Five Guys

1901 S 1st St Suite 100, Yakima
(509) 469-4958

Recent Reviews

Justin M

Great Service, friendly staff, absolutely loved the Cajun Fries and the shakes!

Santana P.

I've been craving a proper strawberry milk shake for years. This place lived up to the hype. Their burgers are excellent as well. You can put whatever toppings they offer on it for no additional charge. The establishment was clean when we went there and the people were friendly.

america Mendez

Everything is???. 5 guys has yet to disappoint! Best burger,fries and shakes! Build your own burger is the BEST!

dock leaves

The experience at 5 guys was good me and my 3 friends went and enjoyed it while one of them got his meal stolen sadly though but it was funny

Daniel Sutton

Great burgers! Love it! It was my first time ever eating at Five Guys and I'm very glad I did. Most definitely going back soon!

Mike Frazer

Other than my burger was turned inside out and all my condiments fell out and all over my French fries was a decent burger

Dr Peppers

Over priced, fries are to salty burgers are expensive and okay. spent 32$ for 2 burgers and 2 fries

Emily Began

Always awesome food. Can't go wrong here.

Jenny W.

Just got back home after driving clear across town specifically for Five Guys with no Five Guys, ended up with pizza instead. They wouldn't make an order of Cajun fries because it was 5 minutes before they were closing and someone lazily turned off the fryers early. If you close at 10 guys, you close at 10. Not 9:50 or 9:55 or even 9:59. It makes your paying customer who drove 20 minutes to get a sandwich and Cajun fries feel unappreciated; especially when you claim to have just turned it off as we stood waiting to order ( couldn't pop that baby back on? And you couldn't wait to see if we wanted to order fries, 1 of the only 2 basic things you guys offer?). Not cool. I fire people I employ who work on such a level of laziness and lack of care for the customer. There's someone else who will do the job they're paid to do without trying to skim 5 minutes off the top.

Dan Baisch

It's great service and the hamburgers was very good,

Kait0 Shion MNG

If you think you'll like it, you'll probably love it.


Pretty good burgers. I ordered the bacon cheese burger.

Raxcental Ruthenta

Five guys lives up to the hype. The burger was flavorful and the freshly cut fries were probably the best fries I've ever had. Definitely worth the money.

PvP Kingz

Great customer experience great cleanliness great food and drinks!! Milkshakes are the best!

Kyland Hausner

Foods great but service isn't to great payed for 3 orders of fries but got 1 thing of fries same size

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