Little Conejo

114 W 6th St, Vancouver
(360) 718-2633

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Monika Yevan

Fish taco was amazing, bit too spicy tho. I would get the spicy sauce on the side. Shredded Pork and chicken meat itself was a bit dry but nothing some extra sauce didn’t fix. Loved the loaded amount of toppings inside the tacos. Cow tongue meat was actually delish. Beans and rice bowl was pretty good, but missing some flavors. Avocado quac dip and salsa was a hit with the chips. Def recommend

Laura Peters

Little Conejo gets busy! Nice wait staff. They made me a mojito even though it wasn't on the menu. Delicious fish tacos pictured here. Dining available indoors and out.


First time trying this place. Walking into the restaurant i immediately thought of organized chaos. Once I figured out how to order and seat myself, I stood in a very long line. I wasn’t in a hurry so I was okay to wait. When it was my turn to order, they had ran out of the food I had chosen. I felt pressured to quickly make a decision, so I chose the fried avacado. It was a good choice and delicious. The people I was with ordered the beef and carnitas tacos. Wow the tacos were dripping with grease and I recommend them only if you have a strong stomach. The guacamole was BOMB delicious. A perfect amount of spice and flavor, and super fresh. My Mezcal Bloody Mary took longer than would be expected to arrive to my table but it was worth the wait. I may come back another time to give it another go, but I was overall not impressed.

katie novosselov

We had such a wonderful experience ! It was out the door busy , so we decided to sit at the bar. The bartender was super friendly and even though he was slammed packed he had a constant smile on his face. Even kept up a conversation with us while making drinks. The food was delicious and they had some unique flavored drinks. Outdoor seating was available as well!

Maxwell Zhou

Great fish taco, well balanced. I had the suadero, Al pastor, and oyster mushroom.Oyster mushroom was great as well! Really enjoyed it.Al pastor was dry and too spicy. Suadero was also dry. The brisket was a bit over cooked but it had good flavor. Felt more boiled than it was braised.Chips were a little too salty. Great fresh crisp tho.Service was nice as well. Overall solid spot

Angelyka C

This restaurant keeps getting great reviews and people around me always talk positively about it, so I figured I should finally give it a try. Since I'm a picky either, I ordered a kids' quesadilla with beef brisket. It tasted wonderful, especially the meat. They use high quality cheese that crisped up well on the tortilla and complemented the flavor of the beef. It was rather greasy, but it's hard to make a quesadilla that isn't greasy. Also, the prices are pretty good. They have a lot of creative Mexican eats to offer. Plus, the service is really nice and the inside is lively.

Amy Q

Excellent all around. Loved the vibe, the friendly atmosphere and the fresh food. The bar tender was absolutely fantastic and making drinks as well as, engaging his clientele. Will return anytime I'm in the area, for sure.


First time visit for me, I was stunned.The very tasty tacos, the vibe, and the staff... all so good.I ordered the chorizoqueso taco and fish taco... both delicious. If I had to choose only one, I'd have to go with chorizoqueso. Not only was it delicious, it was SPICY! The fish taco is a very very close 2nd, YUM.I will be a regular here-on out. I highly recommend.

David McDaniel

great service, very clean, loved the food.

Montoya Samuel

I was walking down the avenue and saw this establishment. Friendly staff! The chilaquiles were good. Only suggestion: home made tortillas chips give it better taste, but the plate was still good.?? I also had the fried fish taco. That was really good! ?? I would return once again! The ambience is welcoming and warm!

Justin Su

I had been wanting to try this place for months because it also seems so busy! I had their classic margarita, and it was classic in many ways and it was delicious. And then I had their fish, mushroom and napoles tacos. All three were delicious. I was glad to finally make it there!

Suzy Kormanik (Real Estate Vancouver, WA)

Little Conejo did not disappoint, the tacos were amazing! We are family style ordering fish tacos, shrimp tacos , carnitas and shredded beef. Hard to pick a favorite.

Dan Moore

Taco platter!

Cassie M Chavarria

absolutely amazing food!!! 100% yummy


Far and away some of the best Mexican food and tacos in the Northwest.....Seriously, smokie carrot tacos, crunchy fish tacos with white crema, brussel sprouts tacos that are unparalleled.... Anyone who dis' this place does not know great Mexican cuisine.......

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