Little Conejo

114 W 6th St, Vancouver
(360) 718-2633

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Autumn M.

Deliciously spicy jalapeño pineapple margarita; tried three of the tacos ( al pastor, carnitas and brisket) all were fresh and packed with flavor. Carnitas was my favorite!! Atmosphere was upbeat but not too loud and the waiter/bartender was helpful and courteous.

Amber A.

This place is a great local spot for high quality taco truck style Mexican food. Great cocktails as well, and very friendly staff. Lots of outdoor seating. You order at the counter and then they bring the food to your table. It's a service model that works well. Highly recommend trying this place if you're looking for a casual vibe with great food and drinks.

Grace C.

Tacos: 4/5 Tacos + experience: 3/5 We came on a Saturday evening and Little Conejo was hopping (get it? okay I'll see myself out). You order first at the counter and then find a table. Even though they were busy, the turnover time wasn't too bad and by the time we ordered, there were a couple of tables open. We ordered food around 6:30pm, but it was almost 50 minutes later we got our food. My friends ordered margaritas, but somehow one of their orders never went through to the bar and we had to ask if they forgot her drink. But the 50 minute wait for food was a bit extreme, in my opinion. Yes they were busy, but they also seem well staffed and it didn't seem like there were people waiting out the door for to-go orders or something. Many people who were seated also seemed like they had been waiting for a while. I did see a waitress go around and talking to some tables, maybe apologizing for the wait. When our food did come the waitress offered complimentary chips and salsa I guess as an apology for the wait. The chips were good, but the salsa was not. It just tasted like watered down tomato sauce with some spices? But the tacos were great! The meats were well seasoned and flavorful, and their corn tortilla held up nicely. Their tacos average $4-$5 each, which I feel is a bit pricey. Would I come back again? Maybe...but the wait and the price may not beckon a swift return.

Jamie L.

I really loved the vegetarian taco options, especially the oyster mushroom and sweet potato, and the mezcalrita was nice. However, there was a slight miscommunication at the register that made for a not-so-great dinner experience. It was during the Saturday dinner crowd, so I went in to order everything for me, my husband, and my FIL. I very clearly said "four carnitas tacos", and gestured the number 4 with my hand, and proceeded to rattle off the rest of our order. When the food came out, only 1 carnitas taco arrived. My husband had paid while I ran off to grab waters and a table, so we didn't notice it on the bill (...because we ordered a lot of other items). So that was kind of a bummer. We ordered more tacos once we realized the error, but it took another half hour for them to come out, our margs were long gone by then, and my FIL proceeded to grumble about how he could find better/cheaper tacos on the East Coast. I will definitely come back - the food is delicious, however I'll need to check the itemized tab before paying in the future.

marie g.

Visited this place for the first time today! Their food selection isn't very big, and for the size of the tacos and amount of meat you get in them almost $5 each is a bit overpriced. However the chicken tings was tasty, the cabbage in my taco was 4x's more than the chicken! If you want guacamole you need to order the chips and salsa separately in order to get chips for your guacamole. Friendly employees, clean and a cute outside sitting area. Definitely a try if you haven't tried them as the small amount of chicken I did get in my taco was tasty!

Heather E.

What a great little spot! Fabulous margaritas (super fresh and plenty of choices), great tacos and by golly the guacamole is delicious. The only reason for not giving 5 stars was for the extremely long wait to get our food. I will say we came in on a Saturday around lunch time and the place was packed so a lil grace there. We did get our chips and guac quickly so that helped suppress the hangry emotions. The lines to order get long pretty quick but you order, pay then sit down (which makes getting another drink a pain). I recommend getting an appetizer to hold you over on a busy day. Also recommend the margaritas! I got the tamarind- perfect blend of tart and a splash of sweet. My friend got the seasonal watermelon, which was raved about. My favorite of the 2 tacos was the pescado taco. Crispy white fish and the toppings complimented it perfectly. I also got carnitas, which were dry. I'd say it was good but not great. They have a wide selection of tacos, a little somethin' for everyone. I will be back for those tasty margaritas!

Gavin Johnson pnw

Lovely place. People are friendly as can be. The vibe inside makes you feel like your in a taco shop in Mexico. The tacos are amazing. Everything is fresh and comes made to order. I myself love the tortas. Nothing beats them!

Monica Vaughn

Such a fun taco spot in downtown Vancouver! I loved the vibe inside and the service was great. Servers were attentive and gracious. Food came out exceptionally fast and lived up to the reviews. Surprisingly, my favorite taco was the oyster mushroom. So meaty and flavorful! The lengua was a close second. I’m not a huge mezcal person but the drinks were creative and refreshing. I would definitely visit again if I’m in the area.

Lily Peterson

I've tried them first when they just opened up and remember being disappointed with both the food and the drinks.Decided to give them another chance today and so glad I did. The food was delicious (so wonderfully improved). Really good tacos and the drinks were beautiful and spot on as well. Tried several different tacos, and all of them had good flavors.

Alex Boyd

Unbelievably delicious Tacos!I've traveled the country trying different tacos and the last place I expected to find amazing Mexican food is Vancouver, Washington.This place is worth the wait on line. I also encourage you to try several different tacos if you can find the courage! They're like little experiences in each one and four fills up the hungriest appetite!I've been back twice and so far it's been amazing each time! I look forward to returning again soon!

Sarah M.

Great food with full of robust flavor, great service, drinks were of course fresh and tasty!!! The ONLY thing missing is music!!! Create that ambiance by adding CUBAN MUSIC, to go with the name of the restaurant. People will stay longer, spend more OF THE MUSIC MATCHES THE NAME OF RESTAURANT!!

Shilpi Thapliyal

The food is so amazing. Fish tacos were the best. We went to this place because its special to me. The food is a must try to anyone new

Brooke V.

5 stars for the food, 4 for the lines during busy times can slow service down, so this is definitely a solid 4.5. I lived in San Diego, and am always in search of a good fish taco, and Little Conejo delivers a great one! Their salsa is smoky and medium hot, and I loved the guacamole too. My other favorite is the Norteno deluxe, which is a little bigger than the regular sized street tacos, on a flour tortilla with beans, cabbage and smoked pork. The beans remind me (in a good way!) of Rubio's in CA/AZ, and the chips are fresh. If you eat there they will refill your chips and salsa. I had a tamarind margarita, I would probably try something different next time, and they had lots of other drink options. Just too tamarind-ey for me! Friendly service and they do a great job getting a ton of people served and seated in a cute corner space with outdoor and indoor seating.

Hannah Dubyne

Little Conejo has not only incredible food drinks and snacks, but a warm and cozy atmosphere. There’s a buzz of energy in the air that’s just special. Not to mention, the people that work here are kind and considerate. The owner Mychal is one of the nicest, most generous folks around and we owe it to them to support. Go out and get some tacos, yall!

Jordan P.

Oh my, where to start with Little Conejo?! First off, they have the best tacos in Vancouver! I've tried their Nopales, Oyster Mushroom, Pescado Frito, and Tinga de Pollo. They're all excellent but I find myself coming back for the Pescado Frito (or two), Oyster Mushroom, and Tinga de Pollo tacos. I don't eat pork or beef so I cannot speak to those tacos but hearing from people I've dined with, they're delicious! They also have seasonal tacos made with locally sourced ingredients, nothing better than that! Second, their Margaritas are so refreshing! From their Cadillac to their fresh fruit seasonal, you can't go wrong with their margs. Third, their house made salsa! The salsa they serve along with tacos is great but I love spicy so my go-to is their smoked habanero, a little goes a long way! Overall, Little Conejo is a must try that will keep you coming back for more! I, myself, have yet to try so many items on the menu!

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