Thai Orchid Restaurant

213 W 11th St, Vancouver
(360) 695-7786

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Nigel H

I’m not a fan of restaurants that put pictures on the menu. I find the food is usually not so good. This was the exception though. The contactless menu does take some time to scroll through but once we ordered and our food arrived we were not disappointed. Everything looked and tasted great and some of the portions were big enough for two! Service was so-so, which we attributed to there being a pandemic.

Kendall B.

I'm trying to figure out why people like this place but they clearly do based on how crowded it was on a weeknight. The service was good but the sushi was nothing to come back for. Maybe I'm different but I don't judge how good the sushi is by how big a hunk of fish they give you. Not for me. Maybe it's the Thai food. But I actually saw rave reviews of the sushi.

Melissa Maxwell

Excellent. They have the best pot stickers and pinnacle fried rice. It is very casual though and seating is more like fast food place

Faith Cauthorn

This food highly overrated. I decided to give Thai Orchid another chance since after a terrible experience with the service and being overcharged 4 years ago. Today, I ordered the Pad Thai it had a burned flavor and was greasy. My mom’s lemon grass chicken salad had wilted lettuce & lacked the fresh tangy flavor that should accompany this dish. Don’t waste your money here. Go to Nom Nom. Order take out because the service is not always the best, however the food is great and so much better quality than Thai Orchid.

alex ayala

Tried to order a beer at the bar like I have at 100 different restaurants before. They said I could not order A beer. I had to have a waiter or waitress take my order, and bring it to a table. After waiting one hour for a table, I just want to be able to go to the bar and order a beer. Ridiculous rule they have, and their food is so so…..I won’t be coming back

Jordan P.

Like the food here but came tonight to pick up my to-go order and the woman at the front charging for orders attitude just isn't pleasant. Spent $40 on Thai food for my friend and I & when I asked for sides of chili paste on the side she told me they charge for it. Never heard of that after spending $40 on a meal you can't get some chili paste?? So I then said ok and she rang me up $7! For chili paste?!?!!! I don't think so, thank you. All around her attitude and vibe was something that made us feel unwelcomed. I didn't get her name but it was the downtown location on 8/4 and it was 9:15 when we picked up. Short hair.

Alex A.

Tried to order a beer at the bar like I have at 100 different restaurants before. They said I could not order A beer. I had to have a waiter or waitress take my order, and bring it to a table. After waiting one hour for a table, I just want to be able to go to the bar and order a beer. Ridiculous rule they have, and their food is so so.....I won't be coming back

Martin Drayton

I visited this restaurant with my fellow flight attendants, all meat eaters, and we were all super impressed!

Mary M.

This place has excellent food and great service. Highly recommend. We tried a variety of items and all of them looked and tasted amazing. The menu has a huge variety so there's something for ever in your party.

Andy Passero

First impressions are important. After the one I received from this place I’m never going back. It was a 40 minute wait for takeout, I was told, which I was fine with cause they were busy. At 1 hour and five minutes someone approached me with someone else’s order, so I decided to inquire about our order at which point the hostess, who had just been standing there counting tips reached around behind her and grabbed our order that had been sitting there getting cold for who knows how long. I asked, “so it’s been just sitting there the whole time?” Her response was, “yeah, it’s okay. Have a good night.” I just walked out cause I didn’t have anything nice to say. I have zero tolerance for incompetence, that’s why we won’t be returning.

Sarah C.

Was super excited to try this place and we ordered it for pickup. The wait time was 40 minutes, which I completely understand because it's a busy time for restaurants right now. However we got there and my husband went to pick up and ended up waiting another 25 minutes and then they realized after that amount of time that the order had just been sitting behind the hostess. He asked, "our food has just been sitting there the whole time?" And she says, "Yeah. It's fine." No apology, no compensation, just pure incompetence.

Dinesh Dabbs

This restaurant is tucked in Downtown Vancouver, and everything was pleasant with our visit. The restaurant itself is clean and the waitstaff were friendly. The food arrived pretty quickly, presentation was artful, and was tasty. I ordered the Thai fried rice. You can order spicy dishes between levels 1-5, with 5 being the spiciest. I ordered a level 3 and had to ask for chili paste. I would ask for a 4 or 5 if you like a decent amount of spice. I highly recommend Thai Orchid, and will be returning.

Angelyka C

I work in downtown Vancouver and my co-workers have told me exceptional things about Thai Orchid, so of course I had to give it a try. Well, my high expectations were exceeded.I didn't think much of the interior from the outside, though it did look modern and dimly lit. The inside was clean and trendy. It didn't look like your typical authentic Asian restaurant, but the atmosphere was pleasant anyway. Even better was the service. All of the waiters work in tandem so wonderfully that it's even hard to tell which one is in charge of your table. The female waitress with gauges (I did not catch her name) is one of the sweetest people I've ever met in a restaurant.I'm always suspicious of fusion places since they tend not to excel at one type from my experience, and wasn't too pleased to see that they serve both sushi and Thai food. However, they have the best yellow curry I've ever tasted. I ordered it with scallops at a spicy level of 2 since I don't tend to handle extremely spicy things well, and I got a kick of flavor to complement the soup base itself. All of the ingredients were fresh and blended together so well to create such an enjoyable dish.Their menu looks so delicious and now that Thai Orchid has proven themselves to me that they have a great establishment, I really want to keep coming back to try most of the menu. I look forward to discovering more foods here!

Tammi Brown

phenomenal food and great service

Alex O.

You literally cannot go wrong here. The Phuket roll is hands down my fave. But evrrythigg no is good. Never have had anything bad

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