espilla de us army la tapatilla

1943 Mead St, Racine
(262) 633-7816

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J. V.

Food quality is inconsistent. Sometimes it's amazing, other times it isn't so good. They have messed up my order more than once. One of the girls who answers the phone never says hello or good bye, which isn't polite, and it's generally chaotic in the store.

Rebekah B.

Delicious family-owned taco stop. Both the authentic and American style tacos are very tasty. The meat is always flavorful and tender. It is mostly a takeout restaurant and is cash only, plus there is only street parking available, however it is well worth it as these are the best tacos you'll find in Racine without a doubt.

Sarah B.

The food here is just ok. The store itself is very small and not the cleanest. I really will only eat here if whoever I'm eating with really wants it.

Candie Morgan

great food!!! Authentic Mexican food!

Natalie Ivaniszyn

OMG!!! I dont know how I have waited 3 years to try this place. Highly highly recommend!!! 10/5 stars

Dick P. Guchionni

Just got two burritos and a taco plate for $27. the burritos were cold and the taco shells were chewy. This is not the taco joint you remember and prices suck. Skip the ride in the getto it's not worth the disappointment! Never coming back.


Wife and I ordered the same—-tacos with beans and rice. Tacos were great, meat was not over seasoned. Rice and beans were also very good. We were each given 1 container of sauce and it had lots of flavor. Just wish we were given more. We parked across the street and my wife called and asked if they would bring it out to our car. They said sure and a short time later our food was delivered. Nice and warm as if it had just came off the stove. Our thoughts were this is great food and we will return. The service was great and prices were reasonable.

Justin K.

Not the same as it used to be. Food is so nasty greasy and oil tasting. Falling apart mess. I used to LOVE the food here I would come often. It seems like different staff cooks ect now. Whatever it is I won't be going anymore after my 4th poor experience in a row. Food was just terrible and was thrown out.... hopefully they can figure it out soon. It's never good when a business goes downhill


If you like the real thing, this is the place. This is not a chain. The food is fresh and tastes good.

karl a

I have had tacos all over the place but for me personally this is by far the best in the state of Wisconsin. Pancho the cook is perfect every time I also love their rice. Note- not the best of neighborhoods so go during the day!!!! Very limited seating as this is a small store but the food is as good as it gets!!


Definitely worth the trip in to La Tapatia. They have the best chicken tacos we've ever had, we like them with the soft flour and/or soft corn tortillas, prepared Mexican style. Seating is minimal so going at off times or takeout is best.

Kendra K.

I love this place. The hours are great and the people are friendly . The prices are decent. They only take cash which is fine.

Carlo S.

Extremely rude lady works there and ruined my first experience, completely got my order wrong as well, will not be returning. The place is a dirty house in the ghetto and is uncomfortable just to be inside it.

Belinda M.

The woman that works there that takes orders has a HORRIBLE attitude, everyone else there was great. I won't be returning there because of her, my first experience there was ruined and will not be returning nor will I be recommending this place to anyone I know.

Todd B.

Second time went back always get places a second try this time the food was ice cold now very tasty if you're looking for very cheap Mexican food not a lot of flavor and greasy this is your place

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espilla de us army la tapatilla

1943 Mead St, Racine, WI 53403
(262) 633-7816