Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

16409 SE 1st St, Vancouver
(360) 256-3820

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Kelly Ilagan-Ng

Wonderful food. Fun and entertaining!

Trisha Martell

We had a party of 10. I called two days before to let the restaurant know since they don’t take reservations. When we got there we put our name in and they would not seat us till our entire party had arrived. When our party arrived we went to be seated and they informed us that they seated a party of 20 that came in after us and that there was now at least a 30 minute wait. It was my birthday and all and so that was so frustrating. Ended up leaving. Bad customer service

Stephanie Bowers-Legg

Service was incredibly slow, took over 30 mins to get drinks alone.We came to hibachi and instead of throwing shrimp they squirt sake into people's mouths... and the lady next to me just spit all over me and my food. In the middle of a pandemic. I could not eat the food and was very upset

Dareen Thielbar

Wow, delicious and entertaining!

Dareen Thielbar

Wow, we had great time. Very entertaining and delicious.

Nate P.

Celebrated my son's graduation here. I've been here 3 times before. Food has always been perfect. This time because there was a large crowd, we had to chefs. Our chef had to be drunk. It took him at least 10 mins to cook the rice, he over cooked all the meat. My shrimp was very chewy. He gave people the wrong food and by time he cooked the vegetables...nobody wanted any. My wife called the restaurant the next day. They pretty much said that they didn't care without saying they didn't care. I always recommend this restaurant to other people but not anymore. The least the could of done was acknowledge that we didn't get the best service. Even the other chef walked pass me and apologized about his coworker's performance.

Renee F.

What a fun experience! The chef was so engaging and put on quite a show. Food was very fresh and delicious. It's spendy but great as an occasional splurge.

Charles K.

This restaurant does not clean their plates. I came here for my birthday dinner with my family and upon receiving our plates they were visible dirty. One or two dirty plates could be understood, but when asked to bring new ones (more than 10 plates were presented to me and my father), all the plates were still dirty with the oil caked onto the details of the plate. The server did everything in her power to get me a clean plate, but the image had already been set and made me question what I couldn't. (See their latest failures of health inspections at She personally went and hand washed a plate for me which was clean. Note that she was chastised by her manager for doing this as it wasted time and they would be losing money. Upon doing this the manager had been notified in which they came and turned our grill off and made us sit (including the second party at our grill whom had nothing to do with us). We sat there for about 20 minutes waiting on the manager to arrive. Upon her arrival she said we were not being truthful. I then went and grabbed a new plate from the stake of clean plates and wiped it with a cloth in front of her, which she then said was the servers fault. The server has nothing to do with checking the plates coming out of the kitchen. This manager refused to accept any culpability in adhering to basic sanitation practices. She berated her employee infront of us blaming the situation on her. As the manager you are responsible for quality of all activities. This is not a cheap restaurant, cleanliness should not be an afterthought or sacrificed for more throughput. I have filed a formal complaint with the health department and hope that something will be done about this place so someone does not get sick. I will never set foot in this establishment again, neither should you, at least until it gets a complete overhaul on cleanliness and new management.

Tristyn D.

We had just walked in at the start of what seemed to be the dinner rush and we did have to wait a few minutes but nothing to extreme. We were seated at the dine in area since we did not want to sit in the hibachi area. Jacqueline was our server and she was absolutely amazing. She was so sweet and polite and even tho it was so busy that didn't stop her from tending to multiple people and being quick as can be. It seems they were short staffed today and Jacquline was busting through it all and was working so hard. The food was really great however the five stars is specifically for Jacquline and her outstanding service (:

Pamme Yang

Fun place to take the family! There's 2 sides to the restaurant, Hibachi side on the left and regular family seating on the right. They cook in front of you and entertain you with their cooking.

Hope k

Our new favourite place to come to on a date or with family! We love to sit behind the hibachi tables and watch them put on a show making food. Kids always have a great time ! And Amazing sushi !

MoDaFo360 - Morgan D. Foley-Hull

I have eaten here a few times and have loved the food every time. The hibachi is wonderful and the sushi is fresh and delicious. The meal comes with onion soup, not miso (this is a plus in my book). My issues with this place that are causing me to leave off a star: no changing table in the bathrooms, not even a counter you could use, they do not take reservations (even for a party that will fill a full table), they often forget to bring more water even when requested, and noodles do not come with the hibachi dinner (something I'm used to from other restaurants...admittedly I'm from out of state, so maybe that's normal here). Unless I find a close place with the same quality food, I will continue to come here and recommend it to others.

Chloe Nguyen

Food is good but the wait is insane! When we got there, the lady told us 5-10 minutes wait. But in reality, it took over 30 minutes and there were many free tables and booths. This doesn’t just go for the wait, it goes for the food as well. The food takes FOREVER to come out.

Star Smith

You wrote a review for Kyoto Sushi Steakhouse 6 days ago5.0 star rating6/1/2021We have lived near this steakhouse since bought out house 5 years ago. We never had the opportunity to try this restaurant until recently.I decided to go with the hibachi chicken and filet mignon while my husband went with the sushi. We started with the pork shumai which was NOT good. My husband said it was the worst dish of any kind he'd ever had before.Thankfully, the rest of the meal was great! We were pleased with the pricing and the large amount of drinks and food options. I loved my onion soup that came with the meal and the salad was yummy too. The hibachi chef was funny and entertaining and put on a great show. I still have chicken and steak with rice for the next deal meal too, My husband thought the sushi was all excellent too.We'll definitely be back!

Angel H.

I had high hopes for this place regarding the 4.3 stars on google. I placed an order and was sent a text stating it would be ready in 20-30min. I arrived at the 25min mark walked in and was informed that the food was just now being started. (Understandable due to how busy it was in the establishment) but the quality of the food was so poor that we ended up just throwing away the "onion soup" and the "chicken katsu". The spicy salmon roll was easily compared to a mediocre conveyor belt restaurant which i was pretty disappointed about, Honestly in my opinion it was a waste of $35.

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