Abby's Legendary Pizza

4804 Tieton Dr, Yakima
(509) 966-1398

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Kathleen Anderson

The pizza is as good as you can get anywhere, even Chicago. It's not deep dish but thin crust and the crust is better than most. This is the place in Yakima to get pizza. They also offer a fantastically delicious spinach salad, which I highly recommend. I wish I could give it more stars. This is what pepperoni pizza should be.


This pizza is so good!! We have been coming here for years. Thin, delicious crust. Great place to stop for pizza between the Seattle area and the Tri-Cities for sure.

Amanda Schmierer

Whoever wrote best gluten free pizza ever, I feel bad for them because I've had much better in Idaho. It was ok, not great pizza. We stopped while traveling & were hungry so we ate it. Reminded me of Round Table Pizza...90's style Pizza with modern prices. Ok if you are starving.

Melissa Miles

Abby's is a great local pizza shop in Yakima. If you are looking for a place to have a gathering or perhaps a birthday party, this is one of the most affordable places to take your family. A small arcade with some "play til you win' games do not disappoint, and while the prices for the Pizza may appear on the pricier side, the pies are well worth it and less feeds more. Another great gem in the Yakima Valley.

Riggs Rangel

Excellent pizza hands down probably the best pizza in Yakima. Family friendly atmosphere, including a game room for kids, tv screens for sports games. A great choice for a birthday party for a kid or an adult(adult kid?) as they serve alcohol as well. The fried chicken is good, the salads are good. You basically can't go wrong with the menu choice & quality of the available items. This place is wheelchair accessible too. Side note: for whatever reason they don't have ketchup bottles/dispensers, it would be a good idea to bring your own ketchup (I know) & maybe your favorite hot sauce. In any event the pizza is choice quality in my humble opinion, highly recommend the hometown hero!!

Mikhail Dwyer

Clean when I entered. Was only there to apply but the people were very nice, but proffesionally focused. They know how to make anybody WANT to work with them, let alone taste the pizza!! Absolutely reccomend!

Steven Fredrickson

abby's legendary pizza is the best fricking pizza I have had in a long while. A bit on the expensive side, but very well worth it.I would highly recommend dining there and spend a little time viewing the old pictures they have on the walls, a good bit of Yakima history from the early days

Christina Widmier

Always a good place to go get pizza! I was a little sad when I walked in today and didn't see a salad bar anymore. But their pizza is always so good. Their garlic knots are amazing! There's games for kids to play and staff members are always very friendly and helpful!

Adam Frenzel

We’ve been coming to Abby’s for 10 years in a row for heart shaped pizza and absolutely love this place and the people. We’re always treated very well and the food is always delicious. We wish the salad bar would come back though!!

Tom Hughes

Their pizza is great but the prices are on the high side for pizza.

John Ellsworth

Not bad for what we paid. Got their 4 flavor pizza for 4 adults and 5 kids...and it went over well. Helped that two kids didn't really eat it and the adults weren't super hungry. However their pizza is quite filling.

Lara Combs

Abby's is our go-to pizza place in Yakima. The delivery drivers are always so friendly and the pizza is Uh-may-zing! We've never had a bad slice. Our favorite is the Hometown Hero with fresh, large slices of green peppers, not little chunks. Pepperoni is always a good choice. Abby's doesn't skimp on toppings or cheese. If you get the giant size, you'll have enough for days. The small slices are great for small hands and the sauce actually has flavor, unlike the big chain restaurants. You have to try Abby's if you haven't. It is so good.

808 House

Didn't love the thin crust. The toppings and sauce are awesome though.

Tamela Edmonston

Great job by the staff helping us celebrate our Granddaughters 2nd birthday ?

Adrienne Wilson

very good service. great pizza, 3 Birthday parties!!! And they handled all of them. Friendly, helpful, and LOVE all the Pizzas.

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