Josephine's Pizza & Pastaria

2560 Glendale Ave, Green Bay
(920) 434-6100

Recent Reviews

Aldo Raine

All the ingredients they put in their food is exactly what I would have picked this place is delicious and they have some wonderful waitresses she made me laugh that's more than I paid for keep up the great work.

Jen Stanek

Just sat at this place for 25 minutes and never had a server. Tables around us were taken care of and we were never even approached. There were maybe 4 tables in the whole place with people. Awful service and would not recommend!!

Kersten Heling

Delicious! Best pizza I’ve ever had. Comfortable quiet atmosphere. The garlic knots are amazing.

Jamie Ness

Presentation of the plates were well done. Ordered the chicken Alfredo which was good. The sauce didn’t come from a jar. It’s a thicker sauce but very good. This is definitely not a fast food joint. I don’t mind the wait if the food is good. On that note, it was a little longer wait which knocked a star. The garlic knots rocked! The price is a smidge high for what you get but again the taste was worth it. They do offer take out but the restaurant inside is very nice too. Ask for the special, at least this week was a very great deal for takeout.

Bryant Burns

Massive cloves of garlic on the pizza. Me and my dad were like gross! Made a Jack's pizza instead

Jenny Allen

My husband and I have not been here for a few years, so it seemed like the perfect place to go. There was only one person serving for about seven tables. He seemed fairly new at serving, or at least I hope that was the reason he was so untimely. We received our drinks right away and ordered our dinners. It took about five minutes to get the garlic knots. Then the was quite a wait, about another ten minutes, to get our soup and salad. By this point one of the back staff has been in the ladies room twice for extended time. This is key. Another twenty minutes goes by and we finally get our food. I got butternut squash ravioli and my husband got the lasagna, if we can call it that. His lasagna was a plate of meat sauce and cheese. When he did come across a noodle it was so over cooked it turned to mush. He refused to eat it. I got up to use the bathroom after the same back staff went in, yet again, and someone had clearly been smoking. You could see it in the air and the whole bathroom smelled. As a non-smoker, I walked out smelling so bad that my husband could smell it on me. We then waited another ten minutes for the server to bring us a check. Upon explaining our issues he politely apologized but did not offer to rectify the problem with the lasagna. He also told us the staff was new and he was not aware what was going on in that bathroom. My husband left hungry and quite angry. Needless to say, we will not be back!

Jessica Ernst

Delicious pizza and friendly employees!! Love being able to support such a wonderful small business in GB/Howard.

Todd Braun

Garlic buns were a bit dry....remember them being SO much better in the past. Dropped $100 and left a 20% tip....never got a thank you from anyone as we paid and left.

Home Turf Advantage

We love there fresh sausage and pepperoni, with a side of garlic knots.

HHC 360

Love love love their rolls! We had an even catered by Josephines. The food was really good as well as affordable! Did I mention the rolls?? ?

Jen L.

I've never had poorer, more negligent service from a hostess stand in my life. The only person who was actually helpful was the waiter who was already doing everything else. I saw through the window to the kitchen that one of the girls was back there eating and they were talking to each other instead of making sure my simple pick up order was ready to go.

Diane Mier

First time. Pizza was awesome!Appetizer portion seemed small for the price.

Eric H

Take out order was timely, attentive, friendly staff got my food to me efficiently.

Angel Ramirez

im sure its fire and in fifty nefty map Thomas johnson middle school class of 1999

Haley Ferrington

My absolute favorite thing here is their garlic knots, I would go there just for those they're that good ?

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