Pastarru Pizzaria

8708 NE Centerpointe Dr, Vancouver

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Jay J.

The cashier was not wearing her mask over her nose. When I questioned her about it she explained that the moisture from her breath would build up and make her mascara run. To know she was risking my health and the health of those in my home because her mascara might run is not a satisfying explanation. Since at that location once you get in line you're stuck at the window until the car in front can get out on the road I find this an assault akin to stealthing without a condom. I agreed to masked interaction and then you held me captive as you exposed me without my consent to unmasked interaction.

Kristen J.

I love black rock coffee, my daughter and I have made it a tradition of a mommy-daughter date on Wednesday mornings. I was so disappointed today to see our server wearing her mask incorrectly (below her nose) as we pulled up to pay at the window. I almost told them I couldn't accept the coffees and pulled away but that felt too rude. We did however throw our coffees away when we got home and washed our hands and wiped down the car. We will be moving our weekly coffee date somewhere else. Please take Covid seriously, if not out of fear for yourself and others then out of respect for those of us who are high risk. I wear my mask at the drive-through for you, please wear yours for me.

Jerry R

We live close by, but didn't find this restaurant until a couple of years ago. Thin crust pizza is our favorite and they and a very good crust. All the ingredients are good and plentiful. Good service. We eat in and sometimes take home their take and bake.

Skylar A.

This place is rad. Good coffee, very nice employees, and the location is easy for me to get too. I haven't had a single mistake from this store which is not only impressive with how much I come here but the coffee always taste consistent. I'm not much of a talker in the morning and these peeps will talk your ear off. Obviously they are told too so it's all gravy! Good spot!

Lexi S.

if you want to have a great cup of coffee and possibly a laugh while receiving it, check this place out. the girls who work here truly have chemistry and you can tell they genuinely care about their customers/interactions. the wait time is also very good!! usually don't wait very long at all.

Michelle T.

Was looking for a quiet place to study and also take a phone call. Reallllllly appreciated that it is quiet at this store (busyness) at 7pm on Wednesday. Also reallllly appreciated that the music was not too rockin' or loud. Staff Lexi was friendly as soon as I walked in Made a suggestion based on what I said I wanted. And it's delicious. Hot Irish Coffee - yum! She's the only staff here and is staying on task cleaning when there aren't customers needing her. Bathroom and main areas all very clean and neat.


I got the pepperoni pizza, and it reminded me of my childhood in NYC. The cheese was stringy, the pie was greasy (that's a good thing), and the pepperoni had some zip to it. As it turns out, when I got on the #1 Subway to go to school as a kid, I walked right be where one of the guys used to live. Right by Van Courtland park. Small world.


A group of friends came in here and were delighted to find excellent pizza. It has quite a few India- based options (Paneer Pizza, Kamals Special and Indian Vegetarian on the vegetarian side) that were very good. They also have regular sandwiches, salads and pasta choices but the Indian pizzas won us over. While we were there we noticed a regular stream of take-outs going out the door, which in my opinion is a good representation of how good the food is. Good service to top it all, and this was a pleasant fun evening.


Good,fast service. I got everything I ordered. Food was good and hot. Good location and smiles on everyone's face.


Wonderful, I wish I lived closer! My husband is from New York and says this is very authentic New York pizza. (He normally hates pizza in the Pacific Northwest. He has gone so far as to order pizza from New York to be delivered here by Fed Ex!). I have worked in two pizza restaurants; and I love the food here. The owner is very friendly. Don't forget to try the garlic knots; Yum!!!

Lori H.

This is a decent location, strategically placed adjacent to an existing Starbucks. This is located in a strip mall shopping area near Home Depot off Andresen. The baristas are always friendly, like most other Black Rock coffee drive-thrus. This drive through can be pretty slow at times which can be irritating. It can also get a little congested while exiting the drive-thru, trying to get back on Andresen. My favorite drinks are the Chillers! Love a Chocolate Chip Chiller (extra thick) in the summer. During winter months I prefer the Mexican Mocha or regular Mocha. They also have an app you can download to earn rewards for free drinks!

Kenneth S.

This place use to be our go to for coffee but recently they had a full change over of staff and the coffee sucks. I would say it is 50/50 that your coffee is going to be good. It is sad to because my wife and I were regulars stopping everyday before work, now it isn't worth it. Service is slow and coffee is inconstant at best.

Tiffany H.

The coffee was great and the girls were all so nice and really fast! Thanks ladies! The place is adorable too!


We like calzone that has ricotta and mozzarella, along with whatever other ingredients we ask for. NYC pizzeria does that, and it is delicious. Their side salad is also great: fresh, ample and delicious.

Mason M.

Congrats you got a speakerbox! That's only open til 2pm lol, who's the smartypants that came up with that idea!

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