489 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 622-5114

Recent Reviews

Jennifer Smith

Service was slow. No body was at the front counter so we had to wait for a while. The gravy was extremely salty. However the rest of the food that we ordered was good even though they were out of a lot of food.

Timothy Dotson

Had ultimate omelette. Tasted pretty good. They were out of a lot of things when we were there

Sandy Sandmeyer

A good breakfast. It would be nice if corporate Denny's put prices for items, such as pancakes, on the menu and didn't expect people to order huge amounts of food offered in their Slams. Friendly, efficient service and decent prices.

Mandy Clare

Be prepared to wait at least a half hour before being seated. You won't be able to use any coupons on your phone. They have also sectioned off over half restaurant for covid but now everyone is crammed together in one corner of the restaurant. So you will not be able to social distance yourself at all at this place. Food was alright but not worth the price.

Linda Marsh

Had a refill been offered on my coffee, I would have given 5 stars

Miguel Santiago Morales

This is a reminder not to come back to this location.The server was terrible, not even one time she came to check if the food was ok. After a long wait, everybody's food was on the table except my sons.We sent back undercooked pancake puppies; then finally my son got what he ordered and the same basket of pancake puppies overcooked in the outside ( if you're in the restaurant business, you know when the same food is sent back). The manager argued that it was new basket of pancakes, his excuse for the poor service we received is because they had only three servers on the floor.

Debra Stutler

First time eating at a Dennys very good food me any husband loves it

Little Innocence

Good service, good prices, good food.

Aria Wolf

Good food , good value, excellent service by lily!!!

Terry Austin

Never go here after sunday service!30 minut wait.After 15 mins waiting manager came to tell wifes order unavailable.After another wait to prepare her second choice, both meals came.I ordered over easy eggs received cold undercooked scrambeled eggs.All the waitstaff seemed extra stressed, not able give customers the service deserved.

Rick Colvin

Service was excellent. Rhonda was our waitress. She had a pleasant disposition, knowledgeable of the menu items and showed a genuine interest in our dining needs. The food was fresh, served hot and delicious. We will return to this establishment!

Rebecca Watts

Wonderful staff, wonderful food and wonderful atomosphere. The warm apple crisp, drizzled with caramel with vanilla ice cream was AMAZING.

Kaitlyn Loar

Food was great, serving sizes seem fairly normal, prices were good, nice atmosphere, waitstaff was friendly.

Lisa Smarr

I love eating here. Great food and friendly environment

Sierra Miller

My salad was very good, and my husband loved his meal as well. Service was very fast.

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