525 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 626-3865

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Wright

Iced tea and root beer tasted like water. The bou that took our order was not good talked like he was just there because he had to be.


Had the new brisket flat bread, very good. Drive Threw was busy, but fairly quick, staff very friendly


Food was delicious. They were busy and kept the drive thru moving at a good pace. I've always had a good experience at this Arbys

Gerald Swiger

Only got half my order. Food was just throw in bag. Line was too long to go back thru to correct, and lobby is closed..

Tracy Slagle

Didn't get all of my food, and they wasn't very pleasant

Toni Tenda

Bread was old.. Other than that my order was fine & workers were nice...

Tara Elder

Great food and very fast service. Customer service was great too!!

Janet Caltrider

Good food. Great price

Sam Spatafore

I don't see how anyone can say staff was great. The staff obviously hates their job and are so rude.. I almostfelt bad for being an inconvenience to them.

Sara Franciosi

I was disappointed in the Jalapeno Chicken Bacon had like 4 tiny chunks of chicken....maybe 4 tiny bits of bacon.....probably 2 whole raw jalapeños and more lettuce than needed.....they cut it on a one side had all the chicken....and I pretty much tradhed the other half bc it was all jalapeños and lettuce.......curly fries were son liked the chicken tenders meal!!

Steven Myers

Great food and fast service ?

j x

Fast location and quality product!

Sally Riggs

Food was good but the fries were cold

Donald Sapp

Wow the brisket is great. The curly fries were good. I think the fries could be better if they used a Air Fryer. This new method is super and you don't have to hassle with that oil. Should save money on a grand scale. Plus better for people.

Justine Dhulst

Fast location and quality product!

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