Thai Wok Kitchen

5000 E 4th Plain Blvd A101, Vancouver
(360) 852-8103

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Amanda Takish

I can count on Thai wok for the best Thai food I'm Vancouver. Don't let their location deceive you. They are always consistent and their staff is always kind and patient (even when witnessing deal with unruly customers). I suggest that the next time you are in the mood of actual good Thai food in Vancouver please consider them and not that overpriced played out one in downtown. Our favorites include Pai Thai, Pad See Ew and Kho Soi(sp?).

sean-kari sothern

Best fresh salad rolls with shrimp, coconut shrimp and peanut sauce!!?

Aelece Ashley

Amazing food every single time. Today I ordered fried rice without soy sauce because I'm a celiac and when I called to double check wich I hate doing, but if I don't I'm in bet for 3 days and have full blown neuropathy, they were incredibly gracious on the phone and I found out not only was it made correctly but they use gluten free shoyu wich no human could tell the difference. Im beyond extatic and will most likely order even more often. Absolutely beyond happy.

Lorraine C.

I placed an order of two items to be delivered to me at work. He delivery man shows up with only one of the two items. When I called the restaurant inquiring as to what happened, i was asked if I could come and pick up the second item. I explained I was at work, and that asked that they take it off my bill. They should have had it delivered to me free of charge; so now I have pad Thai (which was Luke warm) and no Thai iced tea!

Bill Krell

Best Thai food hands down. Red curry, cashew nut, salad rolls!!

Cas O

An excellent Thai spot, with a ton of great items to recommend... My personal favorite is the duck curry.Also, don't forget to grab some mango sticky rice for dessert!

Karsten M. H.

Excellent authentic Thai food. It's a simple but very modern and clean little place. The crispy duck had a nice crust but was very juicy inside.

Kevin W.

New ownership I guess because this food tastes NOTHING like it used to. This was our go-to spot for about 5 years and was super consistent and delicious, not sure what happened but don't see the same nice Thai ladies there anymore. And the food is extra bland so I guess they took the recipes when they left too. Such a shame, I'll miss the pumpkin curry and SSS duck:(

Alexander Kofsky

First time visit today and I was impressed by the warm customer service and the delicious food. Excellent presentation, it looks like a much more expensive plate and every bite hit the spot. Both dishes I tried were incredible. 5/5

Bright Land

Absolutely my favorite Thai restaurant in Vancouver WA! Staffs are friendly and food is always amazing

Josie Haldeman

This is my favorite Thai place. My mom and I have been eating here for a loooooong time. I introduced my boyfriend who "didn't like Thai food" to this restaurant and he loves the drunken noodles.I reccomend all of their curries and the Tom Yum soup. :)

Heather Karin Hornor

This place is SO GOOD!! The best Thai I've had in YEARS. Just WOW! Khao Soi was so good. Friendly people, clean, fast, awesome. Food is just incredible.

Earle Cottingham

Order at the counter now, not at your table. Food served in paper plates and cups. I had to ask for a metal spoon instead of eating with the plastic spoon fork and knife. I will not be returning until I hear that some these things have changed.

Jeremy Antrim

A friend read that this place had amazing BBQ. A Thai place you ask? That is what we thought as well. Now, we are here slightly “post covid”. Please ignore the paper plates. The food is amazing!! We had fresh rolls, pad Thai, bbq chicken, and sss duck. All of it was amazing. We had extras for tomorrow as well. Well worth it.

Jackie B.

This was a great surprise. Great food and choices. Placed an order for pickup a d it was being bagged up as I arrived. Will definitely be coming back!

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