Nakashima of Japan

2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay
(920) 494-4103

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Amanda Janse-Vreeling

This was a very very disappointing experience. We got there at 8:31 and we were put on the reservation list for 8:37. We went to the bar and grabbed a drink, and were sat right on time. Unfortunately, it goes downhill from here. The hibachi side was extremely loud, with kids running and screaming. I know this isn’t the restaurants fault, but definitely was a negative part of the experience. We sat there for over 20 minutes waiting for waters and to put our orders in. Another 25 minutes went by without food or a chef. I’ve never been to a hibachi grill and had to wait at the grill for 45 minutes before food or the chef arrives. I would have been more understanding if someone communicated what was going on - is the chef behind schedule? But nothing was said, we just sat there. Especially for the price of the food, this is totally unacceptable.

Patrick Page

This place is a joke!!! We had 8.37 reservations and were sat right on time. Then we waited almost 20 minutes for someone to come and take a drink order. We got are drinks (delicious hot saki). However it's now 9.28 over 41 minutes since we were sat. Still no chef, still no food being prepared or orders taken. We just left the hibachi side of the restaurant since we're no waiting any longer. As we order sushi rolls, I ask the bartender if it's typical to have to wait 40 minutes to order food. Her response: not usually at the beginning of the night, but yeah... that's normal." It's crazy 7 tables of 8 seated right now, and 1 chef. This place has potential... but it's obvious that their management has no clue how to run a legit restaurant. We will not be returning!!

Timothy Paap

Good atmosphere. Our food took a very long time. The special rolls weren't so special. We won't be going back.

Alberto Arias

Amazing!An incredible sushi experience ?The smells, ambient, colors, everything was great!

Jean Falconer

This is my go-to spot for sushi! I am definitely not a sushi expert, but I think Nakashima's sushi is the best of the four or five places I've tried in the Green Bay area. Strangely, the vast majority of people who go here go for hibachi and not sushi (which are in two different sections of the restaurant), so I've literally never had to wait for a table even when the restaurant is packed. My boyfriend and I have been here many, many times because we like it so much. I can't comment on the hibachi as I've never had it, but I highly recommend their sushi! The service has been excellent as well.

Tony G

To be fair, I've been here several times and all was good. This last time was a deal breaker unfortunately.3 bartenders and a barback working. Myself and others that I observed were waiting 10+ minutes to put in a drink order. After we got drinks our bartender never checked back. Ours, and many others glasses sat empty and it was near impossible to flag them down because they wouldn't look or scan the bar.It took even longer to close out tabs. At one point I yelled out and waived to bartender who was standing idle. At my request to close out she turned around and got busy doing other tasks.The food was the wonderfully salty indulgence we all know hibachi to be. The waitress was outstanding. Over all I chalked it up to a good evening.But this evening I was eating the leftovers and found glass in my rice! Not cool! Proceed with caution!

G Krajna

Unbelievable a straight 10!! TJ was out of this world! All servers and service was terrific! Made my son's 10th birthday wonderful!!

FoxValley EliteWrestling

Best Hibachi I've had in the country. Sea Bass! Sushi not as good. I love the service here.

Kimberlyn t

Great staff, great food, neat environment and Experience. Good amount of food for the money.

Jim And Kim Halada

Wonderful sushi rolls and fried rice and it has a nice ambiance. Ladies bathroom needs more attention. The soap dispensers didn't work well and the hand sanitizer in the bathroom was empty.

Justin Goffard

2 bartenders, 2 hours, 2 drinks, no food. This happens consistently over the last year prior to covid-19, and hasn't gotten better since reopening. If you like spending your time and money at restaurants, this place is for you!

Jenny Vang

We ate dinner here after trying Sushi Lover for lunch. Yes, we love sushi that much. Great atmosphere and our server was top notch in the sushi bar! Sake was good and the rolls were amazing. Would recommend! Bypass the all you can eat small rolls at Sushi Lover and enjoy your sushi here!

Markie Massey

Great food, service was lacking.As a former waitress, I can sympathize with wanting to have everything ready to go for a speedy exit as closing. Unfortunately, the server was preoccupied with making sure the closing duties were taken care of more than serving us.The food was fantastic, and we had plans on ordering more, but by the time we finally chase him down we decided to just close out and go home.Long story short: don’t go in about an hour and a half before closing. You will definitely get bumped down in priority.


Our wait staff was inexperienced and slightly rude for starters. Then, they only had one menu to givenis as apparently they are going digital only menus. I hate reading menus on my phone. There was no drink me u at all. Water glasses were not refilled timely. The sushi Was missing some ingredients, for example radish greens, but they served it anyway. My ice cream dessert was strictly institutional…I can get better ice cream at the gas station. Covid must have been hard on Nakashima. They will fail if they don’t quickly get back to theur old standards. This was definitely a disappointment

Ashlyn Wenzlick

Fantastic as always! Love their sushi and saki!

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