Panera Bread

7840 W Layton Ave, Greenfield
(414) 281-9999

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Valerie Wu

They have good food, but Terrible customer service in most location. Staffing shortage or whatever the reason is, people work there are incredibly rude


Super busy,the people work on the counter barely heard of me, I said half grilled cheese meet Mac, it comes out half classic grill cheese, I said can I have a hot water, she charged me hot tea. The worker there need to be trained. I have limited time to eat outside during my break. I even can't find the manager, everyone is busy. Just finished what she order and gone

Mathew Zinda

Love it. Love the salads and the soups. Love the environment. love how polite some of the workers are too. A young lady was walking in I think she was walking into her shift and she held both doors for my elderly mom. I told her she didnt have to but she still did. Just made the experience of eating thre and being there better. Thanks pink hair lady.

Genesa Pabian

Usually pretty good. But we’ve had a few times where they make mistakes in my order. Tonight for example, they gave me the cream of chicken and wild rice soup instead of the broccoli cheddar soup I order.

Sarah Miller

Every is pretty good except some of the customer service. if you see an older woman working with red braids behind the counter run. Shes incredibly rude. And not just to customers. But other than her everything is good. Had broccoli cheddar which is always a good choice!


My fiancé, myself, and my brother in Law have all had horrible experiences at this Panera.Including me ordering a chicken salad sandwich for my mother, to which I was given an avocado chicken sandwich. My mother is allergic to avocado and could’ve seriously gotten sick if I did not notice.My fiancé and I always get incorrect orders every visit

Ali Shafiq

I have been a permanent customer of Panera coming there everyday to get my cup of coffee and sandwich but today was a make or break day as I was in the cafe looking for my order when there was an iPad stacked on the shelf facing me. My order was not ready so I thought maybe this a new system where the iPad displays orders for customers so I started to see if my order was ready. No sooner did I look then an employee very rudely shouted at me that I’m not supposed to look at the iPad. I was upset and asked her why the iPad was facing me in plain view with the screen displayed. If it was confidential should not be there. To my dismay, another lady started shouting at me and behaved threateningly towards me and told me to get my order and leave. I asked if the manger was there and she replied “ I am the manager” ! ?‍♂️ I really felt very upset and thinking about finding another Panera store now !!! I have been being here for almost a year but today was too much

Verlonda Kirchner

This is the second time within a couple of months ordering through their app, rapid pickup. It's not rapid pickup if each time I place an order, have to wait 1 hour, only to find out there is no order showing up on their end, yet the $140 something I have to spend for a family of 7 is emailed right away for my receipt that my card was charged. If we had this problem before, then why hasn't the problem been resolved so it doesn't happen again? Now I have 5 kids very irritable because they are starved. Dinner time is very late! We can't cancel and just get fast food because they're working on it now. I shelled out almost $150. I hope no mistakes are made with the order. If so, we won't be servicing you any more. I should of held off rating anything right after I completed my order until we received our food. I know better come next time with every food service in the future.

Kati Schuda

I love their food. It's always fresh and tasty! The service is great too, whether I order for dine in, takeout, or delivery.

Serena M.

Can't even come to the door to tell us they are closed. Says they are open till 9 but clearly not.

janell ream

We placed a catering order for my sister's bridal shower (30 guests). Placing the order was extremely easy and the staff was helpful when we had follow up calls inquiring as to what was all provided with the catering order (plates, silverware, cups, coffee items, etc.). The day of the event they were flexible allowing another member of our group to pick up the order and there were no troubles experienced at all. The order was neatly packed and all accounted for. We appreciate it Panera helping make my sister's day a special one!!

Jasmine’s Kitchen

Ordered the family feast tonight everything was good except there were supposed to have four half sandwiches but instead only got three. Very upset since four people and had to share a half dandy with my husband. It was delivered with door dash I don’t know if they took one or Panera simply forgot. And I can’t even call the store because it always transfers to the one on loomis

Dana Mejic

Great food for our family lunch

Noah Lorey

Neat little store! The food was decent, though my sandwich was a little cold around the edges, despite my coming in at peak lunch hour. Still, the staff seemed to go out of their way to provide great customer service. I saw one bearded gentleman in particular expertly rush to replace a forgotten order, all while nimbly balancing the phone on one shoulder, speaking to and reassuring that very same customer. Would definitely come again, at least for the service if nothing else.

Betty Hunt

I ordered a breakfast and lunch sandwich today for pick-up. Both were wrong. Also the site adds a random amount of time to the time you request and it can’t be changed. Currently, their parking lot is under construction, so you have to walk through that. Finally, they sent me a link to do a review, it didn’t work. Muffins and scores are delicious, though.

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