Firehouse Subs University Town Center

1108 Giant St, Morgantown
(304) 598-1036

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Tessa Tilli

great tasting subs. Definitely recommend

Bob Glover

I went to this FHS #1301 Giant Eagle Way, Morgantown WV on 6/30/21 and was very dissatisfied with the Burned Buns for a $32.36 meal for three. I was also extremely disappointed after I did the survey on the receipt to not even get any sort of response from the owners, managers or for that matter the garbage man. This store does not follow FDA/USDA or Monongalia County Health dept mandated to prevent cross contamination as I also watch employees take knives from one work station and use it on another work station without being sanitized, and the gloves were never changed between changing task such as an employee walking to the back storage room and then coming back and forth three times and then proceeding to to wear the same gloves and touch ready to eat foods with the same gloves on. How Gross!

Elizabeth Smith

Always friendly. super amazing with how quick they are. Love how clean the place always is.

christina mabbitt

They all go outside for long periods and leave one person inside to take care of customers, it's very unprofessional, I've also witnessed employee bullying

Brandon Williams

Honestly hands down the best subs ever! I love the Turkey Ranch Bacon sub. I hate that it is an hour drive from me so I don't get to go as much. You should consider opening 1 in either Garrett or Allegheny County, MD

Sonny Lewis

Good food but than I'll eat anything

Mark Ross

The womwho waited on me was very congenial.

Scott Mitchell

The subs are great ?. On two different occasions, I went the in the morning, after 10:30 am to get some lunch. The sign says they open at 10:30am but the door was locked. The first time I just left and the second time I stuck around. They did open around 15 to 20 minutes later. Thing happen and I understand that. All in all, it's good and I will definitely go back. Probably my favorite subs in town.


Wow the best sub I have ever had. Me and my family loves it!

Brandy Toland

The cashier got my order wrong which accidents happen.. except it wouldn't have happened if she wasn't texting and then took a personal phone call while trying to take my order. When I got my food I explained it was wrong and they said they would have to refund me my money and then ring me up again. completely unacceptable when their employee messed up and was distracted. when I asked for her name so I could speak to a manager they wouldn't give it to me. Very disrespectful today..

Greg Ritz

Good food good service and staff

Steven Trosiek

Firehouse Subs is a wonderful place to get absolutely fantastic submarine sandwiches. The workers are the best around. They're very polite and give quick service.

Kristy Lea Simmons

Super clean and fresh food! The absolute friendliest staff that went above and beyond for every single customer I heard them interact with. I truly have never been to any restaurant (including sit down) that was more friendly. Especially kid friendly, most restaurant staff look visibly annoyed to see little kids- NOT Fire House! They were so welcoming and continued to assist us above and beyond the entire visit! The positivity and happiness in this restaurant was truly a breath of fresh air! Wonderful staff and food! Thanks so much for providing a great experience all the way around!

Chad Cummings

2 of the last 3 times we have ordered from here our orders were screwed up. The 1st time we received no pickles with either sandwich nor our chips. This last time they not only failed to include our chips but also failed to put the dressing and banana peppers that I asked for on my sandwich. They did however put so much mayo on both of our sandwiches that we had to deconstruct then to remove the mountain of mayo.The competition may cost more but at least I get what I ask for AND my chips and pickles when I order from them.

Scott M.

Great food. Service not so great. Ordered at 12:20 and 36 minutes later I am still waiting. Smh Unfortunately this is not the first time I have had to wait this long.

Here's an update. 45 minutes after placing the order I get called for my sub. Someone else who has been waiting the same amount of time that I was asked the shift manager what the issue was and the shift manager called him out and said if you don't like the wait then you should get a refund. The them tells the waiting customers that the web and call in orders get taken care of before the walk ins.                
So I'm guessing that if you go in and place an order and a large order comes in after you just placed your order then you have to wait until the other orders get taken care of.  
Once again the sub was AWESOME but the manager on duty needs to be told how to interact with customers.

I will never return to that store again. So sad.

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Firehouse Subs University Town Center

1108 Giant St, Morgantown, WV 26501
(304) 598-1036