Bob's Burger & Brew Yakima

121 N Fair Ave, Yakima
(509) 895-7199

Recent Reviews

Debra Wilsack

Decent food. Definitely go from 3-6 pm "happy hour" amazing appetizer and drink deals!!

Becki Hoyt Miller

We always get great food here, love their fries, big portions!!

Mr. Montero

The Strawberry lemon drop Are so so good they are served in cool little mason jars with a special lid one lemon drop is $10 but you get like 3 drinks out of it! The New York Steak was also cooked perfect and so tender. Let's just say it is an amazing date restaurant

Lauren Prescott

The people were so friendly and the food was outstanding. My guacamole jalapeno burger was delicious and also the jojos are the best. Also really liked the onion rings.

Nicholle McQuiston

Everything took a while to happen. Our waitress was nice, and tying, but there may have been a staffing issue. I had the squirrel, which I usually love, and the meat was dry and overcooked, but all my food was cold. My husband's was hot but same condition. My daughter's mac and cheese seemed fine, but she took two wierd bites that she said was like an ice cube was melted in it. The sourdough bacon burger was good.

Xochitl Esperanza

Delicious. Great service! Burgers, salads, appetizers and drinks are really good. I am regretting not visiting this place sooner! We will be back for sure. ?? ?????????☕️??

Dan Arnett

7/28/2021 late lunch - (5 Stars)Another great meal with excellent service. Always enjoy eating here.The food and service here are wonderful

Tim Mayes

Absolutely delicious burger and sweet potato waffle fries! Server was amazing. Food came super fast. Bloody Marys were amazing! Great food and service for a really fair price. $40/person with drinks and appetizer

Cyndie C.

I had to look all the way to page 5 on the Yakima restaurants site to find something that was open on a Monday night and stayed open after 7 p.m. that wasn't fancy and pricey. Bob's fit the bill. We wanted something casual after a long day of traveling. I have finally learned that if we wait until after 7:15 p.m. to go eat in a place that has long wait times, we usually get seated very quickly. True here. I ordered shrimp with onion rings. It was good, but I really overdid it in the greasy food category. Not diet friendly at all. Maybe a little bit too much batter on the shrimp, but I still enjoyed it. Also enjoyed a local craft beer. If you're looking for something casual and with a fairly broad menu, Bob's is a good choice

Julianne Herman

This was one of the best all around experiences we've had at a restaurant. From the server to the food! Our server was Kellye R and she was amazing! We have kids and it's not often we find a place to eat that is 100% accommodating. The food was delicious. Drool worthy with absolutely no complaints from anyone. Also affordable, everyone even got desert! Thank you for a great dinner! We will definitely be back to eat again.

Michael D Blessin

So I have been to alot of restaurants here in yakima a couple including, YAKIMA STEAK COMPANY, WATERFIRE, and the 1st the experience walking into a restaurant is you get greeted upon arrival by the restaurant hosts or hostess and typically they are very friendly....except the lady at bobs burger and brew not only was she rude upon walking through the doors she wasn't even polite and lacked good communication skills w this being said I try to let the situation pass w intending to eat a really good hamburger so I ordered the ranch burger let me tell you it was delicious the egg could had been cooked a little more less giving it a run to the yolk the veggies were crisp making it a all around excellent hamburger , I also ordered the homemade potatoe salad looking for a freshness of something that would be equivalent to homemade potato salad unfortunately I believe its packaged and not made daily to freshness , i also ordered jojos which were decent and had about 3 servings definitely didn't lack in that area ....if it wasn't for the bad experience at the front door I definitely would of enjoyed the food alot better after we do pay for kind services .... maybe next time if I decide to give it another go I will but not in a hurry to return.... unfortunately Bob's burgers did not give me that wow factor!...

Rob N Maria Aguillon

Great service and good food!

Cynthia M.

This was the first place we saw when we reached Yakima where the parking lot was full. I interpret this as a sign a place is liked and popular with locals, so we stopped. Got in with the lunch crowd. Come to find out this place is locally owned, which we love. Opted for Chipotle Chicken salad - all the ingredients were super bright and fresh. Nicely chopped romaine topped with a mound black beans, yellow corn, tomato, shredded Tillamook cheese, grilled chicken and some crispy tortilla strips. All the toppings were nicely laid out on top of the lettuce and were carefully prepared for small bite size enjoyment. All ingredients were fresh and so tasty. Salad was HUGE. Two could have shared one salad - oh and it came with two half slices of buttered toast. Next time (and there will be a next time) we will try a charbroiled burger they are known for.

William Gaborik

Food was Good! We were seated pretty quick in the prime dinner hour. They were very busy and extra tentative. Will definitely be back.

Clayton Webster

It was 110 degrees outside, but the inside was comfortable. I got exactly what I asked for and in good time, considering how full they were.

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