722 E Main St, Clarksburg
(304) 623-3740

Recent Reviews

Larry Harris

I love my country ham biscuits: double ham, well done. PERFECT!

Kenneth Lindsey

Very good burger, especially for a fast food restaurant

Jamie Jones

New to the area we’ve only been here 3 weeks, the 1st week we ate at Hardee’s multiple times the service was friendly, relatively fast \\u0026 the food was hot which is always a plus!

Glen Beckett

Had to try that hand breaded chicken it would be a great sandwich do away with that seasoning it's awful

tiffany barnhart starr

The food is usually good but takes a while if they r busy

joe dillon

Its fast food,Enough said,staff was polite and quick.

Becky Bentfeld

Burgers were good, but onion rings were either old or spent too much time in the fryer

Zachary Guzzi

Nice staff and the food is good if the grease isn't burnt.

Deanna Williamson

Been good food each time I've been here

William Barnes

The food for me anyway is always extremely good and fresh and pretty much as expensive as the others. I only come here when I don't have anything at all to do for at least an hour, this ensures that i wont be late for whatever.... one more thing, I suggest using the drive threw, and that's coming from someone who never ever does for the simple fact of 87% screwed up order rate! Other than those 2 things awesome!!

Crystal Barker

Not care for the new steak burrito or sandwich. No meat on them and what little meat it is tuff and grizzel.

Hillbilly Granny

Great food and hot fries.. Everyone was working great together and they was very busy.. had our order fast and hot..

Molly Donnellan

I was so amped up to get cinnamon raisin biscuits just to get there and find out they stopped making them. And the cinnamon roll that took its place isn't even worth trying. ?

Tomra Talkington

I love this place cause it's always opened ? and the help is really good and nice

Mike Hormick

If I want a really good fast-food burger, I can always rely on a burger from Hardee's. The onion rings are good but not as good as they were before they changed.

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