Holiday Inn & Suites Green Bay Stadium, an IHG Hotel

2785 Ramada Way, Green Bay
(920) 569-4248

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Tracy Haugen

I don't even know where to begin... this has been probably one of my best stays since covid. We were sent here because our hotel was overbooked for the Ryder Cup so we were VERY LUCKY to be here for a whole week. If I get these names wrong I'm sorry, Brittany Roll , Stephanie and Aliicia best waitstaff ever! And thank you to Scott for bartending on Saturday and introducing me to your mom. Then I checked out Monday morning met the nicest guy (I'm so sorry I didn't get his name) they had a night cook not show up and the manager was cooking food. I ate one of the top 5 omelets for breakfast thanks to Moe! I watched people yell at the staff but I was just so happy to be here they were ?


this hotel is very nice. the workers are nice and the rooms are nice and clean. they are also easy to find which is nice. they have a pool and a jacuzzi which is extremely nice and is open til 11 which is also awesome. i had a great stay and will definitely come back

Donna Reed (Donna Rae)

The only positive of my stay was that the staff was very nice and helpful. My room was definitely not cleaned well as I noted multiple dirty items including sheets and pillows that smelt like dead fish. Also woke up to a couple centipede looking like bugs hanging out on the wall which, even though I checked out immediately, gave me the creepy crawlies the rest of the day. I have never had a bad Holiday Inn experience before and I won't be back to this one.\",null,null,null,null,null,null,\"ChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUM2bTgzQW1BRRAB\",\"0ahUKEwi-3oiY6snzAhV0IbkGHfwpCrAQ4R4IdigC\",[null,[null,null,null,null,\"Mist1912\"],\"M\"],null,null,null,0,0,\"\",null,null,null,[[2]],null,0,[null,\"1/5\",\"0\",null,\"\",\"IHG\",null,1],null,1630195200000,null,null,[0,237],[\"0\",\"1302871867835696054\"],\"en\",null,null,null,null,null,null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/reply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTTJiVGd6UVcxQlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/reply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTTJiVGd6UVcxQlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/deletereply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTTJiVGd6UVcxQlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,20,null,null,1630195200000,null,null,null,\"EgIIAw\"],[[\"\",\"Mark\",null,\"0ahUKEwjC7IqY6snzAhV0IbkGHfwpCrAQ4h4IDygA\",\",AOvVaw15NIBt_2wp0fpgaM6vb3uk,,0ahUKEwi-3oiY6snzAhV0IbkGHfwpCrAQ4h4IeSgA,,\"],\"2 months ago\",null,\"Definitely need a monthly deep clean of rooms. Overall hotel was nice. Beds were comfortable. Staff was friendly. Room smelled musty. Mold had begun to grow on bathroom door frame from shower steam. Need more attention to rooms monthly. I'd stay again. I hope they cure some issues I had recommended.\",null,null,null,null,null,null,\"ChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUNhMTQtVXZRRRAB\",\"0ahUKEwi-3oiY6snzAhV0IbkGHfwpCrAQ4R4IeCgD\",[null,[null,null,null,null,\"Mark\"],\"M\"],null,null,null,0,0,\"\",null,null,null,[[2]],null,0,[null,\"5/5\",\"0\",null,\"\",\"IHG\",null,5],null,1627516800000,null,null,[0,300],[\"0\",\"1302871867835696054\"],\"en\",null,null,null,null,null,null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/reply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTmhNVFF0VlhaUlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/reply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTmhNVFF0VlhaUlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,[null,null,null,\"/local/business/mm/reviews/l/u3806256571760527841/deletereply?s\\u003dEAA%3D\\u0026ih\\u003dtactile\\u0026p\\u003dCiRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVTmhNVFF0VlhaUlJSQUIYAA%3D%3D\"],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,20,null,null,1627516800000,null,null,null,\"EgIIBA\"],[[\"\",\"FredCDobbs\",null,\"0ahUKEwjC7IqY6snzAhV0IbkGHfwpCrAQ4h4IESgA\",\&quo

Vinita Elkhair

I like this hotel, I can always rest at ease and take a good relax after a long and tiring day at work. Very clean and comfortable.

Mohammad Sajjad Moghal

I love the place, rooms are spacious and equipped with all that you need. The only thing that I noticed that house keeping does not show up daily.

Kim Beauregard

very clean spacious room nice hot pool lots restraunts near by

Lea Crittenden

Room very spacious! Sign at restaurant said it wasn't open only serving Tuesdays-Saturdays. ? Never been to a Holiday Inn when they didn't serve breakfast or are closed certain days of the week? Don't plan on staying here in a Sunday or Monday. Have had better accommodations for the price we paid here.

Maria Facundo

Hotel is very clean and the restaurant inside the hotel is always an added plus for us.The menu is very very limited, that was kind of a bummer, but I ordered the chicken wrap and it was good, the pub chips were a littleSalty. My husband ordered the classic burger and said it was ok.The issues I had was:1. They didn’t have margaritas or the margarita mix to make one.2. We had tequila shots and they use fake shot glasses, this is when the shot glass gets wider at the bottom so you get a very small amount.This was not cool.

edward linden

Clean and welcoming. Nice beds. Fresh coffee!! Loved our two night stay.

Manuel Angulo

This is my second time staying here after a while. Great people worked here! And they still do! Great service and very clean hotel. Look forward to my return in the future.

Corina Mayo

Great service received from our hotel shuttle staff as well as that afternoon front desk crew.Hotel is nice and kept quite clean.First impression of my room was disappointment as it was not cleaned or made up. Bedding was piled on both beds, empty glasses on counters but note left on night stand saying her name and room was done.Front desk staff immediately rectified the situation and came up to my floor and walked me to my new room. Ready to relax and my t.v. wouldn't turn on. I did everything to fix it to no avail. Had to call front desk again and she apologized. Took her awhile until she figured out what was happening and finally got it to turn on.Room was okay but towels were rough as well as the bedding was a little stained and pillows were way too soft.Shower water pressure needs to be stronger unless hotel guest were all showering at the same time. Doubt it.All in all, was not too pleased.

Paris Crawford

Absolutely loved it. Great front desk! Only bad thing is no breakfast AT ALL most hotels still put something out but other than that it was great!

Coach Cole

Very clean, modern. Lots of amenities. Would highly recommend if staying in Green Bay

Shanks Online

The only possible reason I would not give this a 5-star, is I was disappointed that the hotel still had the restaurant and bar closed as well as the pool and fitness room. I was there this past Wednesday night. Restaurants in town are open for dine-in service and so are the bars. But, yes, I understand that we are still in the covid-19 and not out of the woods yet. The other reason I won't give this a 5-star, is because I was in a room on the far east end of the hotel, away from the interstate, and could still hear all of the interstate traffic in the room. Otherwise, nice room!

Motonari Alexander Hirano

Clean room with comfortable bed and quiet.You have small fridge and microwave in the room.Hotel has pub downstairs with friendly staff. Meals are inexpensive and taste okay.... lolPlenty of restaurants and pubs within 10mins of walking distance.

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Holiday Inn & Suites Green Bay Stadium, an IHG Hotel

2785 Ramada Way, Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 569-4248