Delaney's Steak Seafood Wine

449 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison
(608) 833-7337

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Ross Squires

There isn't much better than a night out at Delaney's! The service is great. The food is awesome. The cocktails are outstanding. I personally like dining in the bar area more than the dining room but can't go wrong either way!

Rodd Hall

Having moved to Madison less than a year ago, I was very much looking forward to our first visit to Delaney's. I was underwhelmed. Our servers gave us the impression that what they wanted to do was speak as quickly as they could, then get on to the next thing. For example, one of them brought out my steak while I was finishing my soup and said, "Where would you like me to put this down?" My Martini was very good. The seafood bisque was wonderful. My NY Strip, although perfectly done to meduum rare, was the worst $42 steak I have ever eaten. It was tough and flavorless. All told, I don't ever expect to go back unless we are invited by someone else, and if so I'll order the lamb ... or maybe the pasta.Not recommended.

Sally Biggensworth

Four stars, being a grade 'B' from me.Sometimes I want the Country Club experience without paying for the Country Club or even like being a member of a Country Club. There are a few different spots around town that do this experience well, Delaney's is one of them.Service was top notch, start to finish, top to bottom from the Host/I assume Manager to the Bartenders and wait staff. Come here for a hassle free easy dining experience.The prime rib was ok. The wedge salad was great. I kind of expected an old fashioned here to be stellar; they didn't muddle the fruit. Older, but not that old, crowd.

Oluwagbenga Abiodun

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My 80-year-old parents recently received a gift card here and were looking forward to celebrating their anniversary with take-out from the restaurant. Beforehand, the restaurant had told them they could place an order for pick-up. But when they called the restaurant the night of their anniversary, the manager told them sorry, Charlie! No take-out tonight. When the restaurant sold the gift card they had said: 1) They did take-out orders, and 2) That the card could apply to take-out orders. When take-out apparently no longer applied, they refused to refund the card's balance. If duping 80-year-olds during a Covid surge is how Delaney's chooses to run a business, in my opinion they aren't worth patronizing (especially with so many other fine options in the Madison area). Hard pass.

Susan W

My Husband & I were visiting Madison & decided to go to Delaney’s. There are several dining rooms, so the atmosphere was cozy. Our waitress was Rebecca. She was very personable & efficient. We had the Strip Steak & Mashed Potatoes. Dinner was fabulous. Fine wine selection. Prices were reasonable. We enjoyed ourselves immensely & will definitely recommend and go back there again.

Rich Robin

We went there and had one of the worst dinners ever. We all ordered Steak and Lobster and all 3 dinners had a cold steak which were severely under cooked. We ordered medium steaks and we got a rare steak and 2 that where on the rare side of medium rare. The Lobsters were also luke warm at best. Highly disappointed!!!!!

Jason Hoke

I’ve been going to Delaney’s for over 15 years. Tonight was a major disappointment. Bar service great before dinner. Servers, Both great. Attentive and kind even when we had issues. Chefs sub par(understatement). 5 meals. 2 cooked correctly. Those were lamb and filet ( kudos as I was a chef in Michelin star restaurants and those always end up wrong)….. Now the three strip steaks. Two medium,one medium rare. My “medium rare” was actually rare. I chose not to send it back as I enjoy a rarer steak. The two mediums were served black and blue. Nice char on outside. Raw in middle, that was the FIRST round. Both sent back. Justifiably so. Both steaks were cut at the end where they were rare. Then in the middle to check … rare/blue. So they took those two back. One came back charred/burnt on the outside and medium. The other came back same rare. Only darker on the outside. Cut again through the thickest area that wasn’t cut before to see exact same temp. Sent back again. Then brought back a steak Just destroyed. Why would any steak house recook a steak cut into twice. Asked for the manager and told him it’s sad as we were out for a family dinner as the restaurant ruined our meal. He said”I DIDINT RUIN YOUR MEAL”. instead of comping the one meal that was ruined he argued and was dismissive to say the least. I showed him my last piece of steak on my plate, Clearly rare. A minute later while arguing with the “third” try guest I said even my steak which was rare was wrong for medium rare was underdone. He looked me in the eye and said. “I never saw it”. So that was a complete lie! He did. I’ve seen this manager for a while here. His behavior tonight was so out of line. In the end they comped the meal. Which he handled wrong. He should have comped the meal that what’s cooked wrong twice and cut his losses. Why give the house away ??? It makes me sad to see someone managing that couldn’t acknowledge the problem and fix it correctly …… very sad from a place I’ve loved since I moved here. We tipped the server more that 20 % as she was horrified and very kind and helpful.


The steak and service was Very good. I came back again I liked it so much. Would highly recommend.

Jacob Voigt

Amazing food. Excellent Old Fashioned. The filet was cooked to perfection. I really appreciated the atmosphere and the staff that welcomed us. Courtney, the server, offered customer service that is unparalleled! Her positivity and sincerity when checking in as we dined was more than enough to make us want to come back - we’d come back just for the exceptional service she offered regardless of how amazing the food was!

MInot Robotics

Outstanding meal...worth every penny. Must stop if looking for some great steak and knowledgeable staff.

Steve Rognsvoog

It took my wife and I, 15 years to finally get here after it being recommended to us by several people. Food was amazing. Seafood bisque was delicious. Claire and Anna's service was friendly, and enjoyable. Hopefully I got the first names correct! Thanks. We will be back.

Blue CollarLife420

You'll remember me.... with the RAW lamb I sent back tonight. After serving me an incorrect salad and delivering me RAW had the audacity to bring out the same RAW piece of meat; only now it had been microwaved. A $35 piece of microwaved raw meat. You were comfortable and willing to send it back out. Pathetic. You're chef doesn't seem to know the doneness of his meats or even how to cook them. Every single piece at the table was incorrectly cooked, I was the only one willing to bring it up. I will recommend the avoidance of this establishment.

Kathy Stultz

Our servers were Claire and Reagan. From the moment we walked in I knew this was a special place. I couldn't have wished for a more delicious meal!!! All of the staff was very attentive and the Chef was the best! I hope to return soon!

Kirsten C.

A bit pricey, but a yummy place to spend a special occasion! Delicious steaks - I need to go back to try the seafood!

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