Jamaican Spice

167 Green Bag Road, Morgantown
(304) 241-1274

Recent Reviews

Vincent K.

I love their food and the family are super friendly. The jerk and curry chicken are both very good. Either full meal or just a patty (empanada for those from different perspective). The rice w beans are ok and I love the sautéed cabbage. Today I had the oxtails (Thursday/Friday special) and it was awesome. I literally wanted to drink the sauce (and I may have). About the only thing I haven't tried is the goat curry but I will. Sweet plantains too. Great food reasonably priced.

Tilly Lo

So disappointed!! I'm here on vacation and was so excited to try the delicious looking good here, and they decided to close the entire 4th of July weekend? ???? I guess it wasn't meant to be!

JKonTONS “Mike”

Best food in Morgantown. Don’t change a thing!

Sarah Wade Barry

Food was amazing! Huge portions and friendly service, we will definitely be back!

Tanya Tritchler

The food is amazing and authentic. Generous portions and the price is extremely fair. Hope they become a long time staple here. The Jerk Chicken is awesome, the fried plantains are just as I remembered them from my youth, and I am excited that oxtails are on the menu every Thursday and Friday. Nothing but awesomeness to be found here.

Raymond Curry

Service is always great and the staff is very polite..if you want great food I highly recommend this place

Randy Mocaby

If you could lower the intense volume of the Jamaican music just a tad, I’ll be able to enjoy the generous portions of that killer Jamaican Jerk chicken, rice/beans and cabbage a little better. Looking forward to trying the oxtail.

Robert Hernandez

I lived in Kingston for a year. This food took me back; it was excellent, and a good representation of Jamaican cuisine.

Hm Zhang

good combination of salty and sweet great food!

Jason Richardson

This place is a gem. Delicious food and great service. They brought out a sampling of their different meat dishes over red beans and rice so we could try before ordering. Jerk chicken was as good as I had in Jamaica. Will be going back.

Hakeem Bilal

Jamaican Spice is one of my favorite restaurants in Morgantown! Tremendous flavor, great portion sizes, and a friendly staff keep me coming back for more

Wayne Humphrey

They ran out of oxtails by lunchtime on a Friday. They also seem to have plates in only one size, no small, medium or large like I'm used to in most other Jamaican restaurants. It could just be the location why they operate this way.

Dan R

Great place with great food. I had a Jamaican jerk chicken salad. It was excellent. I split a jerk chicken sandwich on cocoa bread with my son. It was excellent and one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten in WV. Do yourself a favor stop in and grab a bite to eat you won’t regret it!

Holly Webb

Jamaican Spice has elevated Morgantown’s restaurant game.We ordered a jerk chicken salad, curried chicken, beef patties, steamed cabbage, red beans and rice and Jamaican festival cornbread. All fantastic.We are looking forward to trying the goat curry and oxtail.Thank you to the owners and chefs at Jamaican Spice for giving the community authentic, delicious food. Large portions, reasonable cost but MOST importantly, delicious.Hubs says it’s now his favorite spot in Morgantown.

Lisa Harless

I ordered Jamaican Spice for dinner tonight. There was an issue with delivery but it was fixed with great customer service. Highly recommend!

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