2012 Dufek Dr, Manitowoc
(920) 769-1782

Recent Reviews

Karen Wright

This is absolutely the best Subway we have visited. The two workers were the best!!

Heather Reif

First off, great job with the renovations! Second, Eli was my sandwich artist today. Fantastic customer service! This restaurant is so neat and clean, great job by all!

Patrick Van Eyck

Fantastic subs.

Shannon Mason

First time visiting this location. It is very clean and tidy. The ingredients all look very fresh, and the staff was friendly and patient with me... This is a Chicken Caesar on a spinach wrap.

Cindee Vogel

Never a bad sandwich at Subway! Yummmmmm

Kevin Grosjean

Thorough service here. They do a great job identifying every nitnoid problem with your car. I do have a hang up with their prices - both times I've come here, the cost was more than the dealer. Perhaps instead of master mechanics they hire ninja mechanics. In the end they'll fix your car just fine.

richard goodman

The sandwich was prepared the way I asked, and the customer service was extraordinary! The staff was polite and respectful.

Filip Zachwieja

Really great employees who were enthusiastic while taking our order.

Brandon Miller

When I asked for Creamy sriracha sauce, I got another type of sauce. Label said- ask me about our hot sauce? It was not Sriracha! So I said sir is that Sriracha? He said yes, Are you sure? Yes it just had a different label! He made a mistake but then followed it up with a lie! C'mon man.

Kelly Welk

It was awsome and my sub was absolutely delicious!

Scott Derse

Nice outdoor eating area! Food was typical good subway. Staff was friendly and helpful . Outdoor eating area was a nice garden.


Very good!

Crumbo Crumbo

I waited outside

Paul 6052

My favorite Subway.

The Squatch

This Subway has outstanding service. The workers are always greeting you with a smile and there subs are better than Manitowoc Sub and Pizza .

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