Phở Tôn

6000 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver
(360) 993-5484

Recent Reviews

Danny Rosenburg

My favorite pho spot!! Great food and service

Emma Sun

I came here many times and tried many places. I had to say they had the best Bun Bo Hue and Vietnamese food in Vancouver. The waitress was so nice and helpful, service was quick and food was good as usual. Definitely recommend.

Sean Cannon

Very nice banh mis, but it’s all I’ve tried. Adequate vietnamese coffee.

Joseph Yang

I tired the combination pho and it was ehh alright. The broth is on the sweeter side which I didn't mind but the large size bowl was like a medium size and the bowl goes for what 12.95? I think. When I tried the broth again when it cooled down it became too sweet to finish. Overall the experience was okay.P.S the pho size comes in small or large size bowl

Wendy Rodriguez

It was ok. The grilled pork was tasty but the sauce that came with it was a bit too vinegar not at all savory as the other I've tried. Service was ok they were friendly and nice. Also got the taro boba, taste the same as all the others I've tried. Nothing too special

Mark Weymouth

Yes please! Finally a good broth! Space was clean, servers attentive, and the Pho was out of this world! And it’s close to me! Will return!

Michael Hail

the pho came out pretty quick, felt under 10 minutes within being seated. portions are hearty, and the flavor is all there. extremely friendly staff and great service

Juhyun Kwon

Pho broth is amazing. Check it out.We also had the lemongrass tofu and loved it!! It's so good an crispy!

Viva Hernandez

Food and service was great. I definitely will go back again

Zachary Gatton

Had the spicy lemongrass tofu with rice, was very good and well prepared. Will definitely be coming back!

Jennifer Asbury

great soup variety. love this place

Sina L.

Cripsy calamari is one of the best I have had so far. All the food I ha e had here has been awesome so far. Haven't tried any of thwir soups yet. Only been here twice and its been a while since I have been back.

Selina Lee

WOW! They had one main lady working and she was a machine!!! Cleaning tables, taking orders, taking to go orders, getting and refilling drinks, taking payments, checking in on tables, serving food! She was amazing! Gave her a 20% tip. Their place is small but they have authentic food and great service!! Will come again !

Skylar Allen

This place is delicious! Awesome customer service and excellent food! I’m in no way fond of the location though.

Mila Cozac

Our favorite pho place in town. Would recommend the Vietnamese pork sandwich super good.

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