Panera Bread

5630 Washington Ave Unit 6, Racine
(262) 634-7777

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Luann LaPointe

Stopped there with my sister yesterday for supper. Firstly, half of my order was not heard by the cashier, so I ended up with just a sandwich and chips. Second, I had ordered a fountain drink like I always do, and was looking forward to the Hibiscus Pear tea…and it was gone. Most of the teas were replaced with the HIGHLY caffeinated, VERY HIGH sugary “energy” drinks. The only tea that was available was a black tea blend that has a very high caffeine content as well. I was so upset! I have a sugar and caffeine intolerance and was looking forward to the no sugar and no caffeine hibiscus tea. Since I was not about to have a $3 cup of water, I chose to have the sugary caffeinated drink and was immediately sick to my stomach.Management came over right away because I was upset at my lack of beverage choices, but there was nothing they could do, it was either drink what I had; or go without… even after I had already paid for it.I was very happy with this restaurant chain when they made the decision to offer healthy, organic options… for a better choice dining option.Seems like this is changing… and not for the better…how sad.

Grace N.

I am a loyal customer to this fine establishment. My day off treat is always a bagel or two, today my rapid pick-up order was not so rapid... I waited about 15 minutes before someone came out to my car, and yet they still had no bagels in hand. My unwavering loyalty to this Panera is not wavering due to the inconsistency they have shown lately. Please go here the staff is amazing just have a few extra minutes if it's one of their off days...

Diane Gonzalez

Good food good price get you in and out when you need to

J. Winter

Dear Racine Panera manager and staff-- I have never left a review for Panera and never planned on it but this location, with out exception, is the worst. I work all over the country and I have eaten at a lot of Paneras. I have gotten it delivered twice from this location and each time I have asked for no utensils, not only do I get a handful of random utensils but I end up with something missing as well. I tried calling three times today to speak with someone about this but the phone just rang and rang then I was disconnected. I'm not super upset about the missing items, they are just saving us some unnecessary calories, but I am upset about the waste of plastic ware. What is the point of having an option for utensils on the app if you're just going to ignore it? Also, please take a look at my receipt and notice how many times I mentioned NO UTENSILS. I put this under each item- there are no excuses. No more Racine Panera for me.


Called to give management feedback but they never picked up so I'll share it here.It's funny that yellow lettuce isn't on the Panera menu but they serve it to patrons. The same goes on pedals and strings of partially sliced tomatoes.I've been going to various Panera locations for years and this location by fas had the worst food prep.The managemrnt also leaves paperwork, blocks of woods, pens, scissors, and boxes in areas that are aupoosed to be sanitary and where food is served.

H Smith

Been a coffee subscriber for the past 14 months and USED to visit daily. Since you have decided to move the store to an unsafe intersection with no conversation with the residents that will be affected, we are boycotting your store. The neighborhood does not support this move and you will be adding unneeded congestion and unsafe conditions to the children of this area.

Jenny K.

Panera has chosen to use Door Dash vs their in-house delivery. The order was marked delivered yet we had no food. Upon calling, they said our house address was wrong (checked both apps and it is not). Manager said he would call DD and fix it. DD called me and said Panera would fix it. An hour later we canceled the order (probably should have never ordered as they were out of many items and we had to alter our meals). As much as it could be DD at fault, our last visit to the same Panera resulted in 2 missing entrees when we did curbside pickup.

Dan Scheive

They refused my friend service because I didn’t have a face mask on, this place is nuts employees are terrible.

Charlene Willems

Efficiency of this location has went extremely down hill this past year. It is to be expected to have mediocre customer service, orders being messed up, and extremely long wait times for dine in or to go orders. Get it together Racine Panera!!! This sadly used to be my favorite location. Going forward, I will think twice before visiting this location again.

Craig Sondergaard

I normally don't write reviews, especially negative ones but my experience with Panera has been awful lately. I have ordered delivery a few times already this year and every single time the order is wrong. The last time I ordered, 4/6 of my items were either wrong or missing. I am ordering simple menu items with no substitutions or special requests. Today, my wife went in to pick up just one loaf of bread that needed to be sliced and she was told "you'll have to wait, we're busy right now." They need to significantly improve customer service and order accuracy.

CJ Carver (Sage)

I ordered online and picked up. They're still serving up fantastic food and delicious coffee drinks. I just tried the broccoli cheddar mac and cheese and it was so good. Worth the order. Look at the menu online before you get there. Not all ingredients are listed on the big menu you order from and you have to look up each item on the online menu/ ask the cashier just to know what's in it. Not looking things up is how I have ended up with food I can't really eat without consequences.

Dana Marie

WONT EVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN WAITED 4 hours...NEVET GOT MY ORDER. This Panera should be closed!

Kathleen K.

Ok - so I do like Panera's food. However! I have been trying to order on-line for the past 25 minutes and it's impossible! The Salad I wanted includes blueberries and they're out of them. Ok, no problem. However, the site offers substitutions but when you go there it just keeps taking me around and around and I'm not able to order! I know how to do these things but this is crazy! Then, I started trying to call them about 15 minutes ago to no avail. In their recording they say that if we're trying to call during mealtimes we should call back. What??? I tried calling a number of times during the time they suggested and STILL no one answered! Tonight is the last night for their free delivery but it looks like I'm not going to get that. So Panera people - either have someone else design your site or hire someone to answer your phone!! This is ridiculous!!

Chris Molkentin

So they shorted me on my 70 dollar order. I ordered through door dash. Driver named kj was pretty awesome. I tried calling panera 5 times over the course of an hour without eating so I could show that I was shorted and could not get anybody to answer the phone.

Ma Thoozalah L.

soup is tasty, but lukewarm. I like HOT soup. also when you eat outside watch out for the crappy tippy tables. My mom spilled soup on her dress because the table was so wabbly. I ended up stuffing a piece of "panera bread" under the "panera bread table" just to stabliize the tables. Finally found a use for their bread! a company this size really needs to get their act together.

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