Abby's Legendary Pizza

4804 Tieton Dr, Yakima
(509) 966-1398

Recent Reviews

Adrienne Wilson

very good service. great pizza, 3 Birthday parties!!! And they handled all of them. Friendly, helpful, and LOVE all the Pizzas.

Paul Castaneda

Pizza was pretty good. Old school set up with games. Staff was nice. stars are based upon the quality of the pie itself. Cheese is pretty basic, sauce as well. Dough is great I added sausage and they rolled off. I'd recommend asking them to add cheese over the sausage as well so it doesn't fall off.

Frank Smith

Pizza ? was good. Better than I thought it would be. Service was good. Would go back...

kimo Wilson

Pizza is amazing the employees are friendly and they gave me a birthday pizza thank you very much and a soda while I was waiting diet Mountain Dew Aloha thank you God-bless

Timothy Moss (Tbone)

Great taco pizza had a great time in the parking lot while I waited for pizza

Karen Mauch

The Hawaiian pizza was good just prices Re high

John Ryan

Great staff great food always as I remember it as a kid

Anita O.

When we ordered, the girl at the front had a massive attitude with us the whole time. When my mother (who has poor eyesight) asked what is on one of the pizzas she told her "It's on the menu" and offered no further help. She made us repeat ourselves multiple times regarding our order (which is totally fine by me, I'd rather repeat myself and have it be accurate), but when asking her to repeat what she was saying she rolled her eyes and raised her voice in a tone that was hostile enough to make my mother apologize multiple times for asking perfectly reasonable questions. She then proceeded to enter multiple items wrong on our order and when we corrected the items she simply stated "I know" and then did nothing to change our ticket. Unsurprisingly, our order was wrong, but the second time we went up to correct it, it was wrong AGAIN resulting in them charging us for a Giant size and us receiving a Large. We are people who are very patient with service workers (we know how hard it is especially during a pandemic and never expect perfection!) but to receive service that is so subpar and to have to deal with a snarky employee being rude to my older and very sweet mother was completely unacceptable to me.

Daniel Ramirez

Awesome service and great food

Michaela Weber

First time coming here. Pizza was good, but was disappointed with the salad. For that price I expect a fresh salad. It looked like salad came out of a bag, the leaves were dark and on top of putting whole carrots on it. Not what I expected.

Veranna Kihn

Price was high but food was good staff was great they can take a joke and smile

Kristy Matye

Delicious pizza! The best I've had in a long time. Very cheezy and they offer gluten free which is amazing! Loved it

Deb C.

I left a one star review back in 2016 because we had to wait so long for a cheese pizza but yesterday i ordered online and came in 40 min and the pizza was very good. love that they have a half and half pizza as me and my husband like our pizzas very different but we usually share one. would recommend as of now.

Lindsi P.

Ordered my fav taco pizza to go tonight....AND no taco toppings were given! Talk about major let down! Won't be ordering again, which sucks because I usually love the pizza. Not to mention it's spendy, so it was really a let down. You can't have taco pizza without lettuce tomato cheese!

Avery C.

With a Name with the words "Legendary Pizza," Abby's slogan wrote a check that it's quality couldn't afford. First of all, their "deep dish pizza" is nothing more than a typical pan pizza. Some of the toppings were cold and the cheese wasn't even melted all the way through. Also, their garlic knots should be called garlic "nots" as in, what not to order. Absolutely terrible. Over priced, and underwhelming.

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