Buffalo Wild Wings

5880 Durand Ave, Racine
(262) 598-0960

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Bob Branski

Food quality was good. However, their menu was severely restricted. Server stated that they were only serving wings and some sides due to issues with their POS.

Tim Gustin

Food was great, so was the bartender. Going back Saturday. First time here. Great first impression!


Huge shoutout to the bartender working in the morning (11am) saturday. Me and my buddy were in on vacation and this dude took great care of us and provided good small talk. Great guy and he cares about his job! Food was great too, esp. the street tacos!

monteazul seymour

Staff was awesome but only had wings and sides available and limited at that. Food was ok

Robert Paulson

Consistently close doors before closing time. Tried to order wings one night at 1115 and the doors were locked and another they state the kitchen was closed. If you want to close at 11, list your time as 11

Gregory Schimanski

Never get enough sauce. 60 wings and 3 dips. Thanks guys.

Eesa Ash

I ordered a burger without the bun through a third-party app because I have a wheat allergy. I checked right away when arriving at the store to make sure they prepared it right only to find they ignored the instructions. The girl at the counter pick up argued with me that ordered it that way (I didn’t they’re just poorly trained) before offering to remake it which I reluctantly accepted (big mistake!).They took my food back to the kitchen and came back with it 10 minutes later. I took it home and ate some of it before realizing it was the same food but they had just peeled the bun off. I ended up getting pretty sick. Beware, if you have reason your food can’t be prepared a certain way don’t eat here. They don’t care.


First, Donnie the manager, the cook Andrew who after the kitchen was closed and they were still servicing us honored us with an attempt at the BLAZING CHALLENGE, the bartender, and the greeter were so wonderful they make us want to return. My Fiancé didn't do the challenge; but my 14 year old did it for the first time (4M30S, I ate slower for my son) and for me it was my 3rd BWW location challenge. Unfortunately, they were out of headbands, but the manager Donnie took the time to write a handwritten written note and sign it, not only for the headbands. The app was redeeming things like my Birthday Coupon and Desserts we didn't order, we did get one to cancel out. Also, it didn't show 2,000 points for the double challenge, but Mr. Donnie made sure to note everything and sign my receipt and detailed note. Unfortunately, the menu was limited, but we were able to still get our delicious favorites (Omg the Chocolate Cake!). I feel the shortage of workers was more of a lazy economy issue. Other than that we don't mind returning later for our prizes and it'll give me a chance to try the other stuff on the menu and get CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Dustin McCallister

I don't eat here often I was there for a doordash pickup but I had a great interaction with the young lady at the takeout counter who was unbelievably kind polite respectful and went out of her way to even offer me a free drink because she said I must be thirsty, and boy oh boy I was! I don't remember her name but she made my entire night just by being kind like that and if she's that nice then chances are the entire staff is nice as well! ❤️ I wish I could remember her name because I would call the restaurant and let the manager know how pleased I was with her level of respect and care for the customer! She was extremely nice internally and externally and all around amazing human being!!?

Maxwell Holmes

Great service, got food relatively quickly even on a busy night because of the UFC fight. Waiter was great, too

Minel F

Almost died of thirst and I was sitting at the bar. Can’t speak for the rest of the restaurant. Wings were trash pure trash. Worse bww I’ve visited as far as food and service goes. Just honesty.

Nancy Nelson

Had the Mac n cheese with chicken. It was great

Melanie Gauss

The manager(shift lead) Madison went above and beyond for a special diet(low iodine) salad that was needed. She made sure she knew what was ok and not for ingredients and personally made THE best salad with grilled chicken (separately as the no iodine) and absolutely killed it. Can’t say enough the care and concern she took. Thank you thank you!!!

Cristian Mejia

Really nice place! Excellent service

Jim Schmitz

Great fast hot food. A perfect getaway on a hot day. Love the chicken sandwich!

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