Chaang Thai Restaurant

361 High St, Morgantown
(304) 241-1962

Recent Reviews

Erica Reed

We love eating at Chang Thai. My nieces love the honey beef and ask for it every time they visit me in Morgantown!

Randy Howard

Very good, had the crispy duck In red curry, we also had crispy duck salad. Both were very good!


Never even ordered. The menus have no prices and there are no visible employees. For dining in, you’re supposed to order via a kiosk and maybe someone will bring you your food or water or something. The tables from previous diners were not cleared. I went to the back to order from a person, but no-one was to be found. Maybe the regulars know the system or the secret password, but if you’ve never been there before, don’t bother. There are plenty of good alternatives within two blocks.

Adam S.

Terrible. Extremely unclean restaurant, very sub-par food, and to top it off, my partner found a piece of metal in her entree (see photo).

Erik Gibson

Loved it, probably one of the best restaurants me and my girl has come to, Give a big portion of food. Servers are chill and laid back. Not on no bs for a tip. Love Chaang restaurant, highly recommended..

Tommy Kromer

This level of Thai food in a town like Morgantown is just awesome. Some of the food is a bit toned down for American palates, but you can get it traditional levels of hot if you desire. 1-5 are all mild, but up around 10 you’ll be happy. Even at the extreme 20-30 levels it’s still solidly seasoned and very tasty, not just hot. Highly recommend.

Tarun Saha

Highly recommended. Liked their menu presentation for the 1st time visitor and ordering kiosk system. Tried Pineapple Fried Rice, Fire cracker Chicken and Crazy Spicy Noddles, Thai Tea. Very tasty and has good portion for 2 people. Good friendly stuff. Kept 1 star, because Fire cracker chicken was bit chewy and harden over time, a bit of sweet side but was tasty. I’m ready for my 2nd visit.

T C.

We stopped by while in the area visiting. We walked in to see the menu hanging on the wall. We walked in and placed our order on a computer and then paid at the register. They bring you your drink and food. They have condiments and silverware and napkins on a table toward the front. We sat in the front window to be entertained by the people walking by. We had ordered an extra Thai tea ($3.50) on accident some how but drank it anyway. Both drinks were very good. The Papaya salad ($7.95) was good along with the Pineapple fried rice($10.95). The bathrooms were ok but not great. The restaurant was fairly clean. If in the area again we may stop back in. Side note they do give a 5% discount for paying with cash.

Khushbu Vijaywargi

The place is pretty decent. You can order from the kiosk and customize it however you want. Loved this feature. Had pineapple friend rice and drunken noodles. Both amazing. Seemed low on staff but service was up to the mark.

John B.

It looks like a standard sit-down restaurant but they've actually got a smooth fast casual sort of operation running, where you seat yourself, order at a computer console, and wait. The menu offers tons of customization. Tons. Particularly from a special diet perspective you can be very clear about what you want, getting gluten-free soy sauce or omitting egg or fish sauce. At its worst, this can convey a sense of being nickeled and dimed (why am I paying 50 cents for you to not use fish sauce?), but overall it's a big plus. My noodles were ample and tasted fresh. The one thing you couldn't customize was to ask them to leave the broccoli out of the tofu and vegetable option (I wanted all the other vegetables). They have a very detailed spice level chart and I ordered a 7. It wasn't really an upfront hit, but I did find my nose a bit runny afterwards. Notably, you can ratchet the spice level way up and pay extra for that. I was a bit miffed that I ordered cinnamon tea and didn't receive any. When I asked some people in back, I got an answer that they were out of it and eventually they produced some zingy ginger tea for me, but if I hadn't pushed they would have what, just taken my money and not even tried to provide a product? I don't care that much about the cinnamon tea, but if you're going to do this service model, you need to do it right. While I have some criticisms, the question for me is whether the food showed enough promise to justify coming back in the event that I pass through the area again, and that is a yes.

Smit Thakkar

It seems they were short on staff but the guy was very helpful. He gave me quarters for parking and food was delicious as well.


Love everything that I eat here! Tofu is especially good with their delicious sauces and vegetables. Lots of vegetables in their dishes. Love it!

Dylan Chapman

If you like crispy duck, do NOT order it here. It was drastically overcooked, extremely dry, tasted burnt, and even brittle to the point of breaking. It was also obviously old and refried/reheated meat because the individual slices were tough and dried out on both sides instead of juicy and springy like freshly cut meat should be. Not even worth $5, much less the near $18 it is priced at. Also ordered hoisin sauce for $2 and wouldn't have known they were out if I hadn't asked when they brought my food. No refund offered, they just directed me to the free soy sauce. They did bring me out some duck sauce after I asked for it, though. The last time I came here, I was impressed. Not today. I was severely disappointed today. I considered giving 2 stars instead of 1 because the pineapple fried rice and Thai iced tea were good, but the duck was just that bad. You can't serve food, especially not meat, like that. I will go to the other Thai options in town from now on. It's worth repeating, do NOT order the crispy duck if you eat here.

Michael R

Ambiance is very informal. Menus are vast with endless permutations, essentially you can get any dish with any combination of things. You order at an electronic kiosk and they bring the dishes to you when they are ready. A bit bewildering if you have not been there before, but it worked fine. Staff was friendly and helpful in answering questions. For appetizers we had the veg gyoza and the spring rolls, both very good. For entrees, the shrimp pad si-ew, pork ayuttaya spicy fried rice, and green curry chicken. Very good, and huge portions that we took home and ate the next evening. They have a sizable beer/wine selection. One of the better meals we had during our visit to Morgantown. Expect to spend $25 per person.

Amy Jo Pantermuehl Gregory

Great Thai restaurant. Love the beef drunken noodles the pineapple fried rice with shrimp. Wonton soup is terrific - excellent spring rolls. Have yet to be disappointed here. Our go to place for Asian food in Morgantown.

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