2894 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 494-6604

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Mary Ann Peters

Friendly service, our waiter was Mark

Brian Cisneros

The experience I had at Dennys was very accommodating! Fast service, my takeout order took less than 15 minutes, and as soon as I went in I had my order ready! Very fulfilling indeed. The reason it’s only 4 stars is for the food. I ordered the Chicken Addiction entree and it was very creamy and delicious, I would recommend ordering this rich plate. However, the price to amount you get ratio doesn’t match up. In other words, it would be a good idea to add more on the plate or drop the price.

Alecia Mary

We stopped at Dennys for breakfast and literally walked out after waiting 15 min and still didn't even get our drinks. And then ughhh..... Not even worth my time to explain, They sucked bad don't go there. They were in a circle group on their phones as we walked out. We ended up going to IHOP instead and got excellent food and service was on point!!!!

Mick J Michado

fast service nice and clean facilities friendly staff .

Carley B

The manager and two other women working 2/28/22 in the late afternoon did an amazing job of running that place w out adequate staffing support. Sure some things took longer than I wanted and the hollandaise was funky, but they were working hard and made sure any mistake made was fixed. Also, the singing manager was so fun and I enjoyed her singing along to the songs on the radio. Thanks for busting butt and getting things fixed!!!

kaylee shya

Took 20 minutes to get drinks after we waited 15 minutes to order them. People seated on the other side of the diner were seated minutes after us and served before us. I ordered the crepes ( word of advice DON'T) they were like rubber it took a good 5 seconds of trying to pull it apart to make it happen.. also whatever they stuffed in them was clumpy and gross. I get they're understaffed and COVID this and that but let's find another excuse. I'll never be back to see if it gets better.

Mike Kellner

Love the consistency. Doesn't matter if I order something in Las Vegas or Wisconsin it's always exactly what I expect .love a good steak and eggs breakfast yummy

Alysha Zuern

Ate here a while back with my mom and her boyfriend, I had a great experience. My nine grain cakes were the best I've ever had. What really stood out to me was our waiter. Nathaniel easily topped the charts on being the friendliest, most attentive and caring waiter I've ever dealt with. I would certainly eat here again.

tony miller

Food was good and quick! Service was good considering the servers were bussing their own tables.

sarah mccullum

The service is terrible and my food was super cold. Please don't go to this location. If you want some good breakfast food for a reasonable cost and where the service is excellent go to the Pancake Place.

Evelyn B (920sfinest)

Good shakes and good deals especially for breakfast! I would also try their salad with the made in house ranch dressing. It’s very good! The nacho supreme is very good too, although if you get full quick like me then I would only order a half!

Aryan Jimenez Medrano

I usually love Dennys! But when I went to go pick it up as my husband placed the order the gentleman who answered the phone didnt give me a name and barely talked! I have never felt like I was more of a burden! When I gave him my husbands name and said he placed an order he did explain that I would have to come in as he didnt place it as curbside (our bad). When I asked if they could possibly bring it out as I had a baby in the car (my son is almost 15 months) and he was sleeping and I did not feel comfortable leaving him in the vehicle he sounded almost as if I had inconvenienced him just because I have a baby! The food wasnt ready and I did say that I was willing to wait, cause I know that I arrived early; but the fact that the man on the phone didn’t act at all professional or seem to know what he was doing along with the fact that I was given an attitude just because I asked for it to be brought out since I have a small child is horrible service!

Organ Man

Disorganized seating system. Waitstaff appeared disheveled and to be very unhappy with their jobs. Food quality was quite poor, and not a good value.

Ann Bramschreiber

The for was delicious! I had the pumpkin pecan pancakes and crisp bacon. Unfortunately, just as most places they are short handed. My server was very nice and apologized that things took a little longer. Honestly, the wait wasn't bad at all. For being short handed they did a fine job.

Nicole Horsens

Go there 3 times a day for coffee AND APPLE CRISP W/ ICE CREAM!!! The BEST

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