4201 Harbor Town Ln, Manitowoc
(920) 682-0461

Recent Reviews

David Bailey

A little on the slow side for service but the 9 piece nuggets were some of the best I've had in awhile.

Leland Van Dehei

Like the roast beef. And turn overs

Steve S.

Indoor is closed. Driving through on vacation with a large RV. Parked and waited for my turn in drive-through where they proceeded to deny me service because I wasn't in a vehicle. It is not safe for my vehicle to try to go through their drive-through. But, they were unsympathetic.

Jory O'Leary

They have pretty good shakes and sandwiches i usually get a classic roast beef or a chicken sandwich with a shake and mozzerella sticks.

Christine Baumler

It was just gross the soda the roast beef I just can't believe how bad it was.

Donna Dehne

Meat was brown real dark brown. Asked for horseradish got mayo

Staci Fors

I’m pretty sure the sole of one of my shoes is now part of the floor considering it was so sticky and disgusting. On the plus side I was seated for most of my 15 minute wait for my “fast food,” so that helped to save my other shoe. Of the 5 people in my family 4 received their food, not right - but they got it. The 5th was completely forgotten. Don’t worry A team of staff that was working that shift offered to make it right by giving her the 6 chicken nuggets that were done and would bring another fresh order of 9 out later. Unfortunately it started getting dark while waiting for those fresh ones so we left without them. Maybe I’ll head back in the morning to see if they are ready. Ps - given the cleanliness of the bathroom Ive now built up enough immunities to all strains of any virus that might attack in the next 6 years.

Sandy Le Duc

We love the turkey ranch market sandwich!

Ken Kott

Evertime I drive through the drive through they never give you the little packets of sauce so check your bag before you go


Food was good BUT my shoes were sticking to the floor, clumps of dirt in the women's restroom & most of the tables were dirty. Makes me wonder how dirty the kitchen is. They were high fiving each other about their customer service. They misunderstand customer service. It's not just getting the order out quickly, it's also listening to the customer when they give their order. I will never go back.

The Squatch

Food is good but you need to check your orders before leaving . The forget sauces and fries alot . They move the to go line quickly so you don't wait long to get through .

Courtney “CJ” De Blaey

Fast service, nice employees, just not my type of food.

Sam A

Gyro deal is the best. Always fast never have a problem.

Tracy Kamps

I love their Chicken sandwich. It is the best one out there. This one wasn't as good as usual. I hope they didn't change something.

Shelley Ripley

We Ordered 2French Dip sandwiches, BEST Take Out Food we have had in some time.It was Delicious, we enjoyed it.

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