Texas Roadhouse

290 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 566-7814

Recent Reviews

Jennifer Fury

great food & great service

Lea Browning

Tonight the food was exceptional! Tasty, on time, steaks were just as we ordered, just perfect. The bill wasn't out if this world either.We were seated immediately on a Saturday at 9pm.The staff was attentive and returned several times. Thiswas our 2nd visit here. We enjoyed it will return again! Thank you ? ?


Absolutely fantastic service! There were some issues with our food that our server, Lindsey, noticed and she immediately worked to rectify the problem. The food was outstanding.


this is the sauce they gave me with my new york strip apple sauyce and french frysssss disgusting nasty supposed to be hot sauce

Lisa M Bonnell

food is fantastic, service is amazing and great hospitality.

Lisa Goldsmith

Great staff. Had lunch Monday, July 19th, 2021. 11:00 am. Wonderful server, Ben. Third time having the pleasure to be served by Ben. Since his first day.

Aria Wolf

Always great food and awesome service. We love texas roadhouse

Randy Adams

My wife and I arrived at a peak time, as the place was packed. We were seated in about 3 minutes however. Our server (Lauren) took such good and thoughtful care of us. The food was outstanding. We had a wonderful experience here this evening.

Gretchen Griffin

Steaks have went downhill over the past few years but. Todays was the worst. Ribeye under half inch thick full of gristle and fat. Charred marshmallows on sweet potato.

Angie Trivolette

Great service and awesome food! The cheddar bacon fries with ranch are a must! I'm very picky when it comes to steak and this Texas Roadhouse always gets it just right. Weekends and holidays can get busy, but it's worth the wait time.

Mylinda Floyd

I love the rolls here! My favorite part of the meal. Lol steak and chicken both amazing. Fun environment. Great place to eat.

John H. “Big John” Brasuk

Excellent service staff and great food selections overall great place to eat and we'll definitely return.

Andrea Corley

Texas Roadhouse is one of our favorite places to go and this visit didnt disappoint as usual! my only flaw was the hostess told us the wait time was an hour but we checked on the app and it was 25 to 35 minutes which is the time frame we got in!

Cheryl M.

Came here for dinner. You follow the rolls to your table. Lol. The servers bring them along when they show you to your table so no waiting to cut into those. Warm with a honey butter. Very good and even brought more before we finished them. Wait for our dinners was a little long but honestly every place is short staffed these days. I ordered prime rib. My two sides were baked potato and veggies. Everything was good. Was it the best prime rib I've ever had? No, but it wasn't bad either. Hubs had filet and shrimp. His sides were fries and salad. His salad was pretty big and looked really good. Our server was a little inexperienced but nice.


First off, let's be clear that the food was terrific, and the waiter was personable and helpful. Had I based the review solely on the taste/quantity of the food and on the waitress, this would have been 5 stars easily. But the service was, slow, slow, slow! My wife and I arrived on Sunday early evening around 6:30. We were told the wait would be around 45 minutes, and that turned out to be accurate. We were seated exactly 40 minutes later. So far so good. The waitress came promptly and took our drink orders, and then our food orders. My wife ordered chicken strips and fries, I ordered portobello mushroom chicken and a baked potato. Both of us ordered salads. Salads were crisp and fresh, and so we began enjoying the salad and the delicious rolls Texas Roadhouse always serves. After about fifteen minutes, the waitress returned and said the kitchen was backed up, and it would be about an hour before our food would be ready. Keep in mind, we have now waited almost 1 hour (45 minutes prior to being seated, and then about 15 minutes after having been seated). Well, this is not fast food, and one expects a bit of a wait when dealing with individually cooked meals, so OK. Sure enough, about an hour later, our food finally arrived. The Portobello mushroom chicken was superb, although with perhaps a bit more salt than is healthy or tasty. My wife said her order was equally good. The baked potato was well done, unlike some restaurants which serve them before they are totally cooked. I would recommend this restaurant for the food and the good staff, but would warn the prospective diner that the wait can be excruciatingly long. I would suggest the restaurant could benefit from a study of their kitchen procedures with a view toward more efficiency. I suspect our initial 40-minute wait could have been eliminated if the kitchen had been putting out meals more efficiently, and most certainly the 1 hour + wait for the food could have been trimmed down significantly.

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