Thai Time Vancouver

11310 NE 49th St Suite 107, Vancouver
(360) 859-3914

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Laura C.

Our go-to place for amazing Thai food! We're regulars here, because it's so hard to find places with amazing vegan options that consistently deliver amazing food! We always get the Pad See Ew with tofu and the Pad Prik Khing with tofu. Both dishes have so much flavor, the vegetables are obviously fresh, and the spice level is on point! The star of the show is their peanut sauce that comes with their salad rolls. It's so good, that we have to order extra sides of it because we basically want to eat it straight with a spoon. To the folks that were working on 9/10/21: our dinner order last night was SO FREAKING GOOD. Thank you for an amazing meal, and a very special thank you to the kind person that wrote the word "vegan" and put smiley faces on each item we ordered. I see you, and I appreciate your extra effort.

Sarah J.

Portion size is the smallest I have seen from a Thai restaurant. The size and quality doesn't justify the cost. $13 if ordered in the restaurant and $17 if ordered on Grubhub. I called the restaurant to see if this was correct and she said yes. I told her that what we ordered wasn't enough to feed our family and that if they would have filled the container it would have been. Her reply was, "I'm sorry, have a nice day", then click. 1st and list time ordering from here.

Ashley Gibson

No utensils provided for Togo orders and they wanted to charge me $3 for 1 serving sized cup of peanut sauce. Very dry. Pad Thai noodles were extremely over cooked and mushy.. Do not recommend their Pad Thai at all. Better off eating top ramen.

Karisma Sexton

Every time I’ve gotten food from here it’s been amazing. The Pad See Ew is delicious. They’ve only ever messed up my order once by making it too spicy when I asked for no spice, and they gave me a full refund with no questions asked.

Lily F.

Best gluten free Thai place ever! So many gluten free options I never get sick! I highly recommend!

Nicholas C.

Friendly staff. I recommend the beef pad Thai, but don't recommend asking for Thai spicy lol

A Generoso

Good food, ambiance, and service. It’s clean as well. This is the first time Thai iced tea came with refills without asking! Thank you!


We use to dine in here a few years ago until the quality of the dishes were wildly inconsistent each time. We decided to give it another chance over the last few months and its still the same issue.The last 3 times, we ordered the pad Thai Thai hot, drunken noodles and ginger stir fry. Only one time out of the three recent visits did the pad Thai actually have some spice to it, the ginger stir fry had a thick delicious sauce and the drunken noodles have a good amount of flavor and vegetables in it. The other times, the pad Thai spice was weak, the stir fry was more like an inedible soup and the drunken noodle had barely any vegetables. We thought that perhaps it was because of the chef cooking during the slow time of day (around 3) so we tried again at the dinner rush (6:30) and we got the same inconsistent quality. One order was picked up on a Sunday and the other two during the week. Another reason why we won't try it again for a while is the younger wait staff can be extremely rude as you're waiting to pick up your order. The lady who takes the order over the phone is really nice, but some of them are not as pleasant. The place is great when the right chef is cooking, but other than that, I'll make the drive further away to another Thai spot and might try again in another year.

Tami H.

Our go to for Thai in the Couve! Friendly staff and typically quick service! We love the calamari, salad rolls and pad Thia with shrimp!!!

Blake R.

Drunken noodle was bomb ! Usually I always drown my Thai foo with soy sauce, plum, sriracha, etc, but this dish didn't need anything it. It was tasty. Ordered as medium heat.

Teasha Fischer

The water cups are way cool. We came for the fried banana and coconut ice cream for dessert. Yummy! Cool place!

John C.

Pretty good Thai place. Had to find another since Thai Wok changed owners and quality. We had the fried tofu, BBQ Thai chicken, and tofu drunken noodle. I was impressed with the different sauces served with each of the dishes which gave them individual flair, but was more impressed that they paired so well with any dish you put them on. Changed the way the chicken tasted three times, tofu same thing. Really great for the taste buds. Wish they would have offered to pour me a beer and a little more attentive service. Their take out business is out of this world with the velocity. Their biggest money maker. I would choose to eat there so it is smoking hot.

Erik Pelyukhno

One of the best basil Thai dishes I’ve ever had. I wanna come back here again and again! I probably should try the other items on the menu but this one was so good that I wanna eat it again and again

Tran P.

My favorite Thai food to go!!! I always come here for my craving for Thai food. I had drunken noodle, tom yum and crying tiger. Also thai tea are pretty good!

Paul Osorio

Decent portion size for the squid rice dish I had. Squid rings were good. Vegetables were not overcooked. Medium spiciness (as ordered) was acceptably middle of the road.

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