Taste of China Chinese Restaurant

8720 NE Centerpointe Dr Unit 101, Vancouver
(360) 836-5388

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The best Chinese in vancouver. Excellent food. Excellent staff and service. The owner is really nice.

Fran Hammond

We used to eat there often and moved. We got a menu in the mail a couple of days ago, so decided yesterday we would make the longer drive and pick up lunch. Food was good, but so tired of getting overcharged just about everywhere you go these days! The Mongolian Chicken said $11.99 - we were charged $12.99 and specified no rice. Did not get rice but paid the extra $1 anyway. The side of shrimp says $6.50 on the menu but we were charged $6.99. The 10% for order pickup was not given. Not big $$, but just so tired of it! Plus, the person taking order and checkout just came in from a delivery car outside, did not wash his hands and did not wear any mask. Very, very disappointed.

Breanna H

It was our first time eating here and we had a great time. The staff was friendly and inviting and frequently checked in on us refilling our drinks and bringing side items. They are very quick and efficient, and the food tastes great. We live 45 minutes away and we will be driving back down here just for the food. The whole place has a good atmosphere and we are delighted we found it.

Teresa Cardon

We went in around 8:00. The owner said they were beginning to prepare for closing, but that we could enjoy our dinner and take as long as we wanted to eat. And he is such a funny and friendly guy, so willing to make our dining experience enjoyable. Customers' happiness is very important to these people. The food was fresh, hot, and very tasty! Definately will be back!!

shane alexander

This place is great. Good food great customer service. The staff is always friendly. Always able to accommodate my son's allergy needs

Sheri Rayburn

Our waiter was so amazing, he helped us with the menu. He was full of sunshine and happiness. Wow, we will be back!!

Trinh Bui

Order from Taste of China last night. They have the best service and fastest delivery in Vancouver. My family enjoys it very much. We will definitely order from them again.

Kaylee Perez

Me and my husband were looking for a late night meal and randomly decided to go here. We’re so glad we picked this place. The staff was very welcoming, very friendly and great customer service. They were very easy to talk too and very helpful with us ordering since it’s our first time. The whole restaurant environment is very homey and comfortable, felt like we were at a family dinner. We came right before they close and they were still happy to help. Very warm environment & hard working people. Definitely going to be our new spot.

lynn redhead

We have found Taste of China inconsistent over the years but recently they have been hitting home runs. Whether you call in an order or come in to dine (we can't get delivery), staff is fun and very helpful, the place is always clean, and we've never had any problems speaking to anyone over the phone. Generous portions for a decent price. Good Chinese food is a rare thing in Vancouver so keep it up Taste of China!

Emily Protsman

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and satisfying meal, this place is great. My husband and I keep going back. They have friendly service and good portion sizes. I highly recommend the Mongolian beef and the szechuan chicken.

Roberta Ross

It wss okay, our friedrice was only white rice that we paid extra for and the staff was pretty short with our order.. also my husband always tip very generously. Never again.


It's New Year's Eve. My teenage son and I decided to go and get Chinese takeout since we're just going to be enjoying our New Year's Eve at home. We ordered the chicken lo mein. Szechuan chicken. And honey sesame. With pork fried rice. We made sure to order a little extra food since I have one other teenage son visiting a friend's house but I know he'll come home hungry.I did mention, I hope the chicken lo mein and the Szechuan chicken has a lot of vegetables because our family really likes lots of vegetables. We had a short wait inside the building. All of the people who work there are so nice, warm and welcoming. After a short wait they handed us our food with a couple of fortune cookies. We came home and enjoyed our food, it was hot delicious fresh with lots of vegetables we enjoyed absolutely everything. We will definitely have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.Thank you everyone and Happy New Year.

Jay Jackson (Jayvee)

Very rude here!!! Women and man have yelled at me and my daughters after many times of going there. Wasn’t until lately they started being rude and if you’re a person of color beware because I’ve been told by others who are of color they have a attitude with you. Going to another restaurant from now on!!!

David Tortora

I love this place! Food is excellent. Staff is fun, fast and friendly. Limited space for dine in so many order take out. They even deliver!

Katie M

This used to be my favorite restaurant for Chinese food. But after today’s order I was really disappointed. My general Tso chicken and orange chicken was not just tasting old, but it was even hard to bite into. :/ kids couldn’t even bite into their food.

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