Kopp's Frozen Custard

7631 W Layton Ave, Greenfield
(414) 282-4312

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The burgers are great if you are eating them there but they don't hold up well if you take it to go. My bread and lettuce is always soggy by the time I get home. I wish they would add outdoor tables instead of just having benches. I think they could definitely make way better use of their outdoor space. The custard in my opinion is not as good as Leon's but to each their own. I tried the hot fudge sundae and the hot fudge was grainy and the pecans did not taste fresh. I wish they would change their bread and fries, as their fries are kind of sad. I think Kopps is a definite go to for burgers and maybe some unique flavor of the days but nothing else.

John M.

For many of us, ice cream and hamburgers are a big part of our summers. How many summer days and summer nights included these two lovely culinary wonders? How often when discussing a summer past will we inevitably mention of favorite restaurants that carry either hamburgers or ice cream (or perhaps both)? Let's face it, hamburgers and ice cream are just a part of summer. They are two quintessential foods of the summer months, summertime staples when life seems a bit easier and perhaps a bit more carefree. Kopp's Frozen Custards offer both of these summer staples and while I only have the ice cream, I found it to be very good. I would definitely recommend this establishment.

Travis Antone

Been there one time. If I am in the area and am even slightly hungry I'll be returning. Got a double bacon cheeseburger. It was delicious and hit the spot. I really liked the outdoor seating and water fountain. Very relaxing.

Karen V.

I've always loved Kopp's sandwiches but they seem to have changed their buns. It was dry and crumbly, not at all like what they were before.

Joshua Hoover

?? Kopp’s Frozen Custard???? LOCATION (= 1 ⭐️) - Absolutely gorgeous and rare location with a shining waterfall and greenery covered outdoor seating. Indoors is crowded but spacious.??✍️ SERVICE (= 1 ⭐️) - They are a well oiled machine. Very fast and huge production. They have lines for cones, lines for food, lines for online pick up- the works?? FOOD/ICE CREAM (= 1 ⭐️) - The ice cream - as stated by my wife - “is the best ice cream I’ve ever had”Burgers were okay. Nothing special bit the onion rings were great.?? PRICE (= 1 ⭐️) - Extremely affordable for such high quality food and ice cream and for the game of the location.??? EXPERIENCE (= 1 ⭐️) - If you order ahead (which I suggest) you’ll wait about 10 minutes for your food. But it’s delicious and there’s great place to sit!? Overall Thoughts - 5 ⭐️’s! Highly recommend

Donna Robinson

Kopp's never disappoints! They have great burgers and onion rings. Even the grilled cheese sandwiches are something special. The wide variety of choices they offer as flavors of the day are always interesting and delicious! If you want an old favorite, you can't go wrong with the chocolate custard and there is nothing "plain" about the vanilla custard they make which is exceptional!

Margot B.

I had heard from friends about how delicious Kopp's is, and they were not lying!!! I had a burger (which was MASSIVE! I ended up sharing with my sister) and then we shared a custard of the day. We sat outside and enjoyed our delicious food! The line went fast, and it was interesting to watch the custard made. A must go to in Milwaukee!

Amber Buehrens

Definitely a Wisconsin favorite. Must haves: BURGER AND CUSTARD. Get a grilled cheese and fries 2nd ;) Flavors of the day, everyday and always chocolate and vanilla! FRESH!

Dutchiedoo bop

The only downside is if you're going in person it's going to be a drag ordering and hard to hear the number because it's so many people and its so hot in there. Love the frozen butter pecan cuter. I love the uniform btw.

Sara I.

Love coming to Kopp's when I'm in Milwaukee. Their food portions are huge and their frozen custard is always so creamy. Will be back next time I'm in the area

R A.

Kopp's custard is one of my new fav deserts! I had the caramel and cashew and the butter pecan flavors and both were fresh, flavorful and generously scooped. I would recommend this lovely establishment to cheer anyone up!

Jeffrey Lansing

Good custard….which is saying a lot in Wisconsin. Worth a stop. Always busy.

Jason P.

I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and clean this Kopps location was. As soon as I walked in, there was classical music playing. I skipped the custard for now, and went right to the right counter to order lunch. When I asked what a KRK Burger was, the server showed me a picture of the ingredients. They must get that question a LOT. The KRK burger has a toasted bun layered with ketchup, mayo, fried onions, American cheese, a burger patty, bacon, tomatoes, raw onions, and spicy mayo. Yes please! It was out of this world delicious. After devouring that, it was time for dessert. They have a flavor of the day. And in case you want to look ahead, I loved the idea of having a 3-day flavor forecast. So clever. The custard was superb. The next time I go back I want to have a butterscotch sundae. The sundae's look so good. If you're lucky enough to come here in the spring, summer, or autumn, they had a lovely outdoor spot, plenty of space, for you to enjoy your ice cream. I won't ruin the surprise. It was beautiful.

Sohayla S.

Ugh, where do I begin with Kopp's? I would like to preface this by saying that I'm here at least twice a week (I know, I know). I didn't understand the hype over custard until I moved to Wisconsin, but I think it's officially my favorite part about living here. As someone who's also not a native Milwaukeean I have no prior biases over whose custard is better. It's Kopp's. Trust me. I bring literally all of my friends and family visiting from out of town here and they all agree it's amazing. For starters, the outdoor area is so beautifully done. There's plenty of seating, greenery everywhere, and even a little waterfall wall. The custard is always SO creamy and they do NOT skimp on toppings. My top 5 flavors have got to be ants in your pants, tiramisu, midnight chocolate cake, Twix, and French silk pie. The toppings provide such great texture to all these flavors. Literally the only 2 flavors I haven't been a huge fan of were they snickers cheesecake (the snickers caramel was a little tough) and the candy cane flavor, a seasonal one, because it was a little too crunchy. Don't get me wrong though, even those were still good.

Lin Ignasiak

Haven’t been back much since they eliminated their Burgundy Cherry custard flavor of the day (that mysteriously disappeared after November 2020) and their normal burger buns. Nothing tastes the same anymore and the fries are so horrible that I’d rather drive to the “Golden Arches” for some. Only things worth stopping for are the plain vanilla or plain chocolate custards and MAYBE the onion rings on a good day.

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