Applebee's Grill + Bar

531 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 623-2092

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Rodney Goff

Great Waitress , Good food,1.Dislikes- Poor Booth No leg room my wife is 5'3I'm 6'1 knees keep hitting table legs .No good on wife who just had knee surgery.Wasn't ask if we wanted table or booth." Here's your table and he walked off"2. Dislikes poor lighting.Had to use flashlight on phone first picture

Robin Schadt

Was seated at a dirty table with old drinks still on table plus food particles on table. Was never waited on, so we left. Done with Applebee's!

Kimberly Howell

Placed an online car side to go order at 9 pm. The restaurant is open until 11 pm. I pulled in at the time the order was supposed to be complete and clicked the link in the text to notify them I was there. After a few minutes I texted “here” to make sure they got the notification that we had arrived. Another 10 minutes or so passed and multiple employees walked past our vehicle in the car side to go spot. Then we called the number on the sign and were hung up on. We called again and I think got a corporate line bc they patched us through to the store. The store then told us that after 9 you have to enter the restaurant to retrieve your order. This was not posted anywhere, the website states that car side to go is available until 10:45, and no one made an effort to inform us of the fact that we had to enter the restaurant. When I entered the restaurant, not one person- patron or employee- was wearing a mask. Additionally I saw on the register screen both notifications telling them I was there. My number was on the ticket all they had to do was call or text me but instead my order sat there growing cold and soggy. And they forgot our sides of ranch.

Kimberly Smallwood

The food was great, service could have been better. But the music was good we had a good time.

Chrissy White

5 of us had dinner from chicken quesadillas to steaks to chicken and we all loved our meal. Our waiter James was very very friendly, personable and professional. He went above and beyond to make our dinner enjoyable. Thank you James we enjoyed talking to you.

David Spinks

Made the mistake of placing a pick up order at 10:30 PM on Saturday night. Ordered two for $22 which in reality was $37 plus tip which would’ve been fine had I gotten the food that I actually ordered. But apparently another customer just so happen to have Wes Banco and pay with their card as well so seems they paid for my meal and I don’t know what they ordered but I’m certain that I paid for theirs. Of course this was 10 minutes after I left with the food that I was already unhappy about when I got the phone call that I need to check the bank card I was given because it wasn’t mine. But I was insured that my money was refunded back on my card. Mystery is was I refunded the amount of my check or the other customers check.

Michael Sawyer

Service and food was on point, staff members on site were polite

KJ Linger

8 oz Top Sirloin is delicious. Do recommend. Though the waiter forgot to bring me a refill of my drink at the very end of our meal, I didn't mind.

Leslie Hanifan

The food is good, the folks are nice, but for the love of oriental chicken salad, can you please give me the requested utensils. There's even a toggle on the checkout. Yes, I could try to remember to check every time, but why should I need to when your website specifically asks and I specifically say Yes EVERY time. Tired of my salad turning into finger food.

Dave Tate

I can never get good service here and I just watched the hostess turn family's away at 10:20 when they say they're open till 11:00

Stephanie Weiss

Great service. Best French Onion soup!

Linda DiMatteo

The food is good and our waitress was very nice and attentive. The one drawback and my reason for giving a 3 star rating is because they are no longer providing menus at the table but going to the app for a menu. I prefer a menu to read in front of me and not on my phone.

Rebecca Watts

I love it here. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The service is prompt and the food delicious. We come here for the vast assortment of mixed drinks and the Chicken Won-Ton Tacos. Delish!

Dolores Paroda

The server was not very good and seemed that the resturant was understaffed. The MOD was bussing tables. After we were seated,the server flew by saying that she would "be back soon" We sat for a while before the server came back to our table. We did not receive menu's and were not given any info about using the qr code on the table to see the menu on our phone. We ordered drinks and appetizers which were delivered quickly, but were not given napkins or utensils to eat them. While waiting for her to return to our table with the eating utensils we realized the spinach dip was only warm, yuk. She got us new dip which was a good thing, however the dip was not very tasty. It only got worse from that point. I hope she has a better night the next time she serves.

DeNice Teacher

The staff was kind and courteous, there was a 15 minute wait time, but we were called in quickly without an extra wait. The food was delicious and I would recommend coming in for dinner.

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