Mandarin Garden

2394 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 499-4459

Recent Reviews

Robert Allen

Excellent food and service, will definitely come back

Ray R.

I will not hold the terrible service against them . Due to the fact that we have a lot of sorry people that wants a handout versus getting out and working. The food was average at best.

Tim D.

Super good! Ordered thru Grub Hub Delivery was excellent Hot n Sour Soup - Delicious Curry Chicken - Spectacular!! in a style that I don't get often from restaurants, So many different styles of the "same dish" :). This is my favorite Chinese curry chicken style!! Shrimp Fried Rice is awesome!! Yummo!!

Joe T

Teriyaki chicken isn't teriyaki. Wonton soup however was pretty decent and very hot when delivered.Don't advertise something to be teriyaki when it was basically boiled in chicken broth.

Krysta Carroll

Great food and service. Would definitely eat there again.

Debra Parent

Excellent food and eggrolls but their prices have gone up considerably.

Cindi Zielinski

It was good but not enough veggies on the plate.

Chelsea krystof

For the prices, I expected better service.

edward linden

Great service, clean and friendly. I didn't like the egg rolls, but the beef lo mein was good. They are rather expensive and up charge for add ons. $3 for a soda. Our bill was a lot more than anticipated.

John Dunn

Food was good. This was my first time being there. One server for the whole place. Just seemed understaffed and the food took a long time too. No issues with the food though!

Richard Chapman

Sent out for delivery in cardboard not plastic containers needless to say a sloppy mess in the bottom of a bag showed up. Wont order again.

John Proffitt

I've thoroughly enjoyed eating here. Both the food and service were excellent, and the prices reasonable.

Pat The Head Gnome

Quite delicious, safe at the table and great service. The curbside is awesome too.

Bob Larson

Slow service took almost 2 hours to get dinner. Food was excellent.

Kristi Lane

Great food! Great service! My favorite place to eat!

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