Sammy's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

2161 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 499-6644

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Brooklynne Hoff

For a person that can not do red sauce… ordered a margarita pizza which is not a red sauce pizza and this is there “tomato “tomatoes you can pick off. Would be nice to have a better description. First and last time for me. Going out to eat is a treat and privilege.Getting home and seeing this makes me upset. Now I must check food before I leave the restaurant

John Mayotte

Great staff and really good pasta.

Lizette Bailey

Great intimate dining experience. Love this place, great staff, great food.

Bear Clan Trucking

If u follow me, no one gets 5 stars, home made sauce, sausage, noodles, dressing, it could be homemade and bad, but this is home made and a home run, I'll never go to eat anywhere in Green Bay but here pics of our food posted

Nicholas Martin

Sammy's is always a fantastic experience with delicious pizza and wonderful staff. We were here recently and they were trying out a game day menu but we had little ones with us who wanted spaghetti and chicken tenders. They accommodated us and were able to make all of the food which came out quickly, was hot, and delicious! Prices are incredibly reasonable for what you get too. My ONLY complaint would be I think the pitchers of soda need to be cheaper or you should get a refill on them. This is one of our go to places to eat as a family!

Derek Siroin

Sammy’s Pizza in Green Bay. Was good pizza if you like Thin crust. Service was good too, very polite.Not sure if the prices match up with the size though, but hey, that’s just me and my negative bias towards thin crust pizza ?


Food was delicious! We enjoyed the cheese ravioli and cheese pizza. The staff was friendly and working as a team to take care of all the tables. We appreciated how they worked together to make our dining experience a positive one.

Joel Frier

Still the same great restaurant from when I was a kid. Despite the worker shortage all over, they had great service and friendly employees. Timely service. Thin crust pizza was very good.

Sheryl J

The homemade ravioli was great. The sausage and meatballs were excellent. Breadsticks were yummy. Met owner and we got to tell her personally that we enjoyed our dinner.

Dave F.

Sammy's is, and has been, in my opinion, the best pizza in Green Bay for a long time however, I was terribly disappointed yesterday when I went there and ordered my favorite which I've enjoyed from them going back many years to their old downtown location. Tuna & Onion which as bizarre as this may seem to some, has always been incredible. I was told tuna had been taken off the menu and was no longer available. Come on Sammy's, how difficult would it be to keep a couple pouches of tuna on hand for those who enjoy this item.

Laura Poels

Has always been a favorite. It’s been my family’s “birthday spot” for 20 years or more. I recently had to go gluten free and this is the first place I’ve been to that has different sizes of GF pizza crust. They recently redecorated and it looks great!

Mario Angotti

The pizza was great. The best thin crust outside of a brick oven pizza I've ever had. The salad my wife had was good (avocado and shrimp) and the garlic bread tasty. The issue here is service. The server Aaron took longer to bring out two glasses of water than it took to get our garlic bread. The owner / manager was kind and other staff seemed to want to help but lack any urgency in servicing their tables. I'm a generous tipper and this is the first time I've tipped 15% ever. Price point for the meal for two (medium 3 topping pizza, the salad and garlic bread with 2 waters was $43.00 so a bit on the pricy side.

Aaron Kasper

Awesome place, thought the food was fantastic. The bruschetta was amazing, and normally not a fan of balsamic. Pizza was super filling! Kinda pricey but that was probably due to all the food we ordered. ?

Britton William

This is a well established family restaurant in the Green Bay Area! I have had nothing but friendly associates greet me for my to go orders and the owner Bernie is very sweet. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. I have only ordered their pizza though, so I can’t speak to dinning in and other items on their menu. The pizza I order is a large cheese and I’ve had it twice now. I love how thin it is and the tomato sauce is very robust. My only hesitation with rating it 5 stars is the cost. Right at around $20 for a large cheese pizza is high. A large cheese pizza at Heartland Pizza is right around $15 which is my other go to pizza establishment. I highly recommend Sammy Pizza for fresh ingredients and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks


During our short visit to the Green Bay, we decided to try Sammy’s and we’re so happy that we did! We enjoyed a glass of Packerland Pilsner while waiting for the best pizza we’d had in years. Our “Classic Combo” was delivered to our table piping hot and we enjoyed every single bite. Service was also top-notch. We’ll be back!

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Sammy's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

2161 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 499-6644