Burger King

3002 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
(920) 682-7571

Recent Reviews

Terry Robison

Great breakfast sandwich bacon and egg on a biscuit good coffee also

Micah Sampson

I was fired for money missing after I clocked out ..District manager was checcin for weight instead of being able to count

Mary Hannah

Slowest drive thru of my life lol.. If I wasnt trapped in the drive thru I would have left. 15 minites in the drive thru. Mcdonald's is ALWAYS faster and 3X as busy!

Shawn Steinberg

Very clean and covid preparedness. Food was hot and fresh with quick service.


Normally this Burger King is a hit or miss at the food being ok, but the crew working on August 6, 2021 @ 6:30 did an outstanding job. The employees were pleasant, the Whopper Juniors tasted like they came off a real grill, the fries were meaty and delicious and none of the food was over salted which is one thing fast food restaurants need to change. Especially McDonald's which is why I haven't eaten at one in over 5 years. If I wanted my burgers to taste like a cold, soggy piece of cardboard and over salted, I'd stay home and lick on a salt block.

Joseph Schulz

Very good. My food was right, which now days is rare

Mike Schaub

Sat in the drive thru for 15 mins at breakfast today, ridiculously long time for the drive thru!! I tried to leave but with the double drive thru once you're in line you're stuck..until they get faster on drive thru I will be going elsewhere

Dale Heinzen

Good service and a great new chicken sandwich.

Barry Hornburg

Waited almost 30min for order that was placed ahead of time. Wouldn't bring it out to me. Told me I had to use the drive though which was backed up across parking lot

Eva Voelker

Very nice guys on night crew tonight

Gabby Fallon

Nice people but I didn’t get my straw very sad.

Bo Silverio

Good and affordable food. Staff were very nice.

Jory O'Leary

5 stars. It's a burger king and they don't make mess up very often can't really ask for anything else.

Terry Scholl

The best BK me and my wife had

Kelly Gemini

We ordered 2 double king meals. Didn't get our drinks and had to go back through the drive through because the kings were singles! And they were very rude and thought we were lying so they asked for the receipt and we finally got our order.

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