El Alamo Mexican Grill

2205 Marshall St, Manitowoc
(920) 682-4099

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Excellent. Small but cozy. Average service. The highlight was the food of course. I've been to numerous Mexican restaurants and ordered lengua (tongue) before. I thought I tasted some really good dishes but this was the best lengua by far!

Maia Mercado

OMG this food is so good! ? The people are friendly and you get large portions. I got a chimichanga combo and a Mexican coca cola and it was the best chimi I have ever had. Highly recommend this place.

Kim H.

I love this place. The food is excellent and the customer service is wonderful. If you like authentic Mexican this is a keeper. Coated across the street is McDonald's. U can also dine out in the coutyard.

Robert Borkowski

These guys are terrific! Great food, large portions, fair price and very accommodating. Came in with a large group of friends. We were all able to order as needed and sit together for a late lunch. Excellent service. Thank you El Alamo

Doc Wellington

Feels like you're walking into a store in Mexico.Nice, cordial people.Been going there for years.

Ken Peterson

Great place to eat family operated restaurant

Paul Platt

Excellent food, at a good price. Service is good, and the little store that's attached has a great selection....

Melissa Hubbard

Absolute delight from food presentation and taste to personnel. Would recommend to anyone!

Timothy A. H.

What a wonderful place! This little hole in the wall is a hidden gem. Family owned and operated restaurant serving authentic Mexican food. The owners were extremely nice people who welcomed us and conversed with us just as if we had all know each other our entire lives. The food was fantastic! I had the chicken enchiladas covered with a chocolate Molé poblano's sauce and served with rice, beans, and Pico de gallo. Melissa had the chicken enchiladas covered with a tangy green Molé sauce. We loved everything about this restaurant; the hospitality and the authenticity of the decor and food! I'm very happy we stumbled on this restaurant, and we will definitely be back!

Michael Fell

the entire experience. the waitress the food the salsa the drinks all so perfect.


Very friendly service and staff. Always willing to help and be attentive. Charging rates are always low.

Maurissa Bergman

Every time I go there it’s uncomfortable. The older guy is very nice but the really big guy (the son) and the older woman are never pleasant to work with. This was our last time there because what happened was absolutely wrong. He was at the drink stand, just one table away btw, and as we’re wrapping up we politely called to him and he ignored us..so we thought maybe he didn’t hear us and called again..and again..at this point it’s clear he’s intentionally ignoring us. As we called to him one last time he looked at us and just walked away. Just like that lol Never returned! He refused to come and offer service even though he speaks the best English in the entire place. So we’re sitting there in disbelief and go up to the stand calling to someone in the back to come get us our check cause that’s all we wanted lol to pay for our food and leave. No one came for minutes and it ended up being the none English speaking cook (who’s very nice btw) and we struggled to communicate with each other but she tried her best and we thanked her for it. It’s honestly sad because their food is the best tacos in town but we won’t be back. I doubt they care lol cause they made that clear. but it is what it is. Just Very sad because we don’t understand what that was all about and the reason for it.

Beulah Winters

It's like home cooking

Sally N.

We ordered vegetarian fajitas for takeout.  Made with a delicious mix of perfectly carmailzed strips of potatoes, sweet bell peppers and onion.  

Made it a meal for two with rice and beans.  We made guacamole at home and heated up a couple more tortillas; the order came with 4.  The hot hot green sauce, hot red sauce and a bit of cheese and sour cream (included) made the meal feel like we were in Mexico.  Again, potatoes and onions had such a nice caramelization!  Great cooking!

Barbara M.

In my opinion the most authentic Mexican food you'll find in the area. Not the most beautiful place but the food is wonderful. When you're done you can browse through there a little grocery store quite interesting.

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