The Smokin' Oak Barbeque Restaurant, Bar & Catering

501 Columbia St, Vancouver
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Michelle Young

Chopped brisket sandwich with mac n cheese. The bun was delicious, slapped some mac n cheese on my sandwich and gobbled it up! Huckleberry lemonade with vodka was very good, couldn't really taste the vodka, could go either way with that. Service and atmosphere get kinda hectic during peak hours, plan accordingly.

Michael Louie

Excellent food options and very tasty. Definitely share if you can so you can taste everything and sit up at the booth in front of the kitchen. Fun to watch the masters do there thing. Staff is friendly but we never was asked how our food was or checked on...not a biggy as they were busy. Will go back and recommend ?

Whitney Rhodes

The southern way this meat is cooked reminds me of my hometown in Texas, BUT awful service here! We didn’t mind spending a $110 here and we even tipped 20% regardless!! Not once did we get refills and the waitress and staff were sarcastic and rude to us. ?because we had to approach the bar for them to cash us out after being ignored so long and wanting to just pay and leave.

Pat Burt

Well, I thought I knew how to BBQ, I've been doing it 20 years!We had the stuffed jalapeño appetizers. I had "The Fatty" (your not picking this up and eating it like a sandwich), and my wife had "The Smokestack".Even the leftovers, wrapped in foil and reheated in the oven @225°, the following day, was some of the best damn meat that I ever ate.My only complaint is we heard great things about the chicken wings, but found out that they are only available on Sunday.


I've been in this place twice. The first time was definitely a disappointment, the second time was for my grandson. I thought since it had been 2 years, maybe they had learned how to cook bbq but I was wrong and it was still awful. The atmosphere was fine but for what you pay they can afford much better climate control. The wait staff was basically non-existent. You would have thought the place was busy but we were the only ones in the dining area and there were 2 patrons at the bar. The lasting impression I cannot get over though is how bad everything that was supposed to be ingestible was. The water had a bad taste therefore the ice even made the soda horrible. The brisket was overcooked and dry, the ribs were left in the smoker too long and whatever they use to smoke the meat needs to be destroyed for no human to ever endure again. The potato salad had a rancid taste and it's not even what us true southerners consider potato salad. The mac & cheese was burnt, beans were dry and they do not have fries. What good bbq place does not serve fries??? You can tell they have no idea how to run a true barbeque restaurant because fries are a staple. The food here is so bad we left the majority of it and wouldn't even take it home to the dog. For one adult and one adolescent the bill was over $50 for lunch and I still had to feed the kid on the way home. The product being served at this place is subpar, way over priced even for this area, and more likely to make someone ill than happy. If a person thinks this is good bbq they have never actually had good bbq. Being from the deep south where we grow up knowing how to cook and season our food, I was excited to see a big barbeque restaurant in town. The let-down after eating here was almost as sad as the ending of the Titanic.

Raychell Miller Aquino

Really great food here! 100% would recommend. I had their Thursday special the smoked meatloaf, which is to die for. Unfortunately I was too excited to eat it before I took a picture. On top of that they have a HUGE selection of beer and liquor. Kids under 21 can eat there until 10pm too, so bring the family!!

Bridget Zirkle

Ordered here for takeout this past Sunday and ordered three smoke stacks which are supposed to include ribs, pulled pork, sausage, and brisket. All three were missing the pulled pork. I tried calling that night to come to resolution privately and the phone went to voicemail, however their voicemail box is full. So I messaged them the next day on here, they’ve seen it and just decided it wasn’t pertinent to respond. This is disappointing honestly. On to the food…..what we actually received wasn’t too bad. Not the best bbq I have eaten but not the worst. The biggest problems were with the corn dogs I ordered for my kids were so fried that the breading was burnt and falling off. Like you saw that and made the conscious decision that was good to serve? Then the greens had way too much vinegar making them inedible. I chose this place based off of good reviews and their photos showing potential but based off the food, missing items, and the poor customer service I cannot recommend this place.

Paul Herman

This is an easy review to write and maybe the only one I ever wrote…. At 48 years on earth this April THIS IS THE VERY BEST TASTING BBQ restaurant I’ve ever eaten at and also by far and away my favorite restaurant!! My entire adult family I was with (x4) agree! I ordered the smoked 1/2 chicken but tasted everything others ordered. TOP NOTCH PERFECT !!!

Luc Zoe

This was my fourth visit. Overall good food, but lack of consistency and quantity. I’ve gotten the same thing every time. Ribs, mac & cheese, and greens. This visit the ribs were perfect, but small portion. Greens were perfect. The mac & cheese was cold and soupy. On one of my past visits, the ribs were dried out with a crunchy surface and the greens were mush. I sure wish Smokin’ Oak would manage their product better.

Michael Fatigati

My first time. Almost excellent BBQ (wish the hot link was spicier) and great side dishes - I had greens and potato salad. Just a hint of vinegar but full-on flavor. The GOW lager was tasty. I wanna go back soon.

Tell Burger

VERY tasty smoked meats! Good service. Poor selection of non-alcoholic beers. (O'douls only) I would recommend.

Adam Hall

When ever my family and I brainstorm place to go for lunch Smokin Oak is ALWAYS mentioned. It doesn't matter what you decide to try off the menu understand you will be satisfied. If you wondering yes the chopped brisket sandwich and mac and cheese tasted every bit as good as the picture looks.


Platter with Pork Spareribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, and Sausage was absolutely amazing. Little details like the warm bbq sauces, and the room temperature whipped butter that you can actually spread on cornbread, made it exceptional.

Tom K

Great atmosphere and really nice folks working there. The food was delicious and they have a great beer and drink selection. Can’t wait to return and try some other items on the menu.


Great atmosphere and really nice folks working there. The food was delicious and they have a great beer and drink selection. The pulled pork was moist and had the perfect smoke. Their wings were out of this world good. Can’t wait to return and try some other items on the menu.

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The Smokin' Oak Barbeque Restaurant, Bar & Catering

501 Columbia St, Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 433-2755