Lychee Garden Restaurant

7920 W Layton Ave, Greenfield
(414) 281-8883

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m soto

My food was absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t even try my chicken broccoli the sauce was this bland gelatine stuff. The fried rice was burnt! I will never waste my money here

Amber Schenker Meyer

We were looking for a new Chinese restaurant to try in Milwaukee, and this place fell flat. The staff was friendly, but the food was not. First off, a very large group was seated practically right on top of us, felt like they kept circling our table. Second; The entrees were swimming in some kind of tasteless gelatinous sauce, and the vegetables were cut into huge chunks. The pepper shrimp didn't taste OR smell right, in fact everything tasted, and looked like it had been microwaved. The rice tasted like minute rice.Third; the waitress was so overwhelmed with the large group, thay we were never going to get refills or or bill without a much longer wait. This completely ruined my appetite, we just paid and left. Very expensive, especially for the low quality. Do not recommend!

Kathryn Hughett

The crab Rangoon is savory, not sweet, which is how I like it. The hot and sour soup is thick and rich with plenty of mushroom, bamboo, and meaty bits. The balance between hot and sour is perfect. My hubby thought his Char Su Din was just okay. The tea tastes like it's been sitting in the cupboard for a while. I still highly recommend this place.

Laura B

I'd like to highlight Bernice. She is a delight in every sense of the word.In the past, I'd order spring rolls, thinking they were vegetarian. After I ordered my other food, specifically asking about vegetarian components, she took the extra initiative to relay to me that the egg rolls were actually vegetarian, so I was able to switch my order!Even within a seemingly "mundane/routine" interaction, Bernice warmed my heart. I will spare the details here, but...Her light shines! Bernice, please continue to be bold & expressive in your gratitude & when you are joyful. For when you do, it makes other hearts shine, too. :)Regarding the food, it was yummy! Friend said the customer service when picking up the order was good.I only deduct a point because I loathe Styrofoam containers, plastic utensils & plastic bags & condiments without being asked if I want them.You can ask if people need bags before automatically giving. You can even have your own reusable bag that can double as a grocery bag!Often, customers don't need the extra utensils/napkins/sauce, etc., because they are heading home & already have the utensils & napkins. Not including these items is also a cost savings to you :)The sauce should ALWAYS be request only because it is such a waste (how many people of drawers of sauce?)(You could remind them when they place or pick up orders or before putting on table that it's request only to help the environment & your costs :)You could offer & encourage reusable containers for your regulars (scoop things into their containers & you don't have to worry about contamination). And please switch to paper to-go containers. I'd be happy to pay more for my food if I meant I was helping the environment & the lil extra enabled you to buy more eco-friendly options for utensils, containers, bags, etc.I know I shared a lot, but it is to hopefully spark a desire in you. You all could be the start of something great by implementing these practices! It's time we start caring more about the environment & our impact...for all the cute children & generations behind us.

Bernard Olson

Ordered the Pressed Duck it was fantastic. Called ahead for take out it was ready when they said clean service was quick staff was polite and helpful. Recommend you stop by.

Chris Hammerbeck

Service was good and friendly but the food leaves much to be desired. Some stuff was overcooked. We ended up not feeling overly well later that day. Tossed the leftovers we brought home. Buffet is gone for good they say.

Sharon Kellum

The food is fantastic!!!! I try to eat something new each time I go

Susana Estrada

I was looking for a Chinese buffet and I found this place on goggle near home, I called to make sure if they were serving buffet for lunch. The first time I thought the call cut out and the second time I ask the question and she hung up on me, thinking this was an accident I called the third time and she yelled at me saying, no buffet, no buffet! And hang up again. This makes me wonder, how their service is at the restaurant.

Octavio Rivera Jr

My new personal favorite, now that Bamboo Haouse has closed I was in search of another Chinese restaurant. Amd have found it.Great food and super friendly owners and staff

Rebecca Frank

Service was great, we had the cutest server ever. Food was delicious and speedy, definitely recommend this place!!!

Jane Sottile

Very happy to have rediscovered this gem! So many Chinese restaurants today cut corners and use sub par ingredients. The cooks at Lychee Graden use authentic Chinese vegetables and seasonings, with tasty sauces and fresh ingredients! As a child, I frequented the Golden Dragon Restaurant on 27th St. in Milwaukee with my family...the food was delicious and wholesome. Going to Lychee Garden brought back memories of those visits and the slice of happiness shared in a tasty, authentic meal!

Chana Michal SG

Food was great, as was the service. Also, you get a LOT of food. I got 3 meals worth out of my dinner entree. Cabbage egg rolls are good, but this place has huge egg rolls, full of regular veggies.

Ray Lore

Prepared very well. Is a lot of good vegetables. A little light on flavor.

Justin Lessard

Had a great dinner. Our server, Kayla, was attentive and welcoming. Food is not your typical take-out Chinese, but a better option for a home-cooked style Chinese restaurant. Will be visiting again!

John Blaze

If you want to eat dreadful, overcooked, inauthentic food, give this place a try. A basic order of Singapore Noodles turned into a misery. The veggies were cooked to heck. The meat was dry and bland with a horrendous burnt aftertaste. The owner explained that the brown burnt sauce was "curry." This place just made my "Never Again" list!

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