again when I'm craving their peanut sauce and seafood noodle salad.

Kevin M.

I do take out every few weeks from Kindee, always consistently good Thai dishes, great service, love this place.

Wendy H.

I decided after last night's take out, I will *ONLY* go to Kindee for Thai food moving forward. High quality Thai food with care with actual good/fresh vegetables. The portions seem normal to large so not sure what some people are complaining about.

Melinda W.

Food not great. Very basic. Priced high for what they offer. Service was slow. Servers were friendly tho!

Hope k

We have been getting take out for a few years and always satisfied with the food ! Great yellow curry chicken !

Kaija J.

The food is well-spiced and delicious, however portions are a tad on the small side. We had the eggplant basil special, drunken noodles, a red curry, salad rolls, and dessert. The eggplant seemed to have one small Chinese eggplant cut into 3 pieces and mostly onions. Eating family style with 4 people, that meant not everyone got a piece. The dessert was sticky rice with mango and purple yam ice cream. Amazingly the portions for dessert were more than the dinner portions, as in, I am really glad I split the dessert as it would have been too much for me to eat alone. The service was very good, extra rice brought when asked for, water filled several times. Also, a new one for me: Thai iced tea with lime juice instead of milk-I liked it! 5 stars for deliciousness, 4 for portion size. I'd give 4.5 but I can't.

Dinesh Dabbs

Tasty food and fast service. I had the red curry and Thai fried rice and they were amazing. The food carries home well so to-go ordering is a great option.

Ynah Ride

Food taste good but portions are so small. I always order chicken green curry and theres always barely any meat in it.

Leslie K.

Not to be unkind, but the portions are small. The food, aside from the size of the servings, is excellent. Personally, with the prices being the same as dine-in, I feel the money they save on the wait-staff, dishwashing, etc. could be applied to a few more tablespoons of the dishes, which is okay for one person, but mostly not good for a group, even with 3 or 4 dishes it's just simply not enough. I purchased three dishes and what I put out looked pretty skimpy. Maybe we just got spoiled by some of their competitors who actually go out of their way to dazzle. Kinder Thai...please take note!

Kalele A.

Great Thai food and excellent service! An good choice if someone in your party is a vegetarian. Dishes can be customized from mild to 5 asterisk hot.

Mckenna I.

They are fast and efficient and the food is outstanding! By far the best Thai in Vancouver . I drive 30 minutes away for this place !!!

Alix P.

Kindee Thai is one of my favorite places to eat at. I took out my mother for Mother's Day and she enjoyed it fully. We ordered a variety of seafood dishes cooked in different ways. Pad basil, Tom Yum and I believe a seafood dish from the specialty menu. All incredibly deep in flavor. Spicy, sweet, salty and authentic. The chefs take care of their dishes and highlight the best parts of Thai cuisine. I love the strong and savory flavors! The spice is no joke as well, so be warned. The staff is great and service is good as well. Covid-19 guidelines are up to date.

Big Dazzy

Excellent (IMHO)Thai food.Ordered Pad Basil w/beef and Yellow curry w/pork. Also Papaya Salad (sum tom) and salad rolls with shrimp. All dishes were authentic and flavorful. The Yellow curry was our favorite.Highly recommended.

Shawn P.

Good place to go if you are in the mood for thai. Good variety and tasty. Quick and friendly.

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