Metcalfe's Local To Go

Terminal, 4000 International Ln, Madison
(608) 243-9614

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Zach Feig

I was really disappointed in the sandwich I got here. Unfortunately there are not lots of options in Madison airport, so I have had the misfortune to have eaten multiple of there sandwiches. The cold cranberry turkey is literally just cranberry jam and turkey on wheat bread. The Monte Cristo was a little bit better because it's warm, but it's still just meat and cheese

Samuel Marley

I was overjoyed that they have a full bar service early in the morning! This was a great relief as the other bars at MSN remain closed due to decreased traffic caused by the pandemic.

Marja Lull

Gas station quality food at a 200% markup! What a bargain!

Jesus C.

Terribly over priced. Owner should be ashamed. Paid $25.28 for what you see pictured. The $11.99 ham and cheese sandwich looked and tasted like something I used to make in college. If your looking for food at the airport, I would suggest you skip this place and either pick somewhere else or eat before you get to the airport.

Andrew Wertz

Ever been to an airport before guys? Beloved brand stripped down, Prices jacked up, traffic up, service down. My egg sandwich was fine though. A battered and fried airport monte Cristo is an insane gamble, I think you’re lucky it’s not fried!If you want some local beer (mainly spotted cow) they have it, but again it’s nearly double (still cheaper than a checked bag I guess)

Howard W.

I can't believe I just paid $17.91 for a 6 ounce Greek yogurt (that is $1.00 in a grocery store) and a smallish lame turkey cranberry sandwich on dry multigrain bread that was pretty but had a chewy crust that I avoided. Just two items and nothing else. Let that sink in. $17.91. The yogurt by itself was $4.99. Unbelievable!!!

David P. Fields

$12 for a very poor sandwich. Metcalfe's is a good grocery, but this place is ridicules for the price. Oh and the chips will cost you an extra $4.

Dominic Baggott

Ordered the AVACADO veggie delite, I jump on the plane and find there are no slices of avocado in my sandwich, annoying for the price but ok... I look closer to find barely a thin spread of avocado paste.... $12 for an avocado sandwich which is 90% lettuce.... If I wasn't already on my flight I would have returned this joke of a sandwich.

Orson Buggy

Often there will be 10+ people in line and only ONE person working there. They do their best but they seriously need more staff.

Marcus Menge

This place is an absolute joke. Ordered the turkey monte cristo it flat out says its battered and grilled. It is not battered and it is overloaded with mustard. It is absolutely NOT acceptable to charge the amount they do when the service level is so low.

Erik M.

The woman working behind the counter told us she did not know how to make the sandwich we ordered, despite it being on the menu. Her coworker told her "recipes were on the wall" and then proceeded to take his break. Needless to say, the sandwich was not good, and not worth the price tag.

David Doyle

They remodeled the airport shops at Madison and they raised prices by 3x. It’s outrageous. And the Mecalfs market is the worst. You DO NOT get your money’s worth at here. And service doesn’t seem to care either. I’ve returned orders twice.

Gary Holt

This place is a joke. Ordered and the register was working. Rather than switch to the second register I waited over 10 minutes while they tried to figure out the problem, sorta. Meanwhile, people were passing through the other register no problem. I asked several times to switch registers and ignored because they would have to cancel. Finally I just left with no apologies or anything to eat or drink. Local company proud of your establishment? Hmmm.

Sandra Mcneil

Worst Customer Service......went to order 4 hot sandwiches at this location. It was 6:05pm. Counter person rolled their eyes and said there service station is closed. But, I could purchase the premade cold sandwiches in the cooler. I inquired about the store hours and they said they close at 730pm. Again...time is 6:05pm. Counter person stated they need to stock and get the prep table ready for tomorrow while turning away $70 in over priced sandwiches.

Donald Immel

Bought a Chicken Parmesan sandwich, this was a mistake. Even for an over priced airport sandwich, I expect something better. Sandwich was small, dry, chicken patty was simaltaneously dried out on one side and underdone on the other, and not enough cheese. Don't buy this sandwich.

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