110 W 6th St, Vancouver
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GoAsFarAs YouCanSee

This is best pizza I have eaten. Bortolamis is another was the best until I try Nonavo.Boy's that work in the store have amazing attitude, and lot of patience.Some customers is assooooools, but this is non under Nonavo control.Will come back next time we want pizza.Thanks guysSecond review with images. Both pizzas was amazing!!!

John Doe

Amazing. Best pizza I've ever had. Wood fired pizza done with passion and quality ingredients. We will definitely be coming back. The restaurant is beautiful. Love the art and the natural lighting. And very welcoming staff.

Laura M.

We were actually on our way to a different restaurant when this place caught my eye instead. The food was absolutely amazing! The ingredients are so fresh and flavorful and one of the best crusts/dough I've had in a long time. My husband said it might be the best pizza he's ever had. We will definitely be back!

Debbie B.

The pizza is unusual in that you don't get to choose toppings for yourself, rather the pizzas are already "designed" for you. The staff is a little brusque, not particularly friendly, seemed like they didn't really care if you liked it or not. It's a very self-serve kind of set up, but they still want tips and I'm not sure what the tipping is for at a self-serve. The place is decorated simply but nice. I liked it here, but my husband gives it zero stars so we probably won't go back. My pizza had big ol' chunks of peppers, and I would have preferred them chopped smaller since the crust could not accommodate their weight. They had very good ice cream, which I highly recommend.

Love-to L.

I had recommended this place cuz the pizzas were decent, but my friend recently went to dine in with her mom and 5 year old child and the owner told them to "get the f$& out" after requesting to add more cheese to the margherita pizza they were ordering for a child to eat... So disappointed and unimpressed and will never give them our business again. Definitely don't support disrespect. The owner should enroll in anger management.

Sarah A.

My mom, 5 year old and I walked in and ordered pizzas. I asked for extra cheese on my kids margherita pizza, he won't eat it otherwise. The girl working the counter signaled the owner over to help figure out what cheese to use. Joey Chmiko the owner walks over and told the worker how to put it in the system but then says never mind cancel the order "we don't do that fucking shit here". Like yelled it. Out of no where. With my 5 year old standing right there!!! I said "woa ok. All I asked for was extra cheese. Jesus Christ". He then told us to "get the fuck out" I said excuse me. "You need to apologize for talking to us like that and saying those words in front of my kid. Do you have a kid" He then said Get the fuck out or I will call the cops, at this point we were already walking towards the door and my mom and child were outside I said ok. Call them. We haven't done anything. He stood between me and the door and closed the door barricading me in from my child who then starting sobbing and I could see the fear on his face. I said please move my kid is crying. I can't believe you. He then started talking Spanish in a degrading way to my mom and I said "we don't speak Spanish. We aren't Mexican or from any Spanish speaking country" I couldn't help but think prejudice played a role in Joey's behavior. I have lived in NY. I have also eaten at this establishment before. Nothing special, but ok for Vancouver. You cannot source good bufala mozzarella or real Italian grown San marzano tomatoes in the US. The pizza will never compare to Italy's, but again, not bad for Vancouver. With that said, I will never return. Joey's aggressive behavior and how it frightened my child is something I will never forget. We went next door and had wonderful tacos at Little Conejo. When I told the staff what happened, they said it's a common and known issue and the owner is rude. I feel relieved reading many other people had negative experiences with Joey, who clearly needs an SSRI.

Pam B

So wanted to try this place however Man taking food orders was rude to a Family with elderly Veteran . Yelled at them for trying to find a seat for a handicapped elderly Half of the party was in the line . It was rude and uncalled for! Pizza may be excellent however I didn’t want to eat at a place with employees like this. So glad to know up front how the employees truly are. Glad I didn’t spend a dime here.


I tried to enter this pizza establishment with my father, a World War Ii veteran, and get him seated at a table so we could order or meal. The owner?/employee behind the counter started to angrily berate me, my family and my father, doing his best to try and embarrass us for being with an aged World War II hero. He was extremely agitated and apparently assumed we were trying to cut in line and demanded we go outside and stand at the end of a line an order first before we could seat my disabled father. There were many open tables in his restaurant—-his loudness, the obnoxious way he talked to us and what amounted to a verbal attack on a veteran and his family is inexcusably and without merit. I highly recommend other veterans and true Americans avoid this place—-they should not be in business.

Angelyka C

The service and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is casual, yet super welcoming. The employees here were super friendly and a pleasure to be around, you can tell that they care about the food they make but also making sure they can help out their customers.I'm going to be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the vegan pesto pizza I ordered. However, I'm still giving this restaurant a 5-star rating because the ingredients they've used are super fresh and the pizza itself was perfectly cooked. I probably should have picked something I knew I would enjoy more, since I'm not a huge fan of lemon, nor fake cheese. The pesto itself was excellent, though!

Scott Mazariegos

When people talk about the best pizza joints in Portland, this one should be on that list. The ingredients (lots of local produce from the farmers market) as well as the dough, like I can’t think of a place to compare it to because it’s that good.Only a couple of salads on the menu, but the ingredients! Just so well thought out. Decent beer and wine list with a great, friendly crew.And if you have kiddos, there was a stack of coloring stuff as well as a bathroom with a changing table and well stocked if you forgot something (adult stuff also).

Rebecca D.

Owner super rude because I had mask on, telling me to take it off. Also empty, no wonder.

Tim Kruzhkov

It's a cool place to visit, has wood logs all over to set the vibe for this wood fired oven. The atmosphere felt nice. However, we ordered 2 pizzas. One was perfect and tasted great. The other one we ordered was with no cheese, and it was mildly burnt. The lamb on there was dry and started to get hard. Had to focus on the meat to be able to chew it through. The crust was starting to get a little burnt as well and tasted like it. Hoping it's a one time thing, will probably return at some point to try it again, but gets a 3 star from me.

Elizabeth Jones

Love this place! It’s our second time eating here and both experiences have been great. The staff is very friendly and the food is to die for. We’ve tried 3 different kinds of pizzas and all were amazing! The crust is phenomenal and the pizza itself tastes very authentic. 10/10 recommend

Sharon C.

Hmmmmm, I wrote an accurate & well thought out review of my experience at this restaurant. Somehow it was removed. If you don't like what I have to say about shitty service & food, ya shouldn't serve it. Isn't that what this app is for? If it's not anywhere near all rainbows and butterflies then why should I have to sugarcoat shit? I don't. So since the service was so shitty, Im pretty sure I can remember what was in the review I posted sometime in the fall of 2021. So here it goes again.... Came in for first time, so excited to try vegan Margherita wood fire pizza in my new neighborhood with family. Family of all kinds is very important to the Italian culture. Nothing warm & cozy here. Waitress wearing a "Drop Dead" slogan on her T-shirt with a lovely pair of high waisted mom jeans. I guess that is the hip look these days. No problem, yet her demeanor was very appropriate for her T-shirt slogan of "Drop Dead". We started out at the "soup nazi" counter. Painful in this backwoods red neck nation town to ask about vegan options. Well I will be a pain in the ass when it comes to my lifestyle of cruelty free plant based options, I shouldn't have to be or feel that I am being that way. Like I'm speaking a foreign language. Get with the International game changing Vegan Cuisine Vancouver. If you want to associate with Portland, you have to get hip on the Vegan culture. So got through that challenge with an order of Vegan Margherita. Asking for napkins located up at the counter was the same "soup nazi" "drop dead" attitude. Next up sat towards the back. I had the trash & dirty dish station right behind my back. So I had trash & dirty dishes slinging behind me versus slinging wood fired pizza for the duration of our meal which was short lived thanks to the shitty service & shitty pizza. I can see why not much pizza slinging, my pizza was undercooked. It doesn't take a pizza connoisseur to figure that out. Total Flop. Thank U for making Vanpoover shittier!! California Here I Come!! Guess what? Check out my next review of Rally Pizza!! Best vegan pizza, service & environment in this town!! P.S. @ Madison M. Miss "drop dead"...don't choke on your shit in Vanpoover!! Don't be such a coward to have my first review of your shitty service removed and next time use your big girl voice instead of a trashy t-shirt with "drop dead" written on the front. Wow that is so badass. What do you care about vegan or not when you eat people?

Shannon W.

Goodness gracious... best pizza in Vancouver. Chewy, bubbly crust topped with the freshest ingredients.

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