Panera Bread

103 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 624-0892

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Niyoung S.

I just started coming here based off a promotional email. In the two weeks, I've only gotten hot coffee and a couple bagels and those have all been rapid pick up. The very first time I came in, I was lost and confused because I didnt know the coffee was a serve yourself system with cups and coffee at the entrance (it was early and caffeine leads to lack of attention to details). They kindly informed me and I hadn't had an issue since. This afternoon I was running a bit behind and wanted to drink my hot coffee as soon as I got it but needed ice to cool it down. I didnt see any ice machine close by and so asked the kid behind the counter (after getting rude looks from an employee bundling trash and some guy beside her) for a cup of ice. He seemed slightly taken aback, handed me a cup, and said it was around the corner to a part of the building I had never been to. After getting my ice and going to make the coffee I had ordered, I overheard the children laughing and making fun of me for not knowing where the ice was. It was such a lovely experience and really made me feel like a worthwhile human being to have these teenagers belittle me for not having ever gotten a drink with ice or knowing where it was located. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and a great visit. Will definitely keep coming back.

Thomas L.

The food in the past has been excellent until COVID-19 hit and most employees stayed home from work. But that's almost over. Well, almost. The waitress who took our order seemed to be on her first day at work. It took 10 minutes to take our simple order. About $30 total. Next the soda machine was not working, no Pepsi. It took them 25 minutes to get it working after we had our food. The steak and cheese melt on brioche bread was just horrible. No saving it! The pane bread served with our cheddar broccoli soup was cold and over baked. The soup was still excellent and hot. Lastly a couple of comments: 1. The restaurant was not clean and no one was cleaning anything while we were there. 2. The staff behind the counter were consumed with rapping and joking with each other instead of taking care of the few customers in the place. 3. The manager was not managing anything effectively. I had to remind her a second time to get the soda machine serviced. Yes, it also needs a thorough cleaning. I dearly hope this is not the new norm in restaurant operation for Panera Bread, it's sure not like it used to be!


Mediocre food. The service wasn't bad, it was nonexistant.The restaurant is organized in such a way that the employees can not do a good job.Pretty much the worst place you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Jessica Bickley

This place has disappointed, no...angered me for the last time. A turkey AVOCADO BLT means it is supposed to have AVOCADO and BACON on it, correct? Well there were neither on TWO of the same sandwiches. We asked for one without mayo and there was mayo on both. One was supposed to be on a bagel and one on focaccia. Both were on bagels. The potato soup was spoiled and inedible. Now, the order ticket was correct, so this wasn’t the cashier’s fault. All of this for over $40 worth

Clark Harrison

Good food and great service!

Sherry Devart-Alfred

Everything great love this place tried the pizza wonderful

Rachel M.

This is by far the best chain restaurant in all of WV. My husband and I stopped here on a road trip. The staff was super friendly, especially Zach. Their bread and muffins looked like a French Patisserie. Every time I drive through I always make it a point to come here.

Danielle Gee

Super friendly staff, food ok (very little salad dressing- most of salad dry), ran out of pizza. Extremely dirty. Seats only about 25% full and every single open table dirty. Restrooms disgusting- unusable so dirty.

Dave H.

Glad to see they open at 0630. Staff was friendly. Ordered via the kiosk and had my cinnamon raisin bagel a few minutes later. Big space, clean, lots of seating options and good WiFi. The usual high quality Panera experience.


My regular spot for a breakfast sandwich and coffee, no matter want city I'm visiting. Staff here is superb friendly and courteous.

Joe McDaniel

Typical Panera. Good access to I79.

Phil Strong

Stopped in for dinner on 6/19. Ordered two salads, macaroni, and a pizza. Both salads were soggy and seemed as if they had been sitting around for several hours. The macaroni was served cold. I request a fresh bowl of Mac and received the same bowl back, just mildly warmer after being microwaved. The pizza wasn’t cut, so we had to tear it into pieces for our 5 year old. All around a very poor experience.

Natasha Selmon

Dining room was closed. So we waited in the drive thru for about 10 mins just to be told they are not making smoothies right now. No explanation as to why? So I take it they just didn’t feel like it because it was 830. We usually eat lunch here once or twice a week. But have never came in the evenings. SMH very disappointing.

Denece Lyles Gerlach

Dining room was closed due to lack of staff (?) and then they jacked up our order at the drive-thru. We didn't realize it was messed up until we got all the way back to our hotel, so... If they had been busy, I could understand a little more, but they only had two cars at the drive-thru! They got two items wrong out of five. Ugh. Giving two stars because the food was at least good, although NOT what we ordered. :(

Cameron Mckinney

Very slow and the manager is always yelling at the employees when I come and eat inside, definitely won’t be back

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