Grand China Buffet Sushi & Grill

521 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 622-6252

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Shane Z.

For the first time in a long time, the sushi bar didn't look like the scene of a hate crime. It was very good 10/10

Chris Quigley

I have reviewed this place before, and yes i butted heads with them the other day online with price. Point is no matter the price i would recommend this place, yeah the change between lunch and dinner is weird compared to some as well. Anyways this place has not changed in years but it is still very worth it, i pick up the grill and sushi section which they always aim to please and do a fine job. The value of food for the price is actually very reasonable and i give this place about a 4.2/5 for that reason. Thank you workers that work so hard and try to provide such a service in this place, you all are wonderful and i hope you stick around for years to come still.

Renee Jackson

The bar was stocked with fresh food and kept clean. Waiting staff was friendly. They had alot to choose from.

Donna Roman

Food was good but prices have gone up clear out of range won't go there again anytime soon

Robert mcdonald

Price was a bit step but really good food and great friendly staff

Tina Barnette Ballengee

Excellent food and service! So glad the buffet is back!!!

Crystal Barker

Love there foid.just don't like that someone has to serve me my food.

The Mitchell Family Reality Show Tv

Very good food we enjoyed it very much.

Wade Clausen

Awesome, as always. Had a great selection, great experience. LOVE the lemon pepper frog legs.

Missy Tenney

Fast friendly service. Kept coming to table to see if we needed is very good.

Amber McCormick

They overcharged my teenage girls then when we confronted them on it said the waiter misunderstood amd didn't have proper English to word it right. but yet did not offer the money back or a voucher. nothing accepting responsibility on pretty much a double charge.

Brooke Daniels

Good choice when eating with picky eaters they have something for everyone, from fried chicken, steaks, mash potatoes, pizza, pasta and much more on top of normal Chinese buffet selections, make your own stir fry bar and a sushi bar as well, if you leave hungry it's on you, cause they have something for everyone and it actually tastes really good, well other than the sweet and sour sauce ( tastes like warm liquid orange jello), other wise it's really good and I would recommend!

Philip Brown

A good buffet at a decent price that is still open! Lots of choices, and the staff is friendly. Has a large sushi and hibachi section.

Amanda Louise

Would give less than zero stars if possible. The staff was very rude and that was aside from the fact that much of the food was overcooked and/or dry. Service was (understandably) slow given the changes made due to the pandemic and they really just try and rush you out the door!Twice we had gotten up to get another plate after only having been there for ten minutes or so, and the staff all but chased us down to the other side of the restaraunt to tell us we hadn't paid our bill! Um, we weren't done eating yet. Couldn't tell if they we're insinuating we shouldn't still be eating (it's a buffet), were overstaying our welcome or if they were making us out to be thieves! Terrible, horrible and inexcuseable behavior on their part although we still left a 20% tip because that's who WE are. Overall worst experience I've had eating out. Will definitely not be back.

Daryn Ginevan

We received our check before we finished eating and every time we would head back into the buffet an employee would run to us with the check like we were going to dine and dash. The last time it happened an employee started to make a scene... Will NOT be going back... I have never been so embarrassed in my life

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Grand China Buffet Sushi & Grill

521 Emily Dr, Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 622-6252