Mint Mark

1929 Winnebago St, Madison
(608) 285-5096

Recent Reviews

Mike Cook

We came over to Mint Mark for my birthday to check it out for dinner, and it was absolutely amazing!We had the pork rillettes and the carbonara, as well as the skillet cookie. All of the dishes were so so good. We also grabbed an extra side of toast for the pork (no charge). Can't talk the food up enough though, it was all perfect.On top of that, we tried three cocktails and they were all very tasty! They were a little small is the only criticism I could think of, but honestly that's a bit of a reach and might only be because we wanted more haha.Highly recommended checking this place out!

Jenny Skrenes

Thoughtfully crafted, unique small plates to share. Whimsical cocktails.

Shawn Vasquez

Everything here is so fresh. The food tastes like delicious art and the drinks are always fascinating and mixed by professionals!

Kristi Klemm

This is the best food you’ll find in Madison right now, hands down. Amazing service, great cocktails, and incredible vegetables. Everything was nearly perfect.

Gracie G.

Delicious food, drinks, and great atmosphere! We went pretty late at night, around 9pm. It was pretty busy and we had to wait a little bit for a table but nothing crazy. This is a place where food is made to order and comes out as it's ready so our group ended up eating qt different times, rather than having all our food brought out at once. Not an issue for us at all since we'd all been furnished with drinks ahead of time. Just something to bear in mind. I would highly recommend trying this place for the variety of tasty foodstuffs and beverages!

Tj Ziegler

Anyone who has an issue with this establishment is wrong. Simple as that. They have mastered their craft. They are an unstoppable force of perfection. Please give these fine people your business. 15/10.

David Carrillo

The restaurant really has that Williamson's street vibe. We tried the fish fry and crepes in chicken broth. Good was great. Definitely worth the try.

Amy K.

Amazing gem in Madison!! Went for my Mom's birthday, had patio reservations but was quite hot and sunny, so they asked if we wished to sit at the bar, which we took the offer. Had Sangrita on tap which was passion fruit and Thai chili and ginger forward drink; exceptional, especially if you luv ginger! Had their Pimm's cup drink which was gingery, but smooth! We had a few other cocktails and dishes came as they were prepared - tried Bagna Cauda cauliflower, asparagus, arancini, anglotti, biscuit with garlic honey, and scarpelle. It was phenomenal!!! My brother and Mom also enjoyed it. They kindly brought out tres leches with strawberries with a candle for her and it was a wonderful experience!! If you're looking for a new place to try, their menu changes a lot, and the ambience is very homey and like you're with friends.

Bryon Schmitz

Easily 5 stars. Quality of food is absolutely outstanding and delicious. Very cute place. We will definitely be back. The hot spinach salad and biscuit were our favorite.

Janelle Winter

Fantastic spot for a romantic, delicious dinner. Highly recommend sitting at the bar so you can stare at the tropical decor. Really unique cocktail options! Got the cauliflower, sausage, ravioli, and chicken liver. All fantastic selections (with the chicken liver being my favorite).

Holly Marley-Henschen

My favorite nearby spot for excellent mocktails and chill weeknight vibes. The staff is friendly and the kitchen is quite amenable to altering dishes for dietary exceptions. Interesting menu always. I usually steer clear in prime weekend hours because it's just too busy/loud for my taste, but others might be into that vibe.

Ro Rosenkranz

Really great food, service and cocktails. No downside

Bryon Schmitz

Our first time visiting the Mint Mark. I’ve read and heard great stuff about your restaurant. We had a fabulous dinner with flavorful food. You have to come and try this biscuit!! Drinks were outstanding. Overall, we had a great time and we will be back. Thank you!!

Liz Nicole

My husband and I made reservations for drinks and possibly food. I’m on keto currently and it can be a little tricky to eat out. When I explained the situation to our waitress, Claudia, she immediately went and spoke to the chef about possibilities for me. I didn’t ask her to nor expect her to. She came back with tons of options and ways they could cater the dishes to my needs. I was so impressed and grateful! This was another level of service!

Richard Moody

#MintMark is so cute.I found it chance.The food,beer, dessert,the restaurant all perfection

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