Cousins Subs

2901 Ramada Way, Green Bay
(920) 429-2000

Recent Reviews

Nosilla 1

They have the best sandwich bread compared to other sandwich shops. The toppings are bad. Onions are way too pungent, use less of them. The thinnest slices of cheese ever, the spring mix was horribly bitter and the fries are the worst I have ever had. My entire family hated their food here. Staff was very friendly.

Patrick Greenwell

Pretty good and fairly quick, vanilla shakes are outstanding

Jeff Agee-Aguayo

The guy that took my order was very friendly and helpful. He also did everything he could to make my dogs happy during my drive thru visit, including giving them treats.

Steve R.

Best subs around. Get the deep fried goodness of fries. Take it all in from the special- Yelp-Steve-O's fav tooo oh so much more. Better than JJ and Subway. This place rocks


The sub was mangled, and the sub was falling out of the wrapper. The service was not good either. ? I am a loyal customer too, but I will no longer be going to this location anytime soon.

Keith Knauer

For the amount of people working the tables and bathrooms should have been spotless as they were not. Food was good though.

dave mccorkell

Waited in line for 5 minutes before being acknowledged, then the lady didn’t listen to what I asked for and had an attitude. That being said, it looks like the store is understaffed, but the Philly cheese steak I ordered was 2/3 bread and a 1/3 meat. I didn’t think anyone could make a worse cheese steak than Subway but Cousins nailed the underwhelming lunch of the month.

Larry G Wachsmuth

Love cousin's bread. Fresh high quality sliced meat and cheeses. Lettuce and tomatoes and onions always fresh. Love their simple but tasty condiments. Really hits the spot.

Debbie Gettelman

Ordered three subs to go, two 7" and one 15". One was made completely wrong, was just supposed to be meat and cheese only, but came without cheese and had lettuce, tomato and onions on it. Ordered 3 orders of cheesecurds and all of them were waaayyy overcooked, dark brown, varying in degree from chewy to crunchy--most of the cheese was melted away from the inside in about half of them at least . Sandwiches that were made right were delicious, however.

Dawn Sachs

Worst cousins ever! Lettuce was brown and tomato was thin and soggy. No fresh ingredients! It was the saddest sub that looked like empty bread

Michael Lauer

Very Good subs, across from our hotel, so it was quick and easy for our supper.

Marah Narel

The younger women in the drive through at the Ramada way cousins subs was rude. She needs to smile and talk more to customers in the drive through. Other than that, love cousins subs. ❤ very good subs.

Mike Hendrick

Best subs in the area with friendly staff and very clean stores.

Paul Woyak

Customer service was awesome. Had the chicken bacon cheddar sub on parmesan bread. It was amazing.

Jane Green

Clean, friendly service, good food?

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