Chipotle Mexican Grill

17 Chaplin Road, Morgantown
(304) 599-4519

Recent Reviews

Mark Render

Awful experience. I am very disappointed in the portion sizes. This location is much worse than other Chipotles. Do not go here, pick somewhere else.

Anthony Morgan

The food is very good and the staff is friendly & efficient. The men's restroom was dirty and had no handsoap. The value is decent.

John Dix

The only thing that would make Chipotle better is if it were closer to my house. ?

Neal N.

the chipolte in granville the food is good. one problem all the staff wear masks, which is great for covid safety but the cashier who has contact with everyone wears the mask below their mouth like a bib.

Jessica Raikes

I never tried Chipotle until they came to Morgantown. Ever since that first day our food has been nothing but delicious, fast service, nice workers, and clean place. I do recommend this place.


You can never go wrong at Chipotle. Got a sofritas bowl with guac and it was well worth the drive. The girl working the counter was really friendly

Kyle Chidester

My experience at this Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant was nothing short of satisfactory. I ordered the steak burrito and was helped by a super friendly employee. He went through all of the options to help me make the right decisions. And boy did I! This burrito was fantastic. I cannot wait until my next chance to go to this Chipotle so that I can try new things. The only downside to this establishment is the parking lot. But once you get a spot and get inside it is a wonderful experience! Safe Travels My Friends!

Monica Terreros

Clean and good service. Overall not bad for a quick eat.

Candice Austin

The management staff needs to be fired. They create a hostile work environment for their staff. The food is good but management needs to go

Hunter Davies

Good Chipotle. Has a separate station for online orders which come out quickly. Have not screwed up for me yet.

Mason Studstill

Food is great but they never gave chips like I been here 5 times and no chips plus they didn't have lids for the bowls that was weird. But the food is great.

Jack L.

I keep going back because of convenience, but they have got my order wrong almost every time I order in the app. This time I was missing half the ingredients and ended up with a burrito that wasn't even wrapped with the chicken all burnt. Done giving this place a chance. Stay away

Briona Haupin

Amazing! I little spicy, but so good. Will deff go again. A little pricey, but its worth it for the amount you get and the taste!

Jennifer Coddington

1st time out of all the chipotle's I've been to I didn't have any stale chips. Yeay

Rich Cichon

Service was slow. Only one person working the counter while others stood around and I would say from what I saw he was fairly new and pretty clueless. The cashier just looked on. Never offered to help. While standing there she had to be told to wipe the food off the counter. Skimping on portions. I mean why not just weight everything? Wouldn’t that be easier than counting out 6 pieces of lettuce? Literally that is what went on my burrito. 6 pieces. Save yourself some time and avoid this location.

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