Little Conejo

114 W 6th St, Vancouver
(360) 718-2633

Recent Reviews

Nate L.

Solid choice. Better than the average hipster tacbro joint and spared the cliche of a black and white sugar skull logo.

Olivia S.

I've been eyeballing this place for a hot minute and finally decided to try it! Was a bit apprehensive because GOOD vegetarian food is kinda hard to find in Vancouver. Can definitely say I was pleasantly surprised! Tried their famous oyster mushroom taco which was really good but MAN! The carrot one SLAPS way too hard. The flavor just really blows the mushroom one out of the park imo. 10/10 for a fellow veg

Barbara Spudich Haywood

Visiting from San Antonio, I found the delicious food outstanding. The oyster mushroom tacos, fish tacos, rice/beans, chips and amazing cookies with chocolate sauce was spot on!

Jenny Singh-Mott

This place is now my favorite place to get tacos. Everything I’ve had so far was excellent and can’t wait to try everything on their menu.

Marybeth S.

Finally made it!!!!! Been wanting to try this place for a really long time. I can honestly say the oyster mushroom taco was the best street taco I have ever had. Bursting w flavor and so unique. I may have licked the plate. I had a special apple pie margarita since it was close to Thanksgiving. It was very good.

Victoria Todd Johnson

It was good, slightly busy with a long wait... but simple food that hand lot’s of flavor

Karl A.

I love the restaurants in Vancouver. We were recommended to try Little Conejo by another dining establishment, and they were so right! Coming in we ordered at the counter. It was a little challenging because of the noise level inside, but we made it through. They assigned us a table by the window (I love the seating system, it takes all the anxiety out of the process). Food started hitting our table fast. First was the chips and guacamole. The chips were fresh and clean tasting. The salsa was Smokey, but still vibrant in the flavors. The guacamole was good not just on the chips, but everything. The drinks were next. The classic margarita was one of the best I've had. We also tried the seasonal apple margarita and it was an awesome twist on the drink. The cinnamon and sugar on the rim sweetened it up nicely. The tacos were incredible. We had pork and fish. Both were cooked beautifully, the flavors popped through every bite. Just make sure to grab extra napkins, they are overflowing with tasty goodness! Little Conejo is now on my Best of Vancouver list of places to take friends! Thank you!

Jason Mackaman

Cozy local spot with friendly employees. Brisket and pulled pork tacos were AMAZING! Pulled chicken was great, sauce was a little spicy for the fiance tho so of course I finished it. Definitely coming here again.

Anna Marie Cruz

Don’t skip the chips and salsa to start. Tacos de lengua & carnitas were delicious

Gabi K.

Overall: I've come here a couple times and each time I've had an excellent experience from the food to the service. Atmosphere: You order first at the counter and then go ahead and find a seat. I've come during dinner hours and lunch hours and in both cases this place was packed! The do have a bar section with bar seating. They have big tables for groups, they have small tables and they have tables outside. Turnaround time for food is fairly fast even when it is busy. Food: I've tried a lot of the tacos at this point and they are all excellent. My top three favorite are the Choriqueso (pork sausage and cheese), Pescado Frito (beer battered fish), and the Al Pastor (marinated pork). One thing I would like to point out is that they do add a red salsa/sauce to a lot of the tacos that is very spicy in my opinion. I have somewhat of a low spicy tolerance. - Highly recommend trying a torta while you're here as well. The Oyster Mushroom Torta is an excellent vegetarian option. It was absolutely delicious! It was piled high with toppings and lots of flavorful sauce. - As a snack the house chips with the roasted tomato salsa and guacamole is a great started. The chips is great and the salsa is unlike any other I've had. It has a delicious roasted smoky flavor that gives it that extra oomph. One thing I would like to note is the price. Inflation is real and it is evident here with the prices for a taco. If you expect to get full from just tacos you're going to spend upwards of $60 for two people. As I alone can eat 4-6 tacos.

Jon O.

I still walk over to enjoy Little Conejo from time to time as their tacos are still good, but not quite as great as they once were. I know things have changed with Covid and restaurants have had to adapt, but here it seems like they aren't roasting the Al Pastor on the spit in the truck like they used to when they were serving the best tacos in town. Also, you used to get a dab of fresh guac on your tacos included. No more. I am happy they've expanded and rotated the menu a bit, including great tortas on fresh bread, and an awesome new sweet potato taco that will satisfy omnivores and vegivores alike. They're also doing a bit for weekend brunch now too. And they still have the most addictive rice and beans in town. Lastly, it's a real bummer they're serving everything in single-use plastic clamshells now too. Even though they say they're recyclable on them, not many places take them, and I'm sure most just get tossed in the trash at Prost. Really wish they'd switch to the paper/bamboo ones that I've seen lot of other food trucks use instead. Otherwise a good truck, just not the best tacos in town anymore.

Jessica H.

This place has a lovely patio area. The hibiscus margarita's are real crowd pleasers, the tacos are small and spendy, but hot DAMN are they good. The mushroom taco is my go to and the pulled pork is great too. Guac tastes fresh and the chips are salted well. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Ryan Michael

Deserves its reputation. Truly excellent tacos and cocktails. They are doing counter service and seating really well, with the assigned table system so that one need not “save” a table while waiting in line to order. The outdoor seating is wonderful. Prices are not bad at all for both the portion and quality.

Jeff Wooden

First time visit and tried to sample a lot of different items between my partner and I. Tried 4 different tacos, chips & salsa, rice and beans, and the margarita special of the day.Everything we tried was very good. Especially liked the fish and Chicken tinga tacos. The rice and beans were loaded with flavor and 1 order was enough to share between the 2 of us. The chips were fresh and the salsa was very good.The margarita was quite fancy and had a lot of flavors going on. The special had a burnt lemon ash dusting on the rim. The flavor wasn't one I particularly cared for. But, the bar was doing some good things and had many different Mezcal and Tequilas to choose from.Loved this place for some high end tacos and would definitely go back again.

Matt White

Some of the best tacos I've ever had. My wife and I ordered the brisket, carnitas, chicken tinga, and pescado tacos. I couldn't even choose a favorite. They were all great in their own way. The chips and salsa and guac were also amazing. I am definitely coming back for more.

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